Rarest Items in Valorant

In the plethora of Valorant cosmetics, let's see which are the rarest ones in the game!

Updated on Oct 31, 2023
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Rarest Items in Valorant

Valorant is free-to-play; however, stuff like skins or a battle pass requires you to spend real money on the game. Riot Games has consistently released a large number of skins for their selection of weapons and hosted a lot of limited-time events. These cosmetics make the game more fun but also enhance the visual appeal of Valorant.

What Makes Valorant Items Rare?

Players may have different opinions on the best weapon skins or other cosmetics in Valorant. However, you can eventually group them based on rarity. Some items in the game may be rare because of the following:

  • It is substantially rare in circulation.
  • Was part of a limited-time event or will not come back in the in-game store.
  • The cosmetic can only be bought when Valorant was newly released. This means that there were a few players back then that would buy or acquire those cosmetics.
  • Only a few players can lay their hands on them (e.g.: if they participate in Valorant official tournaments or were part of the closed beta)

But not all rare skins are so clean, so if you're struggling to choose from all these available options, our Valorant skin randomizer tool can help you discover both rare and common skins effortlessly.

Rarest Items in Valorant

As many Valorant weapon skins are present in the game, it is hard to deem the rarest skin. However, the skin lines mentioned below are usually rare in circulation as they can only be bought or acquired during a limited-time event!

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Arcane Sheriff

During the release of the Riot Games Netflix series entitled Arcane, they released a valorant skin line to promote their show which is the Arcane Sheriff! This is one of the rarest skins since it was only made available in the store during the promotion of their Netflix series.

The sheriff skin is unique and a copy of the weapon used by Jinx, one of the main characters from the show. Even the animations used when firing and handling the pistol have been substantially altered from the classic sheriff's appearance.


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Wayfinder Shorty

The Wayfinder shorty was a January 2023 release of an exclusive Twitch Prime reward skin. No other gun in the game has a design like it because it was the first of its type. Moreover, the skin features a matte black body with a wavy gold and silver accents pattern.

Unfortunately, it is a rare skin that you cannot lay your hands on anymore. It is also pretty hard to look for players with this kind of skin in the game too! 


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Kingdom Collection

Released in the Episode 1 Act 1 battle pass, the Kingdom collection was an absolute banger as players wanted to lay their hands on the very first knife in a battle pass! It consists of the following deluxe edition skins:


  • Bucky
  • Spectre
  • Phantom
  • Classic
  • Kingdom Knife

The skin shows off a very minimalistic and sleek style. Having a combination of black grips and silvery metallics with distinct yellow lines going along its sides.

Moreover, battle pass skins cannot be obtained anymore, so old battle pass skins can be considered rare. Another example of a rare battle pass skin is the ruin collection which can be deemed one of the nicest battle pass skins in the game, as it captured many players' eyes and hearts!

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Champions 2021 and 2023 Collection

For the first VCT Champions competition, the first Valorant Champions bundle was launched. It consists of a Vandal and a karambit knife. Due to its distinctive style, it has since attracted quite a bit of attention. Moreover, The guns were on another level compared to other weapon skins in Valorant.

The Vandal skin embodies the Champions logo and has some black and gold decals. It also has cool animations, like how the logo lights up if you are the top frag in your team in-game! On the other hand, the karambit skin has a VFX and a Champion's aura. It's quite a unique skin, and the bundle costs around 6263 Valorant points!


The second Valorant Champions bundle was launched during this year's VCT Champions competition. The bundle has a phantom and a asserfly knife that costs around 6265 VP, the phantom costing 2,675 VP, and the asserfly knife costing 5350 VP!

Although the effects are similar to the previous Champions collection, this bundle also has some uniqueness, just like how the phantom and the asserfly will turn red the higher the kills you get.

The pricing is not much different from the previous year. However, because it's an exclusive bundle, it is unclear when it will be available again.


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Bruno Coin Spray

Other than Valorant skins, there are also sprays that can be considered rare, and the Bruno Coin Spray is one example!

This spray, which appears to be based on the Dogecoin cryptocurrency that became popularized as a meme the past year, may be obtained by players who have Prime Gaming accounts. Unfortunately, it was also part of a limited-time event by Riot Games and Amazon Prime Gaming. Players who already have Prime Gaming accounts or who intend to do so can take advantage of Riot's monthly item


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Riot Gun Buddy

Aside from the fancy weapon skins, the Riot Gun Buddy is also part of the game's rarest items. Valorant players all want to get this gun buddy, as it cannot be obtained through the in-game store or even the battle pass. The only way to have this gun buddy is when you show good sportsmanship when you are in a match with a Riot employee!


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Poro Gun Buddy

The Poro Gun Buddy is a cute charm that can be equipped with your gun! The said gun buddy cannot be redeemed via Twitch, in contrast to the Arcane Premiere drops. Instead, Valorant listed that the item was only redeemable it via the official RiotX Arcane hub. Players got the chance to get the buddy from November 3, 2021, to November 20, 2021.


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VCT Namecard Titles

There are also a lot of titles in Valorant that can be acquired or claimed by players. However, the most prestigious and rarest titles are those given to professional players and coaches who have either participated in or won tournaments organized by Riot. Here are the latest pro-play titles in the game!

  • VCT Game Changer
  • 2021 VCT Masters Winner
  • VCT Masters Reykjavík Winner
  • VCT Masters Berlin Winner
  • 2021 VCT Champions Winner
  • 2023 VCT Masters Reykjavík Winner
  • VCT Masters Copenhagen Winner
  • 2023 VCT Champion

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Closed Beta Rewards Cards

The following player cards were redeemable during Valorant's closed beta. It can be considered rare as a few players acquired these items!

  • Valorant Beta Card - The quest in Valorant Closed Beta required completion in order to earn this rare card. As soon as you finish Tier 2 of the Closed Beta Rewards, it is added to your inventory.


  • Beta Pioneer Card - One could get this rare card by completing the quest in Valorant Closed Beta. It is included in your inventory once you have finished Tier 4 of the Closed Beta Rewards.


  • Beta Watch Card - The quest in Valorant Closed Beta required completion in order to earn this rare card. It is added to your inventory once your Twitch watching is complete.


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