How to Get the Riot Gun Buddy in Valorant

You have to be absolutely lucky to obtain the rarest cosmetic in Valorant. So, let’s find out how to get the special Riot Gun Buddy!

How to Get the Riot Gun Buddy in Valorant
How to Get the Riot Gun Buddy in Valorant

What is a Riot Gun Buddy?

Gun buddies are cosmetic items that can be attached to your gun and can be partnered with any skin in the game. You can say it looks like some cute little keychain for your loadout! Valorant has tons of gun buddies to be unlocked or bought.

However, the Riot Gun Buddy, otherwise known as the "Fist Bump Gun Buddy," is one of the most coveted cosmetics in the game – and it's difficult to get your hands on one.

Ways to Obtain the Riot Gun Buddy

The following are some of the ways players can get the coveted gun buddy:

  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship while in a match with a Riot employee (Rioter).
  • Become a prominent Valorant content creator.
  • Have a meaningful impact in the Valorant community.

Supplementary Information About Acquiring the Fist Bump Buddy

Obtaining the Fist Bump Gun Buddy isn't as simple as getting other gun buddies and rewards such as sprays and skins in the game. There is also additional information you need to take into account when you want to acquire a fist bump gun buddy:

  • It cannot be earned as a Battle Pass progression reward and cannot be bought in the in-game store.
  • Rioters can only give out a certain amount of Fist Bumps to players.
  • Being on a match with a Riot Games employee would need a ton of luck, as they most likely wouldn't mention that they work for the company.

By the same token, having this condition would motivate players to show good behavior and become a positive and motivating part of their team during matches.

Tips on Acquiring the Riot Gun Buddy

Riot games also explained some tips and full advice on getting the Riot Fist Bump gun buddy in a blog post. Here are some of the information aforementioned.

Don't Ask Riot Employees to Give You the Fist Bump Gun Buddy

If you come across Riot employees in-game or even on social media sites, do not ask them to give you the Fist Bump gun buddy as this lowers the chances for you to actually get it. Remember that you'll not get everything you want by simply asking for it!

A Riot Employee Would Never Sell You a Gun Buddy in Valorant

There may be instances when people claim they work in Riot Games and try to sell you in-game cosmetics, such as the Riot gun buddy. Do not engage or transact with these self-proclaimed Rioters since it is a scam.

True Rioters would never sell the Fist Bump gun buddy or ask you to join a contest with the said gun buddy as a prize.

Don't Submit a Ticket to Ask For the Gun Buddy

Thinking that you should reach out to player support to get a Riot gun buddy isn't the best way to go. Even though you know that you've been on your best behavior in every game you play, a Riot employee should see you in action. Only submit a ticket if you're having problems with your game!

Even if you have the chance of earning a reward, being a good sport and exhibiting good behavior during matches should always be observed. Just play as you would always do and enjoy the game!