Top 10 Best Gun Buddies in Valorant

Get your Vandal in some hot steam with the best gun buddies ever in Valorant!
Top 10 Best Gun Buddies in Valorant

Every game out there features some kind of accessories the players can get. From games like Rainbow Six Siege and Elden Ring to games like Riot Games’ Valorant. Valorant has given us tons of accessories to style themselves with, such as skins, player cards, and gun buddies.

Gun buddies have always been underrated in Valorant. Although they are the smallest detail of a weapon, they can provide some good closure and polish to weapons, especially when combined with good gun skins, like the Vandal. That’s why here we’ll take a look at the best gun buddies in Valorant!


The first gun buddy we’re going to take a look at is the Snowbro gun buddy. The Snowbro buddy came out in Valorant for a one-off Christmas event back in 2020. It was available for Valorant players to pick it up until the 29th of December by playing the featured Snowball Fight mode.

Snowbro Gun Buddy

This buddy works best when combined with the Snowfall skin collection. With its white fluffiness, the Snowbro gun buddy is what the Christmas spirit is all about in the game!

Dimensional Fragment

One of the best parts about gun buddies in Valorant is that half of them are free to be obtained in the game. And there are some good ones that are free, such as the Dimensional Fragment gun buddy. You can get the Dimensional Fragment buddy by completing Chapter 2 Tier 6 of Yoru’s agent contract.

Dimensional Fragment Gun Buddy

This buddy works best when combined with Valorant skins that resemble blue colors, such as the Luxe or Smite skin collections. Being a free buddy, it’s one of the best out there!

Epilogue: Discotech

Party and dance till you’re dead, and what better way to do that than with the Epilogue: Discotech gun buddy? Although there is another version of this buddy, it just lacks color, unlike its golden brother. The Epilogue: Discotech gun buddy works with a lot of weapon skins, especially ones that match its golden colors, such as the Valorant Champions 2021 and the Prime skin collections.

Epilogue: Discotech Gun Buddy

The Epilogue: Discotech buddy isn’t available now, but it was obtainable by completing Chapter 11 Tier 51 of the Episode 1 Act 3 Battle Pass. And the best part about this buddy: it’s animated!

Pay Respects and One Direction

Next up we have 2 gun buddies, and although they may be similar in nature and style, they are actually polar opposites! The One Direction and Pay Respects gun buddies in Valorant both represent keyboard keys, but the meaning behind them is kind of a meme. The W buddy means going forwards and winning, while the F buddy means paying respect to the fallen ones, which is a meme from Call of Duty. 

One Direction and Pay Respects Gun Buddies

Both gun buddies work really well with dark-themed skin collections, such as the Minima or Singularity skin collections. The One Direction gun buddy was obtainable by completing Tier 14 of the Episode 3 Act 1 Battlepass, while the Pay Respects gun buddy was obtainable as a Prime Gaming reward.

Fist Bump

The Fistbump gun buddy may look stupid to you, but it is perhaps one of the best gun buddies in the Valorant game simply because of the way it can be obtained. The Fistbump gun buddy can only be acquired if a Riot Games Developer gifts it to you.

Fistbump Gun Buddy

What this essentially means is that if you have close ties with the Riot Games dev team, you can get the Fistbump buddy! The best part about the Fistbump buddy: it actually works really well with all skins, especially with the Phantom


If you are a fan of The Hobbit, then the Elderflame gun buddy is definitely for you. The details behind the Eye of Sauron-looking buddy are crazy and disturbing at the same time. If the Elderflame buddy’s eye was twitching and animated, it would have probably been the best buddy of all time for everyone. But it’s not, and that’s why it’s so far on the list.

Elderflame Gun Buddy

This buddy works best with the Tigris and Elderflame skin collections. The Elderflame gun buddy was only available by purchasing the Elderflame skin bundle back in the day, or by getting it as a one-off purchase from the same bundle.

VALORANT Go! Gun Buddies Vol.1 + Vol.2

Anime fans really got to eat big with the VALORANT Go! gun buddies. We got an anime representation of our best-beloved agents in Valorant. And who doesn’t want to top frag with a Phoenix and a gun+buddy accompanying him of himself?

VALORANT Go! Gun Buddies Vol.1 + Vol.2 Gun Buddies

The buddies may look great, but they mostly look decent with their in-par Go! skin collections. The VALORANT Go! gun buddies were available by purchasing the VALORANT Go! Vol.1 and Vol.2 skin collections.

Outta this World

Watch out, the aliens are attacking! Oh wait, it’s just the Outta this World gun buddy in the game. If you’re into spacy-looking stuff, then this gun buddy is just for you. An alien sitting abroad a UFO watching you murder the enemy team? Now that’s class and taste!

Outta this World Gun Buddy

This alien buddy works best with futuristic-looking skins such as the Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster, Ion, Nebula, and Magepunk skin collections. But the best look from all guns lies within the Arcane Sheriff!


In the spirit of celebrating Valorant’s servers going live in other regions, the game gave us the Dallah gun buddy. And in a way, this gun buddy represented a celebration of the culture from those regions, like the Middle East and North Africa.

Dallah Gun Buddy

This buddy works best with skins covered in golden colors, such as the Champions Vandal. The Dallah gun buddy was only obtainable by hopping into Valorant on the 28th of October 2020.

Ancient Mysteries Revealed

Last but not least has to be the Ancient Mysteries Revealed gun buddy. The buddy’s normal look may be average at best, but what’s so special about it is when you combine it with a specific skin. More specifically, the Ancient Mysteries Revealed buddy changes colors when combined with Omen’s Soul Silencer Ghost skin from the agent contract!

Ancient Mysteries Revealed Gun Buddy

The specialty of the color adds too much depth, with the buddy turning from bright orange to dark combined with blue colors. The buddy was available only by completing Tier 47 of the Episode 2 Act 3 Battle Pass.

What do you think about the best buddies in Valorant? Some are free, some come at a cost of that precious Valorant Point. But nonetheless, these are probably the best buddies international! But looking at the best may strafe us from the worst, so you should definitely check out the worst skins in Valorant!

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