The Best Valorant YouTubers You Need To Watch

Here we’ll check out the best Valorant Youtube content creators you need to watch when you’re bored.
The Best Valorant YouTubers You Need To Watch

When Riot Games made Valorant, they made it with lots of content potential. With that, lots of Valorant YouTubers, streamers, professional players, and even CS: GO players arose to take on the opportunity to create communities for themselves. So here we’ll check out the best YouTubers Creators - Valorant!



TenZ is one of the most, if not the most popular content creators and pro players for Valorant. He previously played CS: GO, and now has stuck with Valorant. Besides streaming the game, TenZ also puts out content on Youtube. You won’t find a better flicker and insane plays maker of other YouTubers than TenZ!

Valorant YouTubers TenZ

TenZ currently plays pro for Sentinels. For the most part, he plays Duelist agents and combined with his precise aim, you’ll certainly want to keep an eye out on TenZ’s YouTube channel.



Next up for the best Valorant YouTubers we have Shroud. Like most players and Valorant YouTubers, Shroud first made a name for himself on CS: GO. Now he’s trying out to be a professional Valorant player while he streams on Twitch and puts out gameplay content on his YouTube channel.

Valorant YouTubers Shroud

Although you can find Shroud’s normal shenanigans on his main YouTube channel, he also has another channel where he posts and reviews vods of his Twitch streams. Because of Shroud’s involvement in trying to play professionally with Sentinels, you may want to watch some of Shroud’s sick content with TenZ. You’ll maybe even want to get Shroud’s Valorant settings!



If you’re into excellent Sova line-ups, then Average Jonas will suit you right. He streams the game on Twitch and jam-packs a video or two with the most insane plays which he puts on YouTube. Not only does Average Jonas release Sova guides for anyone interested, but he also makes content for the average bored player looking for some fun.

Valorant YouTubers AverageJonas

Unlike some YouTubers, AverageJonas is a funny and entertaining guy overall. You won’t be disappointed in his gameplay either, as he’s Immortal in the game. He was previously an opera singer, so you may want to view some songs he’s covered on his YouTube channel!


Last Laff

Are you into sick montages and outplays for Valorant? Then Last Laff is the person you’ll want to watch. All of his videos are short and packed with insane edited furious in-game outplays. Although he doesn’t post on a daily basis, Last Laff has a lot of previous content you’ll want to check out.

Valorant YouTubers Last Laff

He mostly releases a video for every new skin bundle that gets released into the game, making so great plays you’ll want to purchase the skins! Out of a lot of YouTubers doing Valorant content, you’ll find Last Laff’s content most hyperactive.



Keeoh is a content creator currently signed up with Cloud9. His life was exceptional as Keeoh was previously a professional Fortnite player and has been in the top 500 players of Overwatch. Now he streams on Twitch and creates content for Valorant on YouTube.

Valorant YouTubers Keeoh

If you’re searching for some kind of a Valorant series out of YouTubers, then Keeoh’s agent speed runs will entertain you, where Keeoh picks an agent and ranks up to Immortal only using that agent. He also does funny videos, so you won’t ever get bored watching him!



Short-form fun and meme content, if you find that exciting then you should definitely watch WestJett. His videos on YouTube range from news about Valorant to funny content concerning anything about the game, be it other content creators, pro players, or even skins.

Valorant YouTubers WestJett

WestJett differs a lot in his video content compared to other different YouTubers. He’s unique in his own way, and that’s why he’s one of the best YouTubers creating content for Valorant. WestJett also streams on Twitch, so if you want to watch him for longer periods of time, you should definitely visit him there!



MrLowlander’s all about funny clips alongside tips and tricks when it comes to Valorant YouTube content. He’s always on point with his videos. Wanted some Viper Snake Bite or other abilities lineups or wall-bangable spots for all the different maps? MrLowlander’s got it all!

Valorant YouTubers MrLowlander

What’s interesting about MrLowlander is how he interacts with his community. He even hosts a series with abilities tips and tricks that were shown to him by his audience. So if you have anything interesting to share about the game, you should definitely leave your ideas in the comments section on his channel!



Eggwick’s also one of the best YouTubers when it comes to entertaining Valorant content. He does all-around videos about anything concerning the game. Though his most interesting video ideas have to be the vast different tournaments he’s hosted for all sorts of ranks, especially Iron!

Like the previous YouTuber we checked out, Eggwick’s also pretty interactive with his community. The tournaments we’ve mentioned are mostly done with his followers. So if you want to be a part of his videos, definitely visit his YouTube channel and leave your ideas in his comments!


Agent Gumle

As we’ve seen with AverageJonas, Agent Gumle is also a YouTuber that specializes in one agent: Raze. His Raze skills are unmeasurable and the flicks he hits are unbelievable. Even if you don’t like that agent, Agent Gumle won’t disappoint you.

Valorant YouTubers Agent Gumle

Gumle’s content is mostly for entertainment value. So if you’re searching for YouTubers that will teach you guides, Gumle won’t do that. But he has sick Raze outplays you’ll want to check out!



Last but not least we have a Cypher main whose content is not only fun but also informative. That’s Peak for you. He’s played Cypher for a very long time, having tons of lineups with tips and tricks about the agent. Even if you’re not planning on playing Cypher, Peak will cover you with funny Cypher moments and content!

Valorant YouTubers Peak

And that’s it for the best YouTubers making Riot Games’ Valorant content. Another Valorant YouTube channel you should definitely watch is TheGlobalGaming. From lineups to Valorant lore pieces, the channel will definitely fill your heart and time!

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