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Best map settings in Valorant

If there is a map in a game, it’s probably there for a reason. These are the best minimap settings in Valorant to make sure you use it to its full potential.

Updated on Sep 27, 2022
Best map settings in Valorant

The minimap is an integral feature of any FPS game but players often overlook its impact and importance. Especially in a game like Valorant, where every agent is a unique character and interacts differently with the game. You might not realize it, but having the most optimal minimap settings can go a long way towards your improvement as a Valorant player.

Best minimap settings

For starters we recommend that the Rotate feature on your minimap should be turned on. If you are new to the game and are struggling to comprehend everything that is going on, this might be harder for you. But long term, it’s better to have a rotating minimap because it's easier to know what and where something is happening with just a glance.

Having a rotating minimap shows you everything relative to your position, which goes a long way in improving your decision making, reaction time and in clutch situations. If you’re already using Fixed and you’re not comfortable switching to a rotating minimap, please have Based On Side turned ON. This setting shows you the map according to your spawn, so you have some continuity to work off.

Fixed OrientationBased On Side
Keep Player CenteredOff
Minimap Size1
Minimap Zoom1
Minimap Vision ConesOn
Show Map Region NamesAlways

One feature you should never turn on is Keep Player Centered and the reason is very simple. This setting locks onto your character and only shows you a fraction of the minimap, which is obviously bad.

You should want the minimap to be big enough to draw your attention and everything on it to be clearly and easily visible. Having a 1,2 minimap size like ShahZam might be the play if you’re just starting off, but we recommend you adjust it to your needs. Regardless of the size of your display your minimap zoom should always be at 1.

With this setting, the minimap will be as big as the size you put, without losing certain areas of the map. Unless you’re part of the highest levels of organized play, every Valorant player should have the Minimap Vision Cones option turned ON. This feature allows you to see in what direction your teammate is looking and what’s on his sightline.

If you ever got shot in the back because you thought your teammate was holding the angle, this setting will help. It might not help your teammate play post plants better, but it will force you to think more about your positioning. Knowing what angles are held can help you get an advantage, especially if your agent has mobility. 

Minimap importance in Valorant

Enemy location

The key to winning a round in Valorant is to eliminate all of the opponents, while completing the main objective of detonating or defusing the spike. And all of these things are easier to do, when you know the location of the enemy team. Looking at the minimap won’t give you as much info as a Cypher ultimate, but it’s a good start.

If you glance at the map and see your teammates fighting enemies across the map, you will know that they’re not here. If you hear an enemy using an ability, you should know what agent is close by. And when you combine the utility usage with this information, playing Valorant suddenly becomes a lot easier. 

Sightlines and angles

We already mentioned how important the minimap is for holding angles in post plant situations or when defending. Another way you can use the minimap is to pre aim a spot. If you are tired of dying to the Operator on the enemy team because nobody picked a Controller, use this trick.

Ping the spot where you think the enemy will be holding the angle, and wide swing it. You need to take in consideration to aim at head level or a bit above the ping spot. More often than not the enemy needs to adjust his crosshair to shoot at you, while you just wide peek and shoot where you pinged.


And now we will cover the most overpowered thing about using the minimap. With pings on the minimap you can do so many things to help you win the round and the game. Apart from swinging angles like we already mentioned, you can ping enemy locations, enemy utility locations and much more.

You wanna tell your teammate where to smoke, ping on the map. Where is the Chamber trap that he needs to destroy? Ping on the map. Where is the Vandal that might win you the round? Ping on the map. Apart from Voice Chat, pings are the fastest way to communicate with your team.


If you are new to the game and aren’t familiar with the maps yet, we have multiple articles covering each one in detail. 

But if you’re not in the mood for that you can use the minimap in game to learn the callouts.

Above the minimap there will always be a name, representing the area where you currently are. It’s an easy but slow and distracting way to learn the maps. Ideally, you are playing the game with as little distractions as possible, focusing solely on your gameplay and fundamentals.

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