Best Killjoy Lineups/Setups on Pearl | NANOSWARM | ALARM BOT | TURRET

Killjoy is one of the best Sentinels in the game, and her lineups increase her power! Learn all of the best Killjoy lineups on Pearl here!

Updated on Dec 14, 2022
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Best Killjoy Lineups/Setups on Pearl | NANOSWARM | ALARM BOT | TURRET

Killjoy, like any Sentinel, is incredibly useful on any map on the defensive side, but the Sentinel agent is also a very good agent to pick on Pearl. Being able to play off-site in both post plant situations and defensive situations, the tight angles of Pearl are a dream for her Nanoswarm and Alarm Bot!

Best Attacking/Post Plant Killjoy Lineups

Attacking A Site Killjoy lineups

A site Post Plant Nanoswarm for Default Plant Position from A Main

Whilst we all know Killjoy is a defensive beast, that doesn’t mean she can’t excel on the attacking side! This post plant lineup will make sure that enemy agents can’t defuse, whilst you are playing safely off-site! Stand in this corner in A Main.

Aim just left of the inner corner of the pillar above you. This might take a few attempts as it needs to be exact. Your crosshair should be above the line of empty space. Make sure to jump and throw!

The Nanoswarm will land perfectly in the default plant position, and two of these means that you don’t even need to be near sight after throwing! Don’t forget, you will not have to be nearby once you plant! You can activate these from anywhere.

A site Attacking Nanoswarm for A Site from A Main

This next nanoswarm lineup is great for pushing onto A Site. You want to use this as soon as you can! Stand in this corner, by the vertical orange strip in A Main.

Aim just above the top right corner of the furthest away spotlight - as we have. This might take a few attempts, but you do not need to be exact! You will however, need to jump and throw the Nanoswarm.

The Nanoswarm will land at the back, behind A Cafe, blocking enemy agents from peeking A Flowers and the left side of A Cafe!

Attacking Mid Killjoy lineups

Mid Nanoswarm for A Art from Attacker Side Spawn

For our first attacking Mid lineup, you want to start behind this bench. Our other agent lineup guides have you starting by the bench, so you might be used to this lineup!

Aim into the corner where the two metal beams of the dome meet, just above the patterned section. Once again you will need to jumpshot this Nanoswarm, otherwise it won’t make it over the wall!

This Nanoswarm lineup is great because it stops enemy agents holding A Art aggressively and getting easy kills, and the safety means that you won’t die setting it up! Make sure to be careful of anyone on the boxes however, such as a Jett, Chamber, Raze or Omen!

Mid Nanoswarm for Mid Shop from Attacker Side Spawn

This time the lineup is coming from Mid Shop! Stand against the right side of the archway leading to B Club. This is best used before your teammates peek Mid Plaza from Mid Shop.

You want to aim at the back left corner of the roof opposite, and of course, jump shot this lineup.

The Nanoswarm will land in the back of Mid Dors. It won’t cover the Mid Door, but it will prevent enemy agents from peeking it and getting back into cover. It also will allow you to safely cross over Mid Plaza, as no one can stand at the back watching!

Attacking B Site Killjoy lineups

B site Nanoswarm for B Screen from B Ramp

This corner is where most of the B Main lineups will come from, and this Killjoy Nanoswarm lineup is no different. It is very safe and will drastically help your teammates out, especially as you don’t tend to smoke B Screen!

This is probably the hardest lineup in the guide, but keep going with it! Aim your crosshair above the third roof tile from the chimney. You need to line it up with the corner of the tallest part of the chimney as well.

If you have managed to smash the lineup, the Nanoswarm will look like this when detonated. It will force enemy agents out of B Screen, meaning one less angle to worry about when pushing onto B Site!

B site Post Plant Nanoswarm for Default Plant Position from B Ramp

This time our post plant lineup is for B Site, and takes place from B Ramp - right in this corner! This is very safe as no enemy agent will be rotating around the whole map through B Club! This is the best way to defend a planted spike on B Site!

Aim your crosshair at the light on the metal beam above, just to the right hand side of it. This time you won’t be jump throwing the Nanoswarm!

The Nanoswarm will land on the ground just by the default plant position, and although it looks as if it doesn’t cover the corner, it does! Enemy agents have no chance of defusing - especially if you have two Nanoswarms sitting here!

Pearl isn’t the only map you can play Killjoy on, so if you Killjoy mains want to learn lineups for other maps, we have lineup guides for every other map in the game!

Best Defending/Retake Killjoy Setups

Defending A Site Killjoy Setups

A site Defending Setup for A Main and A Site

So Killjoy defensive lineups work slightly differently to defensive lineups for other agents. We will be showing you Killjoy setups with her Nanoswarm, Turret and Alarm Bot! For the first one for defending A Site, we will be defending A Site from A Main. Place your Alarm Bot on the close corner by the entrance.

Your Nanoswarms should be placed on the default plant position to prevent a plant, and also in the chokepoint by the A Link entryway. This is so enemy agents cannot push up there and gain even more ground!

Lastly the Turret should be placed on the front box of A Cafe, to have initial contact with the enemy team pushing along A Main. It will also watch over the A Link entryway to A Site, so if the enemies push two angles, you are still covered!

A site Defending Setup for A Link and A Site

This Killjoy setup to defend A Site, is slightly more aggressive, but it will watch A Link and A Art. This will stop enemies rotating through Mid Connector or Mid Plaza to A Site. Place your first Nanoswarm in the middle of the floor on the corner. Your Alarm Bot should be just behind the two stacked boxes.

Killjoy’s Turret should be placed on the two stacked boxes, once again to take first contact and force enemy agents into a gunfight. The second Nanoswarm should be on the stairs, to delay a push after the enemy team shoots your Turret down.

The Turret will watch Mid Connector and A Art, so you are flexible with enemy rotations! The Alarm Bot and the first Nanoswarm will cover the whole of the entryway to A Site from A Link, so both will drastically slow down a push!

Defending Mid Killjoy Setups

Mid Defending Setup for Mid Plaza and A Art

Similar to the previous A Site setup, this setup will prevent enemy agents pushing through A Art. This is a more aggressive version of the previous setup, which won’t watch Mid Connector, but will instead watch Mid Plaza. You will need to place the Alarm Bot directly behind the two stacked boxes, and the first Nanoswarm directly in front!

The remaining Nanoswarm should go at the top of the stairs, and Killjoy’s Turret should go on the brick pile!

The Killjoy Turret will watch over Mid Top, as well as most of Mid Plaza. This means if anyone crosses over from Mid Top to the other side of Mid Plaza, the Turret will shoot them - gaining you valuable intel!

Mid Defending Setup for Mid Plaza and Mid Doors

Our final Mid Plaza setup for Killjoy in this guide is for Mid Doors! This will defend B Link and prevent a push! You want to place your Turret on the box, watching over Mid Doors, your Nanoswarm in the corner to the right of the box, and your Alarm Bot to the left!

Your second Nanoswarm will be thrown behind the barrel on the boxes behind the door. This will still hit enemy agents coming through the door, but it is very hidden!

The Turret will catch anyone crossing Mid Plaza, from either Mid Top or Mid Shop! The first Nanoswarm is there in case the enemies take the top of B Link, anyone hiding there is in for a surprise. Lastly the Alarm Bot will spot anyone attempting to push down B Link, causing a major delay!

Defending B Site Killjoy Setups

B Site Defending Setup for B Main and B Site

This first B Site Killjoy setup is for if enemy agents are pushing along B Main. This will make their lives a living hell! Start by placing the Turret on the end of the B Tower walkway. Then place the first Nanoswarm in the corner on the default plant position. Lastly the Alarm Bot should be just in front, on the corner, ready to pounce!

The second Nanoswarm should be in the B Hall entryway, which will also cover behind the two stacked boxes - which enemy attackers might use for cover!

The Turret will also watch down B Link as well, so you are covered from both sides! The default plant position is the only realistic place to plant if pushing from B Main, so having both a Nanoswarm and an Alarm Bot here ruins any enemy plans!

B Site Defending Setup for B Main and B Site

The final setup for this Killjoy guide is aimed at defending an attack from B Link. If your team has lost the Mid Plaza battle and the attackers are pushing B Link, set up like this! Your Turret goes in the same place as the previous setup, with your first Nanoswarm below it. 

Your Alarm Bot should be close to the right of the doorway, by the generator where enemies can take cover. It will also spot anyone pushing through the B Link entryway. Your final Nanoswarm will be in the middle of the B Main chokepoint, just in case of a two pronged attack!

The first Nanoswarm will cover a very popular plant position, which a Sage wall will safely get enemies to. The Alarm Bot will cover a second popular plant position when pushing B Link. The whole set up is designed to trap enemy agents in B Link!

That is it! All of the best attacking Killjoy Lineups and defending Killjoy Setups! Hopefully you learnt a thing or two.

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