Best Killjoy Lineups on Split | Nade | Alarm Bot | Turret | Ultimate

In this article we will show you the best Killjoy lineups on the Valorant map Split.
Best Killjoy Lineups on Split | Nade | Alarm Bot | Turret | Ultimate

Any Valorant players that were playing in the previous episode, know how powerful Killjoy can be, especially on tight maps like this one. She was and still is one of the best Sentinel agents, and the countless combinations of abilities make her a very unique Valorant agent. Riot Games love designing agents who’s gameplay can go in depth, and we love making Valorant guides about them!

Best Attacking Killjoy Lineups

Attacking A Site Killjoy lineups

A short side

There’s no worse feeling than pushing up A Main onto the site, only to get mowed down by a defender with a shotgun. If you don't clear this corner most of the time he will get two kills and even more damage.

For this Nanoswarm lineup, align yourself with the edge of this wall.

Aim up towards the middle of the building.

Make sure to guide yourself using the Killjoy Alarm bot button like this.

Then left click and this grenade will land right in this corner and clear it entirely.

A Screen lineup

This lineup does wonders for the rest of your team when entering the A Site but it can also be used to protect the planted spike.

Other pesky defenders like yourself also love holding the site behind the screen and swing as you are running in.

Place yourself in this corner and aim a bit over this steel bar.

Left click and grenade will land behind the Screen and force the defender to run away as your team is coming in.

Attacking B Site Killjoy lineups

Backside B lineup

Defenders love hiding behind any of the wooden boxes on the B site, so you as Killjoy should know some lineups to clear those corners.

Firstly you should get behind this box in B Main and look for the spot where the building and the wall connect in the skyline.

You can also use your Ultimate ability UI to guide yourself or the blue diamond on the grenade. Left click as you are jumping and this grenade should land anywhere in B Back depending on your timing.

This lineup helps your entry fraggers the most because they don't have to challenge that corner, the defenders will be running out of it.

B Heaven and under lineup

Get in the same corner as the previous lineup, but this time you will be aiming at the other side of the building.

You can use the diamonds on top of the right click button to guide yourself. Left click as you are jumping and depending on your timing, this grenade will either land on A Rafters or bounce into the corner below it.

This lineup is great for attacking as well as in post plant situations, but when combined with smokes it gives the players on the site a huge advantage.

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Best Defending/Retake Killjoy  Lineups

Defending A Site Killjoy lineups

A Main entrance setup

If the enemy team likes to funnel into the A Site through A Main, this setup will completely halt their push.

Hug this wall behind this box under A Rafters and right click a grenade over it.

Place the other Nano swarm grenade in this corner and the Alarm bot somewhere between them, but to the side.

Place your Killjoy Turret over here so it detects enemies once they’re out of the tight corridor.

This way by the time your deployed bot or Turret detects them, the entire choke point will be under fire and the enemy team will be taking double damage. Soma Sova players might have a Shock Dart lineup to clear this corner, but it’s worth the risk.

A Heaven setup

A Rafters is probably the worst spot to use any of her utility, but as the Sentinel agent, sometimes you have to. Killjoy’s ability to delay pushes and clear space is crucial to defending sites.

Place your first Killjoy Nanoswarm here and the Alarm bot a bit to the left of it.

Place the Turret on the window and another grenade on the right of it.

This lineup does wonders to detect and stop the push from A Ramp, the Turret watches A Main, A Ramp and even Mid Vent ropes with the help of the Alarm bot. 

Defending B Site Killjoy lineups

B Main setup

Regardless of the team composition of the enemy team, they will almost always have a Viper or Sage wall when coming out of B Main.

This setup abuses this fact with this Turret giving you information when they swing the angle.

Place your two Nanoswarm grenades on the sewers and the Alarm bot behind this box.

With you placed in B Back, you can pick off low health enemy players that manage to survive this setup or wait for the Duelists to use their movement ability.

B Heaven setup

Valorant players that enjoy playing the German engineer know how powerful she can be in B Heaven on Split.

Before the spawn barriers drop, place one of your grenades and your Alarm bot right next to it on these stairs.

After the barriers drop throw another one in this corner.

By the time your Alarm bot triggers, your opponents will be so far up in Mid Mail that these two Nanoswarm grenades will light them up.

There’s no good hiding spot once they’ve decided to push Heaven, and with the help of this Turret you can score some really easy kills regardless of your position.

Best Ultimate Spots for Killjoy 

Best Bomb Spot A Site for Killjoy 

Attacking A site + lineup

Because of the design of the map , when defending the A Site you can place your Ultimate ability in many places and it will clear out the entire site. But when you are the attacker this is the best Ultimate placement and we got a lineup to combo it with as well.

First you need to get on top of the box in A Lobby and aim for the top of this building.

Left click the grenade as you are running from the box and it will land in A Screens.

Place your Ultimate here and activate the lineup a few seconds later as your team is running in, to put the fleeing defenders in a really bad spot.

Best Bomb Spot B Site for Killjoy 

B Garage attacking ultimate

The same stands for defensive ultimates on the B Site, but B Garage is the best spot for offensive ultimates on the B Site.

This ultimate covers the entire site except for B Back, which you have a lineup for explained above in the Attacking A Site section.

That’s it. All the lineups for our favorite agent: Killjoy. If you want to check out all the other lineups that we have for our german engineer make sure to check out these: 

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