Best Viper Lineups on Pearl | Snake Bite | Toxic Screen | Poison Cloud

Viper is the best agent on Pearl. Her lineups are the reason why. Learn all of the best Viper lineups on Pearl in this guide!

Updated on Nov 30, 2022

Viper is one of the best agents on Pearl. Her Snake Bite and Toxic Screen lineups mean that the Controller can do her job of controlling on Pearl perfectly. In the previous article we covered Brimstone Pearl lineups, but he has nothing on Viper! Her Poison Cloud also allows for one-way smokes to get the jump on enemy players, regardless of what side you’re on!

Best Attacking/Post Plant Viper Lineups

Attacking A Site Viper lineups

A Site Attacking Toxic Screen from A Restaurant

Our first lineup of this Viper Pearl lineup guide is a Toxic Screen lineup from A Restaurant to help your team easily get onto A Site. You want to line up with this dark grey beam, in the cubby in A Restaurant. 

On your mini map, you can see the Toxic Screen covers the A Flowers and A Link entryways onto A Site, meaning your team only has to worry about anyone on A Site or in A Dugout! You want to make sure you have control of A Main first before using this lineup however.

As you can see, the lineup covers the two entrances, but also the deep pocket on A Main, by the entryway to A Site. So be careful of any enemies hiding there, waiting to mow down your team!

A Site Post Plant Snake Bite lineup for the Default Plant Position

This is the best way to play a post plant situation as Viper. After planting, push back along A Main to A Restaurant. You are highly unlikely to get flanked through here, as it takes a while! Stand in this corner, where the two walls meet

You need to place the diamond on your throw Snake Bite icon on your HUD over the middle of the top of the middle brick out of the three in the A Art wall gap. If that sounds confusing, then just copy what we do!

As we said, this lineup is fairly confusing, but once your master it, you can easily play post plant situations exceptionally, meaning two Snake Bites can win you the round - even if you are down in numbers!

Attacking Mid Viper lineups

Mid Poison Cloud for A Art from Attacker Side Spawn

For the first Viper lineup for attacking Mid Plaza as Viper, we will be utilising Viper’s Poison Cloud. You need to stand against the corner of this bench, in Attacker Side Spawn. This lineup is great for preventing enemy agents in A Art from peeking and getting an early kill!

Aim just at the corner where the roof in front of you and the big metal strip of the dome connect. This lineup should be used at the beginning of the round, as it will give you so much pressure on Mid Plaza, meaning you can safely push!

The Poison Cloud will block off vision from the whole of A Art, including behind the double stacked boxes! Make sure to jump throw, and use this to help push Mid Doors with your teammates in Mid Shop.

Mid Snake Bite for A Art from Mid Shops

This next lineup will be from Mid Shops, and it will once again prevent defenders from pushing into Mid Plaza from A Art. Stand on the corner of this stacked crate pile in Mid Shops.

Aim up into this corner where the two metal beams meet, by the four way crossover. This Snake Bite lineup also requires you to jump and fire!

After firing, the Snake Bite will drop, and land in A Art. This will also force any agents out of the corner behind the stacked crates, meaning anyone peeking from Mid Top can get a free kill!

Attacking B Site Viper lineups

B site Snake Bite for B Hallway from B Ramp

One of the most common places for enemy agents, such as a Chamber with his ultimate, or someone with an Operator to sit is at the end of B Hallway, looking up B Main. This Snake Bite lineup will prevent that. Stand in this corner, just as you enter B Ramp.

Aim the diamond on your fire Snake Bite icon up with the back right corner of the trim, about halfway up the chimney. Make sure to crouch throw this one! This might take a few attempts, but it is a great lineup to know. Use it before peeking!

As you can see, it prevents enemy agents from peeking B Main from B Hallway, meaning if you don’t have a smoke, you can easily push down B Main to B Site!

B site Snake Bite Post Plant for Default Plant Position from B Ramp

This post plant Viper lineup is super useful, as it is from the exact same position as the last lineup! This means that you might not even have to move! Stand in the same corner once again.

This time you want to aim that diamond on the fire Snake Bite icon just above second roof tile from the left of the chimney. Watch how we do it if you are struggling, and remember to jump when you fire.

You then want to fire, just as you lose control of B Site. The Snake Bite takes a while to descend, so make sure to use two if you have them! This will stop any defuse in the default plant position, whilst you are very safe in B Ramp!

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Best Defending/Retake Viper Lineups

Defending A Site Viper lineups

A site Defending Toxic Screen Lineup for A Site

This Toxic Screen is essential for defending A Site. This is because it is one of the few abilities in the game that can prevent a push from both angles onto A Site. Stand against this pillar in the deep corner on A Site.

Aim at the wall opposite, until your Toxic Screen marker on the mini map covers the A Main entryway, and both of the Mid Connector entryways. This makes it a lot harder for enemy agents to push through onto a site and rotate.

If you lose control of Mid Plaza, this is a prime Toxic Screen to have as well, as enemy agents will struggle to push down A Art.

A site Defending Snake Bite lineup for A Link

This Snake Bite Viper lineup is best used for if you have had to fall back and enemy agents have won the Mid Plaza battle. Stand against this light in A Secret.

There is a small dark grey line in the arch of the wall in front of you. You want the left side of your Ultimate Viper’s Pit to lineup with that, about halfway up. If you have your Toxic Screen up, you can also lineup the activate Toxic Screen icon Diamond with the small corner where the two highest roof pieces touch!

The Snake Bite will land in the A Link chokepoint to A Site, so this is really good for preventing a push from A Art and A Link onto A Site. This will slow the enemies down, giving your team time to rotate!

Defending Mid Viper lineups

Mid Toxic Screen for Mid Plaza

This Toxic Screen lineup will block off vision for enemies from both Mid Top and Mid Shops. You want to stand in the corner of the deep corner halfway up B Link! 

Aim so your Toxic Screen icon on your minimap goes through and just touches the wall at the back of A Restaurant, and cuts through the left corner of the Mid Top doorway.

The wall takes a second to go up, so place it down in the Buy Phase, but you should then be able to stop enemies trying to push Mid Plaza from both sides!

Mid Snake Bite for Mid Top from A Site

For the second defensive mid Viper lineup, you will be starting in B Link, the other side of Mid Plaza. Stand in this corner on the raised platform.

Aim upwards, until the Q (or whatever button you have assigned) at the bottom of your Poison Cloud icon is on the corner of the roof above.

The lineup will bounce off of a couple of walls, landing perfectly in the Mid Shop entryway. This works similarly to the previous lineup, and prevents enemy agents from pushing and peeking Mid Plaza!

Defending B Site Viper lineups

B site Poison Cloud One Way Smoke for B Tower 

The only one-way smoke in this guide, this Poison Cloud will all you to see enemies pushing B Main, without them seeing you. Stand in B Tower (B Heaven) and aim at the edge of this sheet above. 

The Poison Cloud will land on the roof above, and if you crouch in the right corner, you can see anyone pushing onto B Site from B Main. Using a Vandal, Operator or Guardian will allow you to net kills immediately!

As you can see, the enemy attackers have no vision of you when pushing, meaning you will have free reign to kill anyone!

B site Snake Bite for B Ramp from B Site

For the final lineup in the guide, we have a Snake Bite that will prevent attackers from peeking B Main! Place yourself in this corner by the double boxes on B Site.

There is a small line between the Snake Bite and Poison Cloud icons on your hud, aim the left of it to the top right of the window jutting out on the roof.

Landing directly on B Ramp, and preventing enemies from peeking, if there is anyone there already, your team can net free kills from them moving!

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