Best Raze Boom Bot|Blast Pack|Paint Shells|Ultimate lineups on Pearl

With long alleyways, tight corridors and different elevation, the new Pearl map suits Raze perfectly.

Updated on Jan 05, 2023
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Best Raze Boom Bot|Blast Pack|Paint Shells|Ultimate lineups on Pearl

The new Valorant map Pearl is yet to hit the live servers but our team has been granted access by Riot Games to test out the new map and figure out the best agent lineups. Unlike the other maps in Valorant, this one doesn’t have a gimmick that’s unique to her.

In our Pearl map guide we explained the callouts for the new map, and in this one we are going to show you some early Raze lineups. With time the meta for the best Duelist agents on Pearl map might change, but we feel that Raze will always have a spot on this map.

Best Attacking Raze lineups

One thing our team has noticed while testing out the new map, is that the middle of the map is highly contested. The Attacking Spawn is connected to the sites through multiple tight corridors with lots of off angles and hiding spots. All of these places need to be cleared before you can safely push by using spells, mostly from your Initiators.

Attacking A Site Raze lineups

Clearing A Main Boom Bot and Paint Shells lineups

Raze is different from other Duelist agents because her abilities can help her clear space at a faster pace. With this BoomBot lineup from A Restaurant towards A Main, you can clear the entire area without ever taking a gun fight.

Aim for the corner of the wooden container so the Boom bot bounces to the left and clear both of these Cubby’s on the way down. If you are smoked off, you can use the wall on the opposite side and the Boom Bot tracker to guide yourself.

This boom bot lineup combined with this Paint Shells lineup can clear the entire A Main area just by using Raze abilities, saving the utility from your Initiator for the site take.

Clearing A Link Boom Bot lineup

Depending on the best agents meta, the Defenders might not try to contest A Main at all and would rather play on site or retake. This is perfectly fine for you as a Raze player because you get to use your utility closer to the site.

This Boom Bot lineup bounces up the stairs towards A Link, clearing every corner including the one behind the box and pushes towards the Defender Side Water passage.

That's a crazy amount of value and map control by just using one spell. 

Clearing A Site from A Main Boom Bot lineup

If the A Link entrance has been smoked off you can use Raze’s Boom Bot and Paint Shells to clear the A SIte.

Bouncing the Boom Bot of this light on the wall on the entrance, makes it go right and clear the entire right side of the site, where a Chamber with a teleport might be hiding.

Beware of the Cypher and Killjoy utility that might be dumped on this entrance, so shoot some shots before pushing up with your Boom Bot.

Clearing A Dugout and A Secret Boom Bot and Paint Shells lineups

As we mentioned, there are a lot of “rat spots” on this map where the Defenders might look to create an advantage.

A Dugout is one of them, and as the entry fragger on Raze it’s your duty to clear as much area as possible so the rest of your team can plant.

Toss your Boom bot over this wall and it should clear the entire area towards Defender Spawn, and if you don’t have it just use your Paint Shells.

A Link to A Dugout Boom Bot lineup

If you are attacking the A Site from the Middle of the map, this has to be your go-to Boom Bot lineup. Get as far back as you can against the wall in A Link without exposing yourself and release the Boom bot.

This Bot lineup will clear the entire back side of the site where defenders might be hiding  and even pushes into  A Dugout.

Talk about value or creating space with just one ability. Combined with a Showstopper and a Double Satchel, Raze players attacking the A Site will for sure make an explosive entrance.

Attacking Middle Raze lineups

Clearing Mid Plaza Boom Bot and Paint Shells lineups

The middle and the B side of the map are much more open, which means it’s harder for Raze to find significant value with her spells.

We suggest that you just chuck your Paint Shells towards the Mid Double Doors at the start of the round to deter the enemy from pushing up into Mid Plaza.

If you are rotating between sites you can use this BoomBot lineup to clear the right side of Mid Plaza without having to peek at every angle yourself.

Clearing A Art Boom Bot lineup

For this lineup you need to aim at the lowest point of the cable on the wall as shown in the picture.

This Boom bot will bounce around the box in A Art, clearing every angle until it ends up in these tight corners towards Defender Side Water.

Clearing B Link Boom Bot and Paint Shells lineups

Aim for the raised leg of the rooster engraved on the Mid Double Doors, and this Boom bot lineup will clear every corner behind the door.

Once you have taken cover behind the box, there’s still the Mid Connector entrance and the Cubby on the left to clear. We advise you to use your Paint Shells towards this wooden box in B Link rather than towards Mid Connector for a few reasons. There might be someone hiding behind it and there is probably Sentinel utility next to it on the B Site entrance.

Attacking  B Site Raze lineups

B Site Boom Bot and Paint Shells lineups

Aim for the vertical line next to the Generator on B site while hiding next to the box in  B Link. Without exposing yourself to Operator angles, this Boom bot lineup will clear the entire front side of the site, including the corners around.

No spot around these objects is safe and they are all spammable so don’t be shy when entering the site.

Also throw your grenades up towards B Tower and bounce them off that wall to push the Operator players completely off the angle.

B Main Boom Bot and Paint Shells lineups

If you are not familiar with the design of this map, B Main is probably going to be the Operator section and Raze doesn't belong there.

However, you can still find value with her, using her grenades like this to clear this Cubby and using this Boom Bot lineup.

The crazy part about this Boom bot lineup is that, if it's not destroyed it will clear behind the Pillar in B Main and even go behind B Screen. Just aim for the corner of the wall near the Cubby.

That’s a lot of ground for the Boom Bot to cover but if it’s not destroyed it will give insane value.

B Hall and B Tower Boom Bot and Paint Shells lineups

If you Double Satchel your way to B Screens, you can throw your Paint Shells in B Tower to push the Operator player off.

Combine this with this Boom Bot lineup that clears the entire back site and you have a somewhat successful B Site entrance as Raze.

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Best Defending/ Retake Cypher lineups

As the Defending team on the Pearl map, you have a natural advantage with having access to both sites before the Spawn Barriers drop. This means that there are not a lot of areas you can be pushing as the Defenders, and we can’t know Retake lineups until we know where the spike is going to be planted.

Defending A Site Raze lineups

Defensive A Main Boom bot lineup

However, what you can do is get on top of this brick in A Main and aim for the dot on the wall where the sentence ends.

This Boom bot lineup will bounce around, clearing both corners and small Cubby’s until it makes its way into A Restaurant.

On a map this long, we know there’s going to be some Cypher or Chamber flank watch utility which you should clear before pushing.

Defending Middle Raze lineups

Defensive Mid Plaza Boom Bot and Paint Shells lineups

Get in this corner when pushing up A Art and aim for this line on the wall in the middle.

This should make the Boom bot bounce to the left side and clear that side.

Throw your grenades like this  towards Mid Shops, tell your Controller player to smoke Mid Top and you and your team can push Mid Plaza safely through Mid Doors and A Art.

That’s it. All the lineups for our favorite agent: Raze. If you want to check out all the other lineups that we have for our Brazilian Bombshell make sure to check out these: 

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