Best KAY/O Lineups on Pearl for 2024 [Attacking & Defending]

Check out the best KAY/O lineups on Pearl, showcasing his versatility as an Initiator with precise Fragment and Zero Point placements.

Updated on Feb 27, 2024
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Best KAY/O Lineups on Pearl for 2024 [Attacking & Defending]

Best Attacking KAY/O lineups

Attacking A Site KAY/O lineups

A Default Post-Plant Fragment Lineup from A Restaurant

KAY/O's utility has made him an agent capable of fitting in on all of the maps because, unlike the other members of the agent pool, he can impact the game in many different ways and strategies.

For this post-plant Fragment lineup on the A Site, you need to get in this corner in A Restaurant and aim for the spot the first brick meets the curved wall. This lineup lands on the default plant spot on A Site and explodes multiple times.

A Dugout Fragment Lineup from A Restaurant

For this Fragment lineup, you need to stand on this line on the floor in A Restaurant.

Aim for the corner on this floating brick or align the green bar under the knife icon with the steel bar on the wall. Jump and left-click the Fragment grenade, and it will land in A Dugout.

This is one example of how proper utility usage can help your allies play properly and win the game.

A Backside or A Default Fragment Lineup from A Restaurant

From the same spot as the previous lineup, you can execute a lineup with two variations.

Get on top of this line in A Restaurant and look up. Align the circles below your knife icon on the HUD line with the line from the dome roof.

  • If you jump and throw the grenade, it will land behind the Site, pushing the defenders out of coverage and into the open.
  • If you don't jump and just do a regular left-click throw, this lineup turns into a post-plant A Default lineup, landing on top of the bomb.

This dual-purpose approach offers a strategic advantage, forcing defenders to reposition or securing the planted spike.

A Site Zero Point Knife from A Restaurant

If you want to clear the entire A Site with one Zero Point knife and push the defenders back, this is a must-have lineup.

Throw your signature ability and it should land right on top of the A Site, revealing and suppressing any enemy team agents on the site. This technique is crucial for gaining a tactical advantage by temporarily disabling enemy abilities, allowing your team to push or defend with greater confidence.

A Art Zero Point Knife from Midi Shops

When pushing up middle through Mid Shops, this knife will disable all enemies holding angles in A Art. This tactic is essential for safely gaining control of critical pathways and limiting the defenders' ability to counter your team's advance. By effectively using the Zero Point knife, you ensure your team can move more freely and with less risk from enemy abilities.

Attacking B Site KAY/O lineups

B Default Post-Plant Fragment Lineup

After you have planted the spike on the default spot on the B Site, you can use this Fragment lineup to prevent the defuse.

Get in this corner on B Ramp and find this third dot on the small glass window.

Align your Fragment icon with it and left-click throw to perform the lineup.

This one might seem like it doesn't clear the entire corner near the box, but KAY/O's Fragment radius is large enough to ensure coverage. This tactic is key to delaying or preventing enemy defuses, giving your team a strategic edge in securing the round.

B Site Zero Point Knife from B Ramp

When you are on attack and trying to push towards B Lobby, it's crucial to clear angles and take control by using your abilities.

KAY/O's pop flash and knife will push any enemies holding the angle on B Lobby. Get in this corner on B Ramp, and aim for the end of the steel pipe.

Don't be afraid of sticking it on the wall when throwing this lineup if you are positioned properly. This approach is designed to disrupt enemy positions and disable their abilities, making it easier for your team to advance and take control of the site.

Best Defending KAY/O lineups

Defending A Site KAY/O lineups

A Secret Fragment Lineup to Prevent A Default Plant

Of all the lineups, this one might be my favorite because it's so easy to execute and yet so impactful. When rotating towards the A Site and you hear that the attacking team is trying to plant the spike, you can use this lineup to delay the plant.

Hug this part of the wall in A Secret and aim up until your HUD line is aligned with the line on the dome. This lineup will land on the default plant spot, and it will stop the plant or kill the planter because it explodes multiple times.

It's worth noting that we've been using a lot of KAY/O's UI to guide ourselves when creating these lineups, mostly because that is the nature of the map. This technique is invaluable for teams looking to disrupt the enemy's planting efforts, providing a significant advantage in defending the site.

A Main Zero Point Knife from A Site

When defending the A Site as KAY/O, you are one of the best Valorant agents equipped at stopping the attack of the enemies.

This knife lineup will scan and suppress all nearby enemies in A Main as you can see on your mini-map, creating an advantage for your team.

Get in this corner and aim up until the tip of your knife icon is aligned with this corner of the wall.

This lineup scans the entire A Main and part of A Restaurant, preventing enemies from pushing at the start of the round. This strategic advantage is crucial for setting the pace of the game, allowing your team to prepare and respond to the enemy's movements effectively.

Defending B Site KAY/O lineups

Defender Side Records Fragment Lineup to Prevent B Default Plant

When rotating towards the B Site, you can use this Fragment lineup to delay the plant. Simply take a look at how the green bar under the knife icon ends right at the wall, and the crosshair is right on top of the fence.

Throw the fragment lineup with a left click, and it should land on the default plant spot on the B Site. This strategy is crucial for interrupting the enemy's planting process, potentially saving crucial seconds and altering the round's outcome in your team's favor.

B Link Fragment Lineup to Prevent B Default Plant

We have another lineup that covers the same angle that prevents the plant and gives your teams a better chance to win the round.

You need to play with your team for the retake strategy, and the first step of this is clearing corners and creating space.

Get next to this door in B Link and crouch. Aim up until the corners of your ultimate icon are aligned with this corner of the box. With your crosshair, aim for the corner of the roof and left-click throw the lineup.

It lands on the default plant spot on B Site, and it's a great lineup for playing retakes, because it destroys any utility used to protect the spike. This approach not only disrupts the enemy's post-plant setup but also clears the way for your team to execute a more effective retake.

That’s it for all the best Pearl lineups for our favorite Initiator Agent, KAY/O. If you want to check out all the other lineups that we have for our Cybernetic Grenadier, make sure to check out these as well: 

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