Best Brimstone Lineups on Pearl | Molly

Brimstone is a very good Controller on Pearl, learn the best Brimstone molly lineups here!
Best Brimstone Lineups on Pearl | Molly

Brimstone is great on Pearl especially in post plant situations, and the Brimstone molly lineups in this guide will take your Brimstone gameplay to another level! The Controller is ideal for Pearl as his Sky Smoke, Stim Beacon and Incendiary means he can prevent enemy pushes and rotate around the map faster than other agents.

Best Attacking/Post Plant Brimstone Lineups

Attacking A Site Brimstone lineups

A site Post Plant Incendiary for Default Plant Position from A Main

For the first of our Brimstone molly lineups we have a post plant molly. You need to stand against this orange stripe - in the right corner. -This is the best Brimstone post plant molly on A Site.

There is a small raised line on the left HUD line. Line that up with the bottom right corner of the stone platform on the pillar above.

Once firing, the Incendiary will fall and land perfectly around the default plant position on A  Site, meaning you can safely play off site and use this post plant molly when you hear an enemy trying to defuse! Just be careful of flanking enemy agents from A Restaurant!

A site Incendiary for A Cubby from A Main

For our second Brimstone molly lineup for A Site, you will need to stand against this corner, further up A Main. You need to walk into the corner until your character can no longer move. This lineup is great for safely getting onto A Site if you have no Sky Smokes!

This lineup should be relatively simple to aim. Just turn around and place your crosshair on the top left corner of the broken piece of curved wall, above the A Main entryway.

The Incendiary will land in the deep corner to the immediate right of the entryway. This means that you can push enemy defenders out of this angle. You might often get a Chamber, Jett or Reyna playing here, as they can get a kill and get safely out.

A site Post Plant Incendiary for Default Plant Position from Mid Connector

This post plant Incendiary lineup is frequently used if you are tasked with holding Mid Connector. Stand against the bottom step headed to A Link. Just be careful you don’t get swung though!

Aim up into the sky, just below the smaller boat, a tip is to have the left of your fire Incendiary icon on your HUD lined up with the corner of the roof and wall above!

The Incendiary will land on the default plant position, meaning no one can get near the spike, let alone try and defuse it!

A site Post Plant Incendiary for Alternate Plant Position from A Main

If you can’t plant in the default plant position, just in the deep right corner is a great safer area to get to. As for a post plant Incendiary, this is perfect. Stand against this edge of the box on the corner in A Main.

Aim just at the top middle of the broken curved piece of the stone pillar. The Incendiary will bounce off of the stone, and land on the spike!

Once again, there is no chance of getting near the spike, so this should be a free round win for you!

Attacking B Site Brimstone lineups

B site Post Plant Incendiary for Alternate Plant Position from B Ramp

This Brimstone molly lineup is a post plant lineup for the alternate plant position on B Site. If you are unaware, the alternate plant position is behind the stacked boxes opposite the default plant position. This is just by the B Hallway entrance. To begin, stand in the back corner in B Ramp.

This lineup is somewhat tricky, but you have time to learn it! There is a hinge in the middle of the pipe, on the wall. You will need to place the bottom horizontal line on the fire icon for your Incendiary in line with this. As well as making sure the right side of the icon doesn’t hit the grey bricks!

The Incendiary will land on the alternate plant position, preventing a defuse. This is a great way to switch it up if you have to plant in a different position, and having these two in your arsenal ups your game massively!

B site Post Plant Incendiary for Default Plant Position from Mid Doors

For our final attacking lineup of the guide, we have a post plant molly lineup with Brimstone’s molly once again. There is an actual door at the top of B Link, by Mid Doors! Stand in the middle of it and turn around.

Aim the diamond of your ultimate ability, Orbital Strike, on your HUD at the top of the furthest right light bulb hanging above, then fire! This is one of the best post plant mollies for B Site.

A Brimstone molly takes around five seconds to get down, so try and preemptively figure out when the defenders are defusing. The molly will land surrounding the default plant position. Just be careful of pushing up B Link for rotating enemies. You also don’t want to be swung from B Site itself when preparing this lineup!

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Best Defending/Retake Brimstone Lineups

Defending A Site Brimstone lineups

A site Defending Incendiary Lineup for Default Plant Position

The best place on the map to play as Brimstone is in Mid Connector. This is because you can smoke off both spike sites from here! Well, we have an Incendiary lineup for you that will prevent a plant on A Site! Stand in this corner, by the B Link entryway, in Mid Connector.

Next, you want to aim the curve of the left white line on your HUD up with the inner corner of the second wall piece jutting out above you. This might take a few attempts, but keep going!

The Incendiary will actually bounce over the building on A Site, and land perfectly, denying a plant in the default plant position, as well as any plant in the outer positions around it!

A site Defending Incendiary Lineup for A Main from A Art

If you have been tasked for defending Mid Plaza, but you hear footsteps in A Main/ A Restaurant, you can use this lineup to help your A Site allies. Stand in the corner, by the edge of this wooden panel.

Aim at the right of the hole in the wall opposite, in line with the small indent into the edge. This might take a while to be able to perform consistently, but it will give your team enough time to rotate!

The molly lands in the A Main corridor leading to A Site, without the use of a dash, enemy agents cannot go over Brimstone’s molly, so they have to wait it out or rotate!

Defending Mid Brimstone lineups

Mid Incendiary for Mid Top from Mid Doors

The other place we recommend always sending someone on the defensive side is Mid Doors. This lineup will help your friends holding A Art! Stand in this corner by the box in Mid Doors.

You will need to carefully place the gap between the two flame tips on your Incendiary icon on the neck of the statue above. The shapes should line up so it isn’t too hard!

This is one of the best Brimstone molly spots out there, as the molly will land in Mid Top, preventing enemy attackers from peeking and watching over A Art. Use one of the previous two lineups to help you and your allies win the Mid Plaza battle every round!

Defending B Site Brimstone lineups

B site Incendiary for B Ramp from B Site

Our penultimate Brimstone molly lineup will travel the whole way of B Main! Although the ramp on B Ramp is able to be wall banged, enemy attackers will still play here. This molly lineup will stop that! Stand in the corner by these double stacked boxes on B Site.

Aim the diamond on your fire Incendiary icon at the top right of this window on the roof in front of you when you face B Ramp.

The molly will land perfectly at the top of B Ramp, preventing enemy agents from peeking down B Main from it. The molly is pretty cool and bounces off of the tree behind, so use this to look flashy!

B site Incendiary for Default Plant Position from Defender Side Records

This is a great lineup to prevent a plant in the default plant position on B Site, especially if you are rotating from A Site or Mid. Stand against the small box and the large box, tucking yourself neatly away in the corner.

You need to aim the small white line in between your Incendiary icon and your Sky Smoke icon on your HUD up with the top right corner of the window above you.

The Incendiary will bounce rapidly, meaning you can quickly prevent a plant, whether the attackers are already planting or not!

B site Incendiary for B Doors from B Site

Our final lineup of the guide is one to prevent a push along B Link if your team has lost Mid Plaza. Stand against the edge of this wall on the B Hallway entrance by B Tunnel!

Aim up at the dome, where the corner of these metal beams meet with Brimstone’s Incendiary.

The molly will land in the doorway of Mid Doors, making enemies push A Art or wait for the molly to expire!

That’s the end of the best Brimstone molly lineups and Brimstone post plant molly lineups in this Brimstone guide. Hopefully, you can boss post plant situations with a post plant molly! 

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