Best Phoenix Lineups on Pearl | Blaze | Hot Hands

Phoenix can be an underrated pick on tight maps, especially with his lineups. Learn all of the best Phoenix lineups on Pearl in this guide!

Updated on Dec 26, 2022
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Best Phoenix Lineups on Pearl | Blaze | Hot Hands

Phoenix is struggling in the current meta of Valorant, and is not one of the best Duelist agents but with these lineups, the Duelist can regain some of his former glory! His abilities can easily prevent an enemy from pushing due to the tight angles and chokepoints on Pearl. 

Best Attacking/Post Plant Phoenix Lineups

Attacking A Site Phoenix lineups

A Site Attacking Post Plant Hot Hands for Default Plant Position From A Link

So Phoenix’s molly isn’t able to be thrown very far, but a good tip is either running or jumping to extend the distance. This lineup requires you to stand in A Link. Stand against the edge of this corner pillar.

Aim at the box in front of you, just in the corner where the box, sky, and wall meet. You then want to jump and throw the molly.

Phoenix’s molly will land all over A Cafe, and more importantly, the default plant position. You can also swing easily from A Link to prevent a defusal too!

A Site Attacking Post Plant Hot Hands for Default Plant Position From A Main

This lineup is similar to a Brimstone post-plant lineup, in which you play off of the site. The issue Phoenix has is that his Hot Hands doesn’t throw as far. Stand against this corner wall in A Main to begin. This is one of the safer post plant Phoenix lineups, but still, be careful you aren’t swung from A Site.

Aim at the higher of the two lights on the beam above A Site, then run forward, jump and throw the Hot Hands. Make sure to use this when you hear enemy agents defusing. You can also then peek into the corner to catch any defenders off-guard!

See, it lands directly on the default plant position! If you want to safely prevent a defuse, this is the way to go. You will be vulnerable if you are alone, however, so hopefully, your team hasn’t all died!

Attacking Mid Phoenix lineups

Mid Attacking Blaze for Mid Plaza From Mid Shop

Mid Plaza is arguably the most important area on the whole of the new map Pearl, and with the winner of the fight there normally winning the round, you need to win! This Blaze lineup will help you push a certain site through Mid Plaza. Stand against this corner of the B Shop entryway.

You want to aim at the wall opposite, and use your wall! This will block vision of enemy agents in B Doors and A Art, meaning you can help push A Art, or your teammates in A Art can cross over to your side of Mid Plaza!

Make sure when you use Phoenix’s Blaze, the wall hits the end of the middle sector. This is so enemy agents cannot jump up and see over the wall!

Mid Attacking Blaze for Mid Plaza from Mid Top 

This time we have a lineup using Phoenix’s wall from Mid Top! Align yourself with the edge of this painting in Mid Top. This lineup will help you push Mid Doors and cross Mid Plaza safely.

You want to aim at the top right corner of the upper crate in A Art, all the while standing against the wall opposite the painting.

Phoenix’s wall needs to hit the corner of the double stacked boxes, and this way, you have safe passage across Mid Plaza! Just be careful of anyone on the boxes, such as a Jett, Raze, Omen or Chamber.

Attacking B Site Phoenix lineups

B site Attacking Blaze for B Hall

Whilst your team are focused on planting, your job as Phoenix and a Duelist is to make sure they don’t die whilst doing so. This Phoenix Blaze lineup will mean you can safely cross over to B Hall to cover any planting enemies. Stand against the right side of these posters.

Planting in the default plant position leaves players vulnerable to B Hall, so Phoenix getting there will make it even safer! You want to aim at the right wall of the B Hall entryway.

The wall will cover the whole site, meaning a free cross for Phoenix. As you should be one of the first there, the 8 second wall will be down by the time your team are ready to plant too!

B site Attacking Post Plant Hot Hands for Default Plant Position from B Link

So we know Phoenix’s molly doesn’t travel very far, so you have to stay close to site. This is best used if you have pushed down B Link to B Site and have control of B Link. Stand in this corner, by the grey vertical strip of bricks.

Aim just above the middle of the roof above you, and we will be utilising the running and throwing technique, so take a step forward, jump and throw!

The molly will land on the default plant position, meaning a free-round win for you!

If you Phoenix mains in the Valorant community need more lineups, then do not worry, we have Phoenix lineups for every other map in Valorant, including 

Best Defending/Retake Phoenix Lineups

Defending A Site Phoenix lineups

A site Defending Hot Hands lineup for A Site from A Dugout

The first defense lineup in this guide will utilize Phoenix’s molly on A Site. A Dugout is a great place for Phoenix, as he can also use his ultimate ability, Run It Back, from here too. This lineup is best used to prevent an enemy push onto the site, especially if you have just teleported back! Stand against this light.

Aim your crosshair into the top corner of the lowest right triangle in the window

After you throw, the molly will land in the entryway and stay there for 3.25 seconds. This should delay the push enough for your team to rotate, at least from A Art.

A site Defending Blaze lineup for A Site

This Blaze lineup is simple, yet effective. Phoenix can prevent an enemy push, and once again, the deep corner that you need to start in is a very good place to use Phoenix’s ultimate ability, Run It Back.

Throw your Blaze wall across the entryway, which if you have just teleported back from your ultimate, will give you cover to get out of the deep corner!

The wall only lasts 8 seconds, so you want to make sure to use it when you can hear enemy footsteps!

Defending Mid Phoenix lineups

Mid Hot Hands for Mid Shops from A Art

The first defense side lineup around Mid Plaza has Phoenix starting on the small box in A Art. This will prevent enemy agents from peeking Mid Shops and killing your teammates in B Doors!

Aim at the top right of the far window on the building opposite, making sure to jump throw. 

It will force enemy attackers away from the entryway itself, meaning anyone holding the angle on the wall, has to fall back and move.

Mid Hot Hands for Mid Shops from Mid Doors

Because Phoenix’s molly doesn’t go very far, it isn’t feasible to put pressure on attackers in Mid Top with it. So we are going to focus on Mid Shops once again. Stand against this pillar in B Link, just be the Mid Connector entryway.

There is a small raise above the 5th roof tile from the right of the chimney, aim just to the right of it. You want to take a singular step forward and jump throw the molly!

Phoenix’s molly will land in the middle of the Mid Shops entryway, deeper than the previous lineup, meaning enemy agents can’t hold any angles. This will give you time to peek Mid Top and help your teammates hit the first strike in A Art!

Defending B Site Phoenix lineups

B site Blaze for B Site from B Hall

Similarly to the attacking Blaze lineup for B Site, you once again can block off B Site with Phoenix’s Blaze. This time Phoenix will start against this corner in B Hallway. You want to be quick as you might get shot from B Main!

Aim at the top of B Ramp, and curve the wall to the left, so it doesn’t cover any of B Site. We recommend using a Curveball flash then wait before peeking to use this wall, so you don’t die immediately!

The wall covers the whole of the B Site entrance, meaning that enemy attackers have to linger in B Main or push through the Phoenix’s Blaze to plant the spike!

B site Blaze for B Site from B Screen

For the final lineup of this Phoenix lineup guide, we have another Blaze to prevent attackers from pushing onto B Site. B Screen is a good place to peek at enemies from on B Site, but it is very isolated. This can leave you easily trapped! Stand against the second line on the wall by B Screen.

Aim at the pipe on the wall opposite, and make sure to curve the Blaze wall right. This will go around the corner of B Screen, whilst covering B Main too! Switch it up between these two lineups over multiple rounds, so you don’t become predictable!

This gives the Duelist a free escape to retreat away from B Screen. The most important thing is to not get trapped when the enemy attackers finally push!

Riot Games need to give Phoenix some love, and being the only agent who can do a bit of everything, we need fewer Sova nerfs and more Phoenix buffs!

If you want any more lineups for the brand new map, Pearl, be sure to check out our other lineup guides on our website and the latest videos on our YouTube Channel, as well as being linked below:

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