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The complete Haven Valorant map guide

Are three spike sites a big enough challenge for you? This guide’s goal is to help you understand and conquer the Valorant map Haven.

Updated on Sep 28, 2022
The complete Haven Valorant map guide

If there is one thing for certain it’s that Riot Games have always loved to shake up their games and keep them unique and entertaining. One of these examples are the map designs in Valorant, which have proven to be one of the keys to success for the game. In this Valorant map guide we will cover all of the details regarding the map Haven, which is very unique because it has three spike sites.

Valorant Haven Map Callouts

After spawning in the Attacker Spawn you will have a variety of options to choose from to proceed to the three sites. On the left you will pass through C Lobby and C Long on your way to the C Site. Just be careful of enemies waiting in the multiple corners in Cubby, Loggs, Plat, Connector and all of the boxes on the C Site. Continuing upwards you can get to Defender Spawn or the B Site through C Link. If you want to go mid instead of the B Site, you can do it through both Connector and C Window to enter Garage from where you can transition into Mid Courtyard.

From Mid Courtyard you can go directly to the B site and rotate towards either A or C site, or go back through the Mid Window and towards the A Site. Exiting the Attackers Spawn on the right side will lead you into Garden and into A Lobby where you will face two options. You can get to the A Site through A Long or A Short, and transition into A Heaven, the B Site or Defender Spawn through A Tunnel.

Understanding Haven

The three spike sites all being interconnected between each other and having multiple entrances give the Attacking team on this map tons of opportunities to choose from every round. There are long sight lines on every site that invite sniper duels, lots of elevation that allows mobile agents to flourish, lots of corners and boxes to clear before advancing and  a few narrow chokepoints where close range skirmishing and utility usage is crucial.

 The thin walls give a lot of wall bang and information gathering potential, where making fake pushes can throw the defense out of position. Just like every other map, utility usage and team composition play a major role in deciding the outcome of each round apart from the usual communication, strategy and shooting skills.

Bombsite A

How to attack Bombsite A

Attacking the A Site can be a bit tricky considering there can be an Operator in A Long waiting for you. But if you smoke A Long, Heaven and the A Short entrance to the A Site, your next challenge will be clearing all of the angles.

Fortunately for you, the defenders can’t afford to put more than two players on each site because there are three sites, so if you attack as a four man squad through multiple entrances you can get clear most angles and trade kills in the worst case scenario.

How to defend Bombsite A

Most of the time on the default setup, you will want two players defending the A Site. One of them could be your Jett or another Duelist, holding down A Long and Heaven with an Operator or a rifle. The other player should be Sentinel with weapons for close range combat that can slow and deter the advance of the enemy team through Sewers, A Long and rotate to the B Site if needed.

Even if outnumbered, these two players can use the angles on or behind the boxes to pick off attackers that are rushing. Again, most Jett highlight plays happen on the sites because she can get on the boxes, and any AOE abilities can stop enemies from pushing through choke points like Sewers and A Ramp.

A Long

This is one of the main ways attackers like to get on the A Site, and it’s especially important for defenders to prevent this because of how hard it is to retake the A Site. In A Long there’s one of the two Ultimate Orbs and it’s extremely defender favored so make sure to take advantage of that. This area has one of the longest sightlines on the map and a defending Operator can deny both A Long and A Short.

So make sure to use your Smokes properly when attacking this area and always make sure to leave some traps behind to alert you of flanks. This map is huge and feels like a maze, so many hyper aggressive defenders like to go for flanks. Chamber traps are the best flank watchers currently in the game, but Cypher and Killjoy also do a fine job.


Every Heaven area on every map brings the same aspects to the game. Tons of potential for making plays but also a lot of responsibilities. There are four ways to get on the A Site and if you’re holding it alone from Heaven, you can die to enemies coming from every entrance. If your team is not strong enough financially or you don't want to contest the enemy Jett with 30 kills on A Long, setting up on Heaven allows you to cover both the A Long and A Short somewhat safely.

Sure that means giving up the easiest Ultimate Orb on the map but it’s better than giving first blood. The attacking team will always want to smoke Heaven because the higher elevation gives the defending side an advantage in shooting. If you get flushed out of Heaven or if the spike is being planted on another site, you can easily rotate through Defender Spawn and A Link.

Bombsite B

How to attack Bombsite B

In my experience, attacking the B Site has proven to be the easiest way to plant the spike, unless you encounter a really intuitive Skye Ultimate.

There are a lot of corners to clear, and there can always be someone on higher ground, but with good utility usage it’s very easy to push the defenders out to A and C Link. This is because the site kind of feels claustrophobic and most players would rather give up their position and regroup for a retake rather than hold their ground and in the best case scenario, trade one for one.

How to defend Bombsite B

The defenders will  always be at a disadvantage because they have to defend three sites, so having a Sentinel and a Controller is really important to winning on this map. Sage can wall off any entrance on the map, including the one to the B Site. Jett and Raze love playing on the boxes in the B Site, while Skye, Killjoy, Kayo and Viper alone can make entering the compact B Site an issue.

But if you’re outnumbered it’s very hard to hold this and any site regardless of what agent you’re playing. Your best bet is to use your utility properly to buy as much time as possible while retreating and waiting for your team to rotate.


This is one of the most frustrating sections of the map for me but also one of the reasons why I love this map. It’s really important to have control of Garage for both sides because you can attack both C and B sites from there and easily get into Defender Spawn through C Link. But getting into the garage is the main issue. It’s a small room that you have to enter through barely open doors, and then you have to clear so many angles before you can step forward. This place is the main reason Defenders win Eco rounds and not enough people are aware of that.

If you have more money and can afford rifles you need to attack the wide open areas, where their shotguns and pistols are useless. If you really want to attack through Garage you must invest a lot of utility, in the form of Sova’s Recon Bolt and a Flash, or a Smoke and a Flash. Defenders can be hiding behind the door, behind the box, in the window and in the off angle in Connector so slowly clearing every corner should be your top priority when entering.

Mid Courtyard

Players in higher elo’s know that this area is probably the most important one to control, but lower ranked players often overlook her importance. The B Site is the easiest to take and retake, but because it’s in the middle of the map it gives the attacking side lots of options to choose from once they have taken it. You can always expect a lot of utility usage here to combat the push, but always make sure to cover your flanks as the attacking team because if you try to push mid as a four man squad, one of the A or C defenders will rotate behind you while you’re stuck clearing Sage walls and angles.

Smokes play an integral role here in combating the possible sniper users on the box on B Site and Mid Window. The Mid Courtyard and the B Door are right in the middle of the map, and they can be accessed from anywhere on the map, so having control over them opens the rest of the map to you.

Bombsite C

How to attack Bombsite C

One of the issues many players encounter when attacking the C site are the snipers and Guardians waiting for them in C Long. Sure you can smoke the boxes and the Platform on the C Site, but then you are left vulnerable to ‌close range combat and rotations coming out of  Connector and C Link. That’s why one of the worst things you can do as the Attacking team is to rush in large numbers through C Long.

You WILL be caught in crossfire and you WILL lose the round. If your plan is to take the C Site you should always play a 2-2-1 setup where two players push through C Long, two players push through Garage and into C while the last player lays traps for flanks in C Lobby and Garage Doors. You want to force your enemy to come through the choke points in C Link and Connector, and completely eliminate one of the entrances as a possibility so you can defend more safely.

How to defend Bombsite C

Defending the C Site on Haven is much easier in the uncoordinated nature of Solo Queue, and that’s mostly due to the design. One player with a sniper or other large caliber weapon can hold down the C Site on his own, while another should be able to hold Garage. Both areas are extremely defender favored because the Attackers have to rush in through tight choke points, facing multiple angles where a defender can be hiding and all of the AOE utility they can offer.

That is if you don’t get picked off by the sniper that can be positioned anywhere on the C Site, get flanked because you can't advance because of a smoke or a wall, or there are Sova, Skye and Killjoy Ultimate waiting for you.

C Long

So many rounds have been decided on this area of the map, and most players still don't know how to play around it. The Ultimate Orb that’s here is extremely attacker favored and with the long sight line available, all the defenders need to do is hold their position. Operators and other long range weapons reign supreme here and because of the hidden corners, rushing here is a death wish for both sides.

Going for cheeky plays as the defenders in Cubby will almost always leave you first blooded before you get there, while rushing as the attacking team is not advised because rotations from Garage and B can come so fast and one Smoke on the entrance to the site is all that’s needed for you to get caught in a crossfire.

C Link

Personally I love to play this area when we are outnumbered and the enemy team is rotating, regardless if we are defending or attacking. You can pick off rotating enemies while keeping them on edge because you can always reposition to another area. C Link to me is more impactful than A Link for one simple reason. You can’t get to A Long through Heaven like you can get to C Long through Garage.

And that opens up so many opportunities for all of the sites. While I'm playing in C Link I can use spells that reach all the way to C Long, A Link, Defender Spawn and Mid Courtyard. This and the way angles and sound work in this area puts a lot of skill expression on display and I love that aspect of the game. Playing stuff like Omen, Jett, and Reyna allows you to outplay opponents with deception, information gathering and proper utility usage on the regular.

Attacking Spawn

Apart from being able to directly access every part of the map at the beginning of the round, many Valorant players would think that the Attacking spawn on Haven is useless. But on a map this huge, flanks always cause a major concern and one of the key points to detect these flanks are in the Attacking spawn.

The amount of times I’ve caught players pass through Cypher cameras and Chamber traps in Attacker Spawn, Garden and C Lobby is insane, and if you play these agents you should definitely try to be the dedicated flank watcher for your team. In lower elos especially it’s an insanely easy way to score kills and win rounds.

Defending Spawn

As it is the case on every map, Defender Spawn is the most important section of the map because it is the fastest route to every spike site. On top of that, if the Attacking Side gets to Defender Spawn it means that most likely they’ve breached the defense and are now behind enemy lines, which gives them a lot of opportunities for deadly flanks.

You might be frustrated when you die with an Operator in Heaven from an enemy coming from Defender Spawn but that’s a possibility if your Garage player loses the duel and your team doesn't communicate properly.

Tips and tricks for Haven

It goes without saying that on a map as big as this one, a lot of factors weigh in on the outcome of each round. One of the most important ones is choosing the most optimal agent for the map, and Haven is no different. With three sites, every one of them has a long sight line that can be abused by Operator users, and it’s especially potent on the Defender Side. So make sure to always have at least one positioned  depending on where your strong side is. To combat them you’ll need Smokes so make sure to always draft at least one Controller on your team. 

Wallbang spots and flanks

The walls on this map are extremely thin so a lot of chip damage can be laid down at the beginning of the round through wall bangs.

Entering Garage without spraying the door or using spells is basically suicide, the wall in Mid Window can be sprayed to deter mid pushes, you can wall bang Heaven to force the defenders to reposition and even get a few headshots on enemies in Sewers or A Short while on the box in the corner of the B Site. In our guide we talked a lot about defending against flanks, and that’s because they’re so effective. The players that won’t read this guide will most likely still be vulnerable to them so make sure to take advantage. 

Elevation and angles

Other key things to watch out for on this map are using elevation and prefiring angles. Some agents do this better than others, with Jett being able to score some insanely easy kills on this map, but there are still places like Heaven, Garage, B Site and Platform on C from where you can take advantage of this.

With three spike sites, so many boxes and tight corridors on this map, it’s impossible to clear them all while rotating so make sure to pre-fire some spots especially when entering a site.

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