Valorant Split Lore: The Story Behind the Map

The Valorant Split lore and story for the map explained: the Kingdom corporation influence, agent voice lines, and more.

Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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Valorant Split Lore: The Story Behind the Map

Nobody would expect there to be a deeper meaning hidden behind an FPS tactical shooter game. But Riot Games did the inevitable and gave Valorant lore and story. Most agents have their own backstory, but what players don't expect is that every map has its own lore too.

One Valorant map that's corrupted by an evil organization, an uprising of citizens to riot and even more mysteries is Split. So let's go ahead and check out the Split lore - Valorant!

Where is Valorant Split Located in Real Life?

Valorant's lore is set in the distant future, so all maps have real-life locations, even each new map that comes out. And the Valorant map Split is located in Tokyo, Japan in real life. In the loading screen when you're entering to play a match on a map, coordinates are shown telling its location. And Split's coordinates are "
in the Valorant lore, as well as in our world!


The gameplay and map layout isn't anything different from the other maps, as the Split map has an A-site, B-site, an attacker spawn, and defender spawn for the enemy team and ally team alike with a fair mid-section. Each team battles it out fairly with some off-site positions here and there, which lets you wonder when Split will be back in the map pool. Even when it comes back as a new map, the Valorant lore for it still remains. So let's go ahead and see what mysteries Split holds in the overall Valorant lore!

What is the Valorant Split Lore and Story?

To understand what's going on on the map Split, you first need to know about the Kingdom corporation. Kingdom is an evil corporation that found the Radianite resource capable of giving powers and contributing to Earth's energy supply. And in their quest for global domination, they chose Split to be their headquarters, as well as store, research, and transport Radianite there.

In Kingdom's history, they've destroyed lots of land and cultural values for their own profits. Split, much like Bind, is also a perfect example of that. A-site looks like a really developed part of a city with excellent looks. All while B-site is a part of the map that Kingdom hasn't still touched, which is the reason why B-site looks much more underdeveloped than A-site in gameplay. That's the point of the map's name - a city Split into two halves.


The proof behind this underdevelopment can easily be found by taking a look at the map while you're playing. The modernity of A-site's architecture can be instantly noticed by the Radianite generators which you can see in the image above.

Afterward, A-site boasts a cafe at the attacker spawn barrier, a train station, and much better-looking buildings overall. The train station even has a board for travel destinations which include Kingdom-related areas. And if you look high enough, you can notice an insanely large single tower - Kingdom's headquarters with other buildings being built!

B-site on the other hand looks much less modern which can be instantly noticed by taking a look at the B-site entrance - B-Garage, especially when you play the game with Split's best agents. Then the buildings are reminiscent of houses and shops that middle and lower-class people would own. This is most remarkable when you're heading onto B-site from the defender spawn, noticing the grass path alongside the bad-looking buildings.


The middle section of the map is a combination of both sites looking modern and ruined down enough to present both the Kingdom and the citizens' look for Split. So mid giving players access to enter both sites from A-Tower and B-Tower is genius. And it's a good choke point where it makes it especially difficult for the attackers to break Mid with the best Valorant knife skins!

Now here's the real kicker, probably from the people living on the B-site side of Split: the citizens of Split despise the Kingdom's progression into their livelihoods for their profits. You can notice this when you explore the map from various signs and posters. On the Split map, this major revision firmly connected the idea to further support the citizens' cause to riot and protest.


That's the hell in which the people of Split live in the reality of Valorant. The Kingdom corporation seems to honestly have no intention of stopping, even though our agents have a word or two for Split.

Valorant Split Lore Story: Agent Voice Lines

Supporting the fight cause of the citizens against Kingdom first off we have Yoru. In his lore, Yoru comes directly from Tokyo, Japan, which places Split directly as his home! So he does miss when Kingdom didn't have a big influence over his homeland:

This neighborhood used to be so much better without this Kingdom sh*t.

Another important interaction with the map is from Omen. His Omen voice line on Split explains a lot about his views over Kingdom's political hold including speculations about his own soul. Here's what Omen has to say about Split:

"Split. Ah, they don't know the meaning of the word."

The third major revision and voice line for the map we have to check out are by Raze. She's known to riot against Kingdom to even save her own home. But she may riot too much, as her Split voice lines seem to allude she won't miss her grenades to cause destruction on the map just to damage Kingdom!

"Ugh, another Kingdom infestation. Well fine. I'll just make sure be extra collateral with my collateral damage."

There are other voice lines Valorant gave us specifically for Split, but the last one we'll see in the game that gives depth to the map is from Sage herself. Sage perfectly explains the positive side that researching Radianite brings, while also criticizing the way it's done by damaging people and cultures.

"This place is a testament to science. A testament to folly."


And that's it for what's currently going on in Split. Much like the first-ever maps released in Valorant, such as Haven, Split is a testament to what the evil Kingdom corporation is capable of to advance their beliefs of progress. Even though the citizens of Split and some of our agents are against that, Kingdom will forever exist. If you enjoyed the rather unsettling story of Split, then definitely visit the TheGlobalGaming YouTube channel for more Valorant lore content and videos for other games as well!

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