Valorant Bind Lore: The Story Behind the Map

The Valorant Bind lore and story for the map explained: Cypher's home, Kingdom Corporation, and more.
Valorant Bind Lore: The Story Behind the Map

It's no surprise for players that Riot Games has created lore for Valorant. Every agent has their own story to share, but what's most surprising is that the maps have a story too.

One Valorant map with an intriguing story is Bind. From an evil corporation looming over it to citizens and agents alike fighting for their freedom, Bind is full of surprises. So here we'll check out the Bind lore - Valorant!

Where is Valorant Bind Located in Real Life?

The Bind map in Valorant is located in Rabat, Morocco. This is known due to the coordinates given on the loading screen once you enter a match to play on Bind. The coordinates behind Bind are "34°2'A" N 6°51'Z" W", and they lead near the coast of Rabat. 

Valorant Bind Morocco Real Life

Out of other Valorant maps, Bind doesn't have a large mid-section gameplay space, but it does boast A-site and B-site. This Valorant map was one of the original maps to be released by Riot Games in Valorant since Beta. Although it has suffered bugs for combats, map exploits, and such since then, now it's in a more stable place with the best agents for it and Valorant's lore included. So let's check out what is happening with the Valorant lore behind Bind!

What is the Valorant Bind Lore and Story?

In the whole Valorant lore and story, there exists a company - the Kingdom Corporation that uses a resource called Radianite to power up most of the world's energy. Now that resource has to be obtained and stored somewhere. And Bind seems to be a collection, storage, and experimentation facility for Radianite by Kingdom.  

A-site of Bind is a Refinery while B-site is a Laboratory for Radianite resources. On one Bind site or the other, lore-related we can notice the storage of Radianite in crates. We've even seen Mirror Earth agents try to steal the Radianite on B-site in the Duality cinematic

Valorant Bind Map Lore Story Duality Cinematic Sites

Some players may have noticed that the Bind map in the game looks like a town with houses and markets. That's because it is, and the Kingdom Corporation has destroyed the life and culture in the city as it is for their own profits and needs.

We have seen this theme in Valorant's lore, and agents like Raze from the VALORANT Protocol alongside the cities' residents seem to fight Kingdom's inevitable destruction around other numerous locations. On Bind, this can be noticed from the various signs and posters around the map.

Valorant Bind Map Lore Story Kingdom Posters

Although you can defeat the enemies with your best knife skins on Bind unlike other maps, other agents like Cypher have a grudge against that! So let's see the story and lore behind Bind from other agents' eyes.

Valorant Bind Lore Story Agents: Cypher and Viper

Cypher joined the VALORANT Protocol later in his life, but in Cypher's lore, we know his name is Amir El Amari and he comes from Morocco. He seems to hold a grudge against the corporation that's spread its evil roots. Here's one of the Cypher voice lines which can be only heard from him on Bind:

"Get out of my city!"

Cypher wants Kingdom to leave his homeland Bind alongside their destructive nature. He's angry at the cultural damage the corporation has done to the map for personal uses and profits. There's another important Cypher voice line toward Kingdom's influence on Bind:

"What has Kingdom done to this town?! However pretty their lies are, they're just sucking my city dry!"

The big deal here though is how he mentions that the evil corporation has spread lies and misinformation to take hold of the map. Viper with her voice lines in the game for the map Bind seems to also allude to this:

"The lies we've told this city. Just to pry it open and suck it dry."

With this voice line, we can be assured that Viper was included and had to do something with the lies and deceits Kingdom has spread to the map in the Valorant lore. Although the agents work closely together in-game to defeat the Mirror Earth enemies, they don't seem to be on good terms with each other. Here, while Cypher shows his disgust with Kingdom's experiments and reactors, Viper openly admits her involvement with all of it.

Valorant Map Bind Lore Story Reactor

And that's it for the lore and story behind the map Bind that Riot Games has given us so far. All we know so far is that Kingdom's taken a hold of the map against the citizens' wishes like Cypher with lies. But Riot Games seems to have concluded this story while continuing on with the Mirror Earth plot alongside Pearl. Will Kingdom prevail, will the villains in Mirror Earth win, or will the VALORANT Protocol save the world? Only time can tell!

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