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Valorant Haven Lore: The Story Behind the Map

The Valorant Haven lore and story for the map explained:
Valorant Haven Lore: The Story Behind the Map

When it comes to Valorant's lore, Riot Games has created a story for all Valorant agents and all maps as well. Valorant's lore is a sad story mainly shown through in-game details and agent voice lines, and the map haven falls into this category.

Haven is a map located in a temple with destruction looming around it. These details prompt this only map to an excellent story, so here we'll see the Haven lore - Valorant!

Where is Valorant Haven Located in Real Life?

Haven in real life is in a temple located at Thimphu in the country of Bhutan. Like with the other maps, we know Haven's exact location from its coordinates shown on the Haven loading screen which is "27°28'A'N,89°38'WZ'E".

Valorant Haven Real Life Location Coordinates

Unlike other maps, Haven is the only map that boasts 3 sites with A-Site, B-Site, and C-Site alongside a modest attacker spawn and defender spawn. The specialty here is how the attacking side can infiltrate B-site at Mid while having short routes like Mid Garage Doors to go to other sites from there.

But if you've looked at the map details, especially at the defender spawn, you'll notice withered trees and weird changes in the architectural integrity of the map. That has to do with the Valorant lore, so next up we'll see the Haven lore and story!

What is the Valorant Haven Lore and Story?

Knowing Valorant's lore is integral to understanding Haven's map story. In simple terms, there was an anomaly known as the First Light event which played a major role in creating the resource Radianite. The First Light event gave the agents superpowers, but more importantly, this spawned a company known as the Kingdom Corporation which mined and utilized Radianite. Unfortunately, Kingdom is evil and has destroyed a lot of landscapes and cultural values in their way for Radianite research and profits.

Valorant Haven Kingdom B-Site Radianite Storage

That's where the map Haven comes into play. Haven used to be a peaceful temple up until the First Light event and the appearance of Radianite. The Kingdom corporation in their evil pursuits then butchered the temple and started using it as a storage and testing facility for Radianite. 

Afterward, the landscape around the temple was changed in a bad way with high-raised rocks, withered trees, and fires. This is mainly happening on the defender side, while the attacking side is blooming with nature and life. So the event that has occurred hasn't destroyed everything around the Haven map.

Valorant Haven Both Sides

The reason behind such atrocities is speculated to be because of Radianite, as seen in how Radianite has affected Fracture. We know the destructive capabilities of this resource because of how it's able to give abilities to agents.

Another detail alluding to Haven's one-sided destruction is a crate of Radianite sitting at the Defender spawn. Some players have even gone as far as speculating this single Radianite crate is the reason for the destruction of the environment on this side of the map!

Valorant Haven Lore Defender Spawn Radianite Crate

These changes can be noticed on the A-Site and C-site.  On A-Site, you can see the rocks and burning trees, while on C-Site the fires aren't that prominent, but the wilt trees and high rocks are there. Though the prominent thing throughout A-Site, B-Site, and C-Site is Kingdom's influence with the Radianite storage crates where the attackers, i.e the Mirror counterpart agents steal the resource in gameplay.

Like within the Split lore, the people living nearby Haven probably hate Kingdom for their influence on this sacred temple. And rightfully so, as the map in the game also serves for some kind of weapons and ammunition storage. You can see the ammunition bags and target practice dummies scattered around the map. 

Valorant Haven Ammunition

Now we know Haven's lore with the destruction and the Kingdom Corporation's influence over the temple in the game. But to understand it further, we'll have to tap into the agents' voice lines and opinions. So let's see what the Valorant agents have to say about Haven and Kingdom!

Valorant Haven Lore Story: Agent Voice Lines

To understand the previous spirituality behind Haven's temple before Kingdom overtook it, we'll first see a voice line by Skye. She was always more spiritual than the other agents while being more oriented toward nature rather than Kingdom's shenanigans. Here's what Skye has to say about Haven:

"I can feel what this place used to be. It's dying! What a damn shame..."

So it seems that previously, Haven used to bloom with life and nature. But as we've seen from the First Light event and Radianite's appearance, Haven has suffered some damages, both by Kingdom and the resource itself.

Another voice line by a rebel against Kingdom we have to see is by Raze. She also admires haven, and much like Skye, Raze mentions how Haven used to be a much better place rather than the state it's in currently. Here's the Raze voice line for Haven:

"This poor place. You used to be so beautiful. Don't worry. I'll send you off with a bang."

Another thing worth mentioning about Haven has to be Sage. From her Valorant lore, we know she trained her abilities in a temple. Seeing as how Haven used to be a temple, some players theorize that Sage might have trained in Haven. But we'll leave this up to you to decide if you want to believe in it!

Valorant Haven Sage Temple

And that's everything you need to know about the lore and story behind Haven. Like any other map that got released ever since the game's beta, Haven follows the same story: Kingdom's initial destructive nature of sacred and populated areas with Radianite having to do something with it. But what shall Riot Games bring us next with the lore and story for the agents and maps in Valorant? We'll have to wait, so in the meantime, check out Reyna's lore and find out more about Reyna's sister!

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