How To Surrender in Valorant: Step by Step Guide

Valorant matches may feel hopeless sometimes. We guide you through the process of surrendering a match in Valorant.
How To Surrender in Valorant: Step by Step Guide

While jumping into a game of Valorant with your friends can be a fun way to pass the time, things don't always go as planned. Whether there’s a cheater running rampant on the opposite team or a teammate is intentionally throwing, sometimes matches may feel like a waste of time.

Keeping this in mind, Riot Games introduced the surrender feature, similar to the system in League of Legends, to surrender or forfeit a match. The feature came soon after the launch of the game with Valorant patch 1.02

Although a player should never give up on the match, some scenarios cannot be avoided. Let’s go over the steps to learn how to surrender in Valorant and the scenarios that may require you to call for the match to end quickly.

How to Surrender in Valorant?

Surrendering in Valorant is rather simple, taking just three steps to complete. The difficult part is getting everyone on the same page and agreeing to give up the match. However, a surrender vote cannot be started before the 8th round and the vote can only be called once each half.

Surrender vote in Valorant

This feature was added by Riot Games to prevent players from abusing the early surrender option. Without further ado, let’s learn how to start the surrender vote in Valorant.

  1. Open the Chat Box
  2. Type any of these commands - “/ff”, “/concede”, “/surrender” or “/forfeit”
  3. Convince the teammates to vote YES

While the first two steps are under your control, for the vote to go through teamwork is required. In Ranked or competitive mode, all the players remaining in the team need to vote for the match to end. On the other hand, in Unrated matches, four out of five players need to agree in order to forfeit.

Alternate Method To Surrender in Valorant

Main Menu method to start a surrender vote

Surrendering via the main menu is rather straightforward. This can be accomplished without the use of any commands.

  1. Press the Esc key and open the main menu
  2. Click the Surrender option under team scores
  3. The vote will begin during the start of a new round

What Happens After a Surrender Vote in Valorant

Defeat followed by a succesful vote for Surrender

If the Team votes “YES” with the F5 key, the match comes to an end. The opposite team defaults to winning all the remaining rounds and their total rounds won becomes 13.

If the Team votes “NO” with the F6 key, the match will go on as intended. With one vote already put to use, the option to start another surrender vote will be available only after the half ends and teams switch sides.

When To Surrender a Match in Valorant

Even though the surrender option is readily available in Valorant, players must know when to use it as it is only available one time per half. However, there may be circumstances in which surrendering is a valid option. Following are some of them:

Hackers in Game

Riot Games has implemented a unique anti-cheat system in Valorant to make sure players don’t have to worry about hackers in their game. But there might be hackers slipping through the cracks in the game with the help of premium cheats and services.

Smurfs in Opposite Team

While hackers might eventually get banned, there’s no system in place to detect smurfs. No player enjoys playing against players on a higher skill level than them. It is preferable to surrender the match and prepare for the next one if an Immortal smurf is hopping across the map and clicking heads in a silver lobby.

AFK Players

Whether the player is AFK on purpose or experiencing some issues, the team will suffer due to being one or more players short. Even though Riot Games has an AFK detection system in Valorant with such players getting punished justifiably, it can be stressful trying to win a game like this.

Now that you know how to surrender in Valorant, you don’t have to sit through an entire match you are bound to lose. Go ahead, start the Surrender vote and queue up for the next match with a positive mindset.