How to Make Valorant More Vibrant: Complete Guide

Want to make Valorant more vibrant? Check out this article!
How to Make Valorant More Vibrant: Complete Guide

Games are meant to be made more colorful and vibrant. This can result in more enjoyable gameplay, but in FPS games like Valorant, you should also be able to notice the enemies more clearly playing the best agents

You can make Valorant more vibrant by tackling your graphics settings, the in-game Valorant settings, and your monitor settings. So buckle up as next you'll learn how you can make Valorant more vibrant!

How to Make More Vibrant Valorant?

Change Graphics Card Settings

First thing first, you can make Valorant more vibrant by changing your graphics card color settings Some graphics cards come with extra color settings, such as NVIDIA's digital vibrance. Though the normal RGB settings should stay the same. If you want to create your custom vibrance that will only suit you, then watch out for these next color settings:

  • Brightness
  • Saturation
  • Contrast

You can experiment with all of these color settings to see what makes your favorite Vandal skin more vibrant. Usually increasing Saturation will make Valorant more vibrant, but that's not to say Contrast and Brightness don't play a role. If you want to check on some specific settings for your graphics card, we'll check that out below.

NVIDIA Control Panel Settings

You can adjust NVIDIA color settings to make Valorant more vibrant through the NVIDIA Control Panel if you have an NVIDIA Graphics Card. To open the NVIDIA Control Panel, right-click on your Desktop and you'll see the control panel as an option so select it. On the left in the Display section, select Adjust Desktop Color Settings.

Select the monitor you're rocking Valorant on, and scroll below. Then change the NVIDIA Color Settings in the NVIDIA Control Panel like below to make Valorant more vibrant:

  • Disable Reference Mode
  • Color Channel: All
  • Brightness: 47% to 54%
  • Contrast: 49% to 52% 
  • Gamma: 1.00
  • Digital Vibrance: 70% to 100%
  • Hue: 0 to 4
Valorant NVIDIA Graphics Settings Vibrant

Digital Vibrance is the most important setting in this "Adjust Desktop Color Settings" section. With this option, Valorant will become much more vibrant depending on how much you set it up. Albeit the other color settings are important, with Digital Vibrance, NVIDIA GPUs shine best in gaming.

Once you set the Brightness, Contrast, and adjust Digital Vibrance - Valorant alongside the other NVIDIA settings, make sure to click on Apply below. With these NVIDIA settings, go check out how the best knife skins will look in the game!

AMD Graphics Settings

If you're not using an NVIDIA GPU, don't worry as you'll see how to get brighter colors for Valorant if you're using an AMD Graphics Card. Although with NVIDIA you could adjust Digital Vibrance, AMD doesn't support that option. But don't worry, as you can achieve brighter colors only using Saturation.

Firstly you must have the AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition. Once you have it, follow the steps below to make Valorant more vibrant if you're using an AMD Graphics Card:

  1. Right-click on your Desktop and open the AMD Software
  2. Select the Gaming tab above
  3. Find Valorant and open it up
  4. Scroll below until you find the Custom Color option, make sure to turn it on
  5. Upscale the Saturation option to your preference (try out with 200, then lower it until you find your preference)
Valorant AMD Settings Vibrance

Depending on your settings with the Saturation, Valorant's Vandal or Phantom will look much brighter. You can also experiment with Contrast and Brightness, but Saturation should be your main concern. If you're not happy with your results, remember you can disable the Custom Color option to go back to the previous existing settings.

Intel Settings

Lastly, if you're searching for bright colors, Valorant can reach that even on Intel GPUs! Most of the Valorant vibrant colors will come from your Saturation as we saw above, and we'll play with that option yet again heading into Intel's GPU territory.

You must have the Intel Graphics Command Center app though. Once you get it, see below how to get brighter colors - Valorant using an Intel Graphics Card:

  1. In the Search Bar below, search for Intel Graphics Command Center and open the first app
  2. Select the Display section on the left and click on the Color tab
  3. Click on the plus button at Color Profiles to create a new profile
  4. Scroll to the bottom until you reach Saturation (try out with 100, then lower it until you find your preference)
Valorant Intel Vibrance Settings

As you can see above, you can open up a screenshot from Valorant to see how the game will look on how you'll set the settings. If you have cash, pull out the most expensive skins and you'll notice their vibrance in Valorant instantly by turning on the Saturation. With graphics card settings out of the way, now you can experiment with the in-game settings!

Change In-Game Valorant Settings

The enemy highlight color, Valorant game settings, and even your best crosshair, if you change them up you can make Valorant vibrant! We'll first check out the enemy highlight color. You can see how to change the enemy highlight color right here. Simply put, if you make Valorant's colors shine, other specific colors that Riot Games provided us may suit your eyes much better. So try out every enemy highlight color and see what sticks with you.

Now we'll see the Valorant game settings. If you're running a low-end PC, these settings can drain your GPU so don't try these out, though you should see how to increase Valorant's FPS! If you're confident in your PC, then head into Valorant's Video Graphics settings. Then set the settings like below to achieve the most vibrance when you play Valorant:

Multithreaded Rendering


Material Quality

Low - Medium

Texture Quality

Low - Medium

Detail Quality

Low - Medium

UI Quality

Low - Medium




Not Important



Anisotropic Filtering

Higher = Smoother Edges

Improve Clarity


Experimental Sharpening






Cast Shadows


Valorant Vibrance In-Game Settings

The most notable option that will make Valorant's colors stand out more here is Bloom. This option literally exists to "bloom" the colors in Valorant, but if you're using a low-end PC it can hinder your FPS. 

With these options in your graphics settings alongside the in-game settings, you should've hopefully made Valorant more vibrant. Testing out new colors, brightness and saturation may help you hit juicy lineups easier. If you want to learn a lineup or two, definitely visit our TheGlobalGaming YouTube Channel!

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