Is the Valorant Battle Pass Worth It?

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Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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Is the Valorant Battle Pass Worth It?

The Valorant Battle Pass is one of the best methods in Valorant for getting cosmetics, such as weapon skins with remarkable new designs in the game, Radianite Points and other cool stuff!

Every new act comes with a new battle pass with a matching theme and you can earn weapon skins by ranking it up! There are other cosmetics you can get apart from a cool weapon skin every now and then. You can also earn yourself a paint spray or two, player cards and in a free-to-play game, the Battle Pass can be the only purchase you ever need to make for rewards to fill out your whole inventory!

Is the Battle Pass worth purchasing?

This is a hard question, as being a free game, the Valorant battle pass doesn’t improve your gameplay or ability to play games of Valorant, but as many people in the Valorant community are, if you are interested in the cosmetics and it all appeals to you, then yes, the Valorant Battle Pass is one of the best purchases you can make!

For 1000 Valorant Points, or roughly $10, this is incredibly worth it for the price, and whilst these aren’t some of the most expensive skins in Valorant, they are still up there with some of the coolest!

What makes the Battle Pass so good?


The contents of the battle pass for the price you pay from a pricing standpoint is what makes purchasing the battle pass so worth buying, any player who spends minimally in games is in dreamland with the battle pass as it has everything you would want in it!

Some of these rewards you will get regardless of if you purchase the battle pass or not, but obviously upgrading to the full battle pass means you will reap the best rewards! The battle passes of the past have had some awesome skins and the best battle pass skins in the game are fan favorite skins and are some of the most iconic!

What is in the Battle Pass?


In the Battle Pass, you get a plethora of weapon skins, including your favorite guns, such as the Hue Shift Phantom from Episode 4 Act 3. The Hue Shift skin line was one of the first Battle Pass skins to have an added VFX on top of it! Such skins are the standard Riot Games hold them to in future battle passes now!

The Episode 5 Act, 1 Battle Pass contained:

  • 13 Weapon Skins (three different skin lines)

  • 16 Player Cards

  • 10 Gun Buddies

  • 15 Sprays

  • 180 Radianite Points

Collectively, that is 13 weapon skins across three different skin lines, including a knife at the final battle pass level of 50! I don’t know about you, but 13 weapons skins with awesome designs in game alone seem pretty good for $10! Most skins would cost you over that alone!

Each battle pass can be expected to include two out of three skins for either the Phantom, Vandal, or Operator too, so it is not just skins for guns you won’t use! They also always include a Knife skin at level 50!

New battle passes that come with each new act won’t have these exact proportions when dishing out rewards, they will be similar to this. You can estimate between 10 and 15 skins, player cards, gun buddies, and some of the best sprays in Valorant!


The final thing you get is an XP boost. This is small, but playing games in Valorant with the battle pass purchased will net you an additional 3% XP boost.

There will also become daily and weekly missions available to you, which can reward you with up to 30,000 XP in one day potentially if you smash them all out! If you want a full guide on how to rank up the Valorant Battle Pass fast, we have all of these topics covered in depth all ready for you!

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