What does Team Ace mean in Valorant?

Are you one of those players who still don't understand why Team Ace appear at the end of the round? Find out here the meaning of Team Ace here!
What does Team Ace mean in Valorant?

In Valorant, there are Thrifty, Flawless, and Clutch rounds. Thrifty means that the winning team won while possessing at least an average of 2500 less credit than the enemy team; Flawless means that no one died on the winning team; and, Clutch means that the round was won by the last player alive on the team.

We know that Ace means that one player on the winning team killed each enemy at least once, but what does Team Ace mean in Valorant?

What is Team Ace in Valorant?

Team Ace in Valorant means all the members of the team killed different enemy players. It simply means that in a typical 5v5 gameplay, Team Ace appears at the end when an opponent player dies at the hands of a different player, or all the players must get at least one kill.

When one player gets all five or six kills in a round, they get an ace, but in Riot Games' first-person shooting, having multiple Team Aces is one of the keys to winning the game since teamwork makes the dream work in Valorant.

Team Ace

There can be instances where a team starts with fewer players than five for reasons like disconnection, server problems, and AFKs. If this happens, you could still get a Team Ace when:

  • If the opposing team has a disconnected player, four players in your team must kill the four enemy players.
  • If you're on the four-player team, four players all killed at least one of the five enemy players.

Team Ace can have a slightly different meaning when Sage uses her ultimate ability and resurrects one of her teammates who has already died. Despite the other team already killing sage, a Team Ace can still be achieved because the resurrected player can still be killed by a different player besides the one who previously killed him.

How to get Team Ace in Valorant?

If Team Ace is important in your party, there are several tips on achieving it in Valorant. Using players who have two lives or give you another life is very crucial if you want to get a Team Ace. Phoenix can use his ultimate ability to pop off an enemy player, while Sage can use her Resurrect to bring a fallen teammate to life so he can kill an enemy.

Proper communication is also important so that you can double-swing the enemies when peeking at any given round. Having communication also gives the enemy positions on the maps.

At the end of the day, your KDA doesn't matter in most multiplayer games. A win is still a win, and a loss is still a loss, especially in competitive matches.

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