Most Underrated Agents in Valorant

In the ever-changing meta of Valorant, five agents have stood the test of time.
Most Underrated Agents in Valorant

Compare to other games, Riot Games has regularly been buffing and nerfing Valorant Agents for a much more exciting competitive play. As more players play Valorant and watch esports tournaments, the game continues to evolve as they become super-powered agents.

If you're tired of using the same agents in so many competitive matches, few agents stood the test of time as they became underrated Valorant agents in today's meta.



Yoru was buffed in recent patches, but his full potential is still unexplored by players as he became one of the underrated Valorant agents. Fake shadow of himself, teleport portals that don't have range, and ultimate that can be used simultaneously with other skills, Yoru has the best skills compared to other duelists.

Here are why Yoru is still useful in today's meta:

  • Fakeout is indistinguishable from the original

  • Blindside can be used while on Dimensional Drift

  • Gatecrash doesn't have limits when it comes to distance

Yoru's first skill, Fakeout, has grown exponentially, and fans love it since it creates a shadow version of himself that blind enemies when killed. Although Yoru can't control his shadow, it can be a good decoy, especially if you master how to fool enemies into not shooting the real Yoru as they think it's a decoy.

Yoru's Dimensional Drift makes up for his flaws since it gives him a chance to become invisible when checking the site. While using his ultimate, he can also blind enemies before exiting in his dimensional form, giving his team valuable information about the enemy's location.

In Radiant lobby, Yoru has 1.2% pick rate but has the highest win rate at 73.3%, much higher the second most-picked agent, Jett's 50% win rate. Yoru is the most underrated agent since he also has a high first blood percentage at 17.8, which is one of the highest.



It seems that Neon's warm welcome by Valorant gamers has since cooled down. Enemies can easily detect her presence, especially when they are using Sentinels like Chamber and Killjoy. However, her ult still makes up for her flaws in the game.

Here are why Neon is still helpful in today's meta:

  • Her wall slows enemies, which will delay them in pushing the site

  • Her stun is hard to predict where it would bounce off

  • Her mobility helps push a site or flank the enemy team

Riot Games nerfed Neon's wall since it can't do any damage to players passing through it. However, it slows them down, which can help the team push the site without any presence. It can also block the enemy's line of sight, just like Phoenix's wall.

Others would compare Neon's ultimate ability to Jett's knives, but if you are used to spraying guns and knows how to control it, it's easier to use Neon's ult to kill enemies.

In Radiant lobby, Neon has a 2.2% pick rate but is the third highest win rate at 59.3%, with an 18.4 first blood percentage, which is the second place next to Yoru.



Skye's entry into the agent pool of the game had a mixed reception partly because her weapon re-equip after using an ability was relatively slow compared to other agents. However, her supportive skills make up for this flaw, making her one of the top three underrated Valorant agents.

Here are why Skye is still helpful in today's meta:

  • Guiding Light can easily be used as a decoy to distract enemies

  • Trailblazer's damage may be minimal, but it can still kill an enemy and provide vision

  • Healing teammates simultaneously is perfect for saving time

As a Sentinel, her info-gathering skills and healing abilities are more reliable to the team than other agents in the game. Skye can control where to blind since she has her signature Guiding Light. Or, if you want, you can activate Guiding Light without popping it, attacking the enemy when they turn their heads to avoid the flash.

Skye's ult, Seekers, is not as good as Cypher's Neutral Theft since it doesn't give the exact location of the enemies, and it's only limited to the nearest three opponents. However, it still gives the team an idea of where your enemies are, regardless of whether you're attacking or defending.

In Radiant lobby, Skye placed 13th with only a 2.6% pick rate but has a better win rate than all duelists with 58.3%.



Professional players have been playing Breach in several competitive plays but has since become an underrated agent in the game over time. His flash has become easy to avoid, as has his aftershock and faultline. However, his almost-site-wide ult had saved him and his teammates in many rounds.

Here are why Breach is still helpful in today's meta:

  • Flashpoint can blind enemies in a matter of seconds

  • Aftershock can clear corners that are impossible to safely clear

  • Rolling Thunder can delay the planting and defusing of the spike to give more time to teammates

Breach's flash is one of the most annoying blinds in Valorant since it players will be blinded for a total of two seconds, which is already considered a long time in Valorant. It may be easily avoided, especially if the enemies have high eDPI.

Universally, Breach may be considered an average agent, but it comes to his ultimate, he is one of the best agents. Rolling Thunder can be cast from a distance, which can delay a player from planting and defusing a spike.

In Radiant players, Breach only has 2.9% pick rate but has a massive 57.1% win rate, which is the highest second highest win rate in Initiators.



Omen has multi-talented skills with his smokes, blind, and ability to go from one place to another. This agent is perfect for an uncoordinated team since he can do much on his own with decent survival. Since Omen is part of the agents already available in the beta, the Valorant community may argue that he is a bit stale.

However, here are why Omen is still helpful in today's meta:

  • Paranoia blinds all agents it passes through without any chance of dodging it

  • Shrouded Step lets him go from one place to another

  • From the Shadows can get the spike from anywhere on the map

Having Omen in your team is a great asset since he has map manipulation abilities that only a few agents have. The enemy team has no chance of dodging his paranoia, although it can also blind his teammates.

His ultimate ability can get the spike from anywhere on the map and then return safely to his original location. Omen also has smokes that reset every 30 seconds, which are helpful if he is the only agent alive on his team.

In the Radiant lobbies, players pick Omen only 5% of the time, but his win rate is 54.1%.

In the end, winning games in Valorant is not all about the agent you are using since there are still many factors, such as the team’s gameplay and your aim precision. Whether these underrated Valorant agents are considered meta or not, it is always the best for you if you learn to play them all.

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