Best Phoenix Lineups on Split | Mollies | Walls

Check out the handiest molly lineups there are for playing Phoenix on Split!
Best Phoenix Lineups on Split | Mollies | Walls

Is Phoenix the best pick in your team composition for Split? No, not really, especially if your team comp lacks a smoker. But can you still do some magic with him? Yes, absolutely! However, you will have to know some lineups, and luckily for you, we’ve gathered the most effective ones in one place.

Best Attacking Phoenix Lineups Split

Attacking A Site Phoenix Split

A Site Lineup Post-Plant Molly From Main

Let’s start this off with a super post-plant lineup that you can throw from Main:

If your enemies are rotating from B, there’s just no chance that they will check Main, they just won’t have enough time. Still, you will hear the defuse sound from this spot, so you can safely throw it and secure your Spike.

A Site Lineup Ramp Boxes Molly

Oh, do you also hate this one guy behind the Ramps Boxes, camping with some cheesy weapon? We’ve got a lineup for him:

It’s handy, especially if one of your teammates is coming closer to Ramps - it’s a great recipe for a easy frag!

Attacking B Site Phoenix Split

B Site Lineup Post-Plant Molly From Heaven

Post-plant mollies are essential for the Attackers side, so let’s go with one for B:

Even if someone smokes you off, it’s super easy to learn, and you will be pretty much unstoppable in clutches and 1v1 situations. Plus, Heaven is a great place for Phoenix to camp, as this is where you can also launch your Ultimate ability and greatly benefit from it.

Best Defending/Retake Phoenix Lineups Split

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Defending A Site Phoenix Split

A Site Lineup Ultimate Orb Molly From Ramps

If you're covering Ramps, you can throw this molly to stop the Ultimate Orb pick up and slow down the enemy team a bit:

It lands exactly on the Ultimate Orb, meaning that it also stops the potential Site or Ramps rush. Plus, the enemy team won’t be able to see you casting this molly, which makes it even more OP.

A Site Lineup Ultimate Orb Molly From Heaven

Knowing how powerful such molly is, we also have an alternative for you when you cover Heaven:

It also lands on an Ultimate Orb, but it’s more effective if you expect the enemy to camp at the Main while the Spike is planted, and you want to avoid him getting into the Spike Site, for example.

Defending B Site Phoenix Split

B Site Lineup Ultimate Orb Molly

Moving on, a molly to block the rush from Main that lands perfectly on an Ultimate Orb:

Just like with other lineups of that kind, its execution is super straightforward – you hear the Ultimate Orb pickup sound = you throw a molly. A simple and effective lineup that you can use in pretty much every game.

B Site Lineup Defuse Wall

Let's end this with a wall that works great when you are in a 1v1 situation and want to defuse the Spike:

It cuts off the Alley and a bit of Heaven, so the enemies will have to peek to check if the Spike is safe. Plus, we know that "pros don't fake" but throwing that wall + faking might actually work.

Whether you're a person who locked Phoenix by accident or actually main this Agent, we hope you find these molly lineups useful in your future games. However, if you main him, be sure to get familiar with his lore and best lineups for other maps: