Best Phoenix Lineups On Haven | Mollies | Walls

Want to put Haven on fire? Here are some Phoenix mollies to help you do so.
Best Phoenix Lineups On Haven | Mollies | Walls

Maybe Phoenix is not a top-tier Agent on Haven, but every so often it happens that instalockers will take our main Valorant Agent, and we are into Duelists. And that's where we come to help you! And that's what this article is for! Here are the best Phoenix lineups on the Haven map:

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Best Attacking Phoenix Lineups Haven

Attacking A Site Haven Phoenix 

A Site Lineup Clearing Cubby

Let's start with a molly to help you force a Defenders' player to leave Cubby, and maybe even die if someone from your team is watching this corner from Short. 

Simple and safe to cast molly; you will not be visible even if someone on the opposing team decides to push Long. A couple of smokes from Brimstone, and the site may be all yours. 

A Site Lineup For Long Rush

A Site is a challenging Spike Site to attack because of how many corners you have to check. However, this wall will limit the opposing team's visibility to heaven and bottom A only.

You still have two dangerous spots to check, but honestly, even one smoke from Omen or Viper is enough, and you can quickly rush a Spike Site.

Attacking B Site Haven Phoenix 

B Site Lineup Cutting Off A Link Wall

If half of your team is entering the B site from the middle and the other half from the garage, you might want to know this straightforward wall:

This way, you cut off the A Link guy and can rush to the left side of the Spike Site, taking out the enemy with B Back and taking over the entire site in seconds. It’s also worth mentioning that the player from A link won’t be able to spot you when casting the wall, which makes a huge difference.

Attacking C Site Haven Phoenix 

Wall For C Site Rush

This wall you can create from Connector is super simple yet insane. You restrict the view of virtually the entire Defenders team to the C Site, and at the same time, you can walk the whole team from both the Long and Garage straight into the Spike Site.

Once you get into the Spike Site, you can also cast a quick flashbang and just push and even plant right away. There are usually 2-3 players on C, and if you check each position precisely, their chances will be poor.

C Site Lineup Defending a Spike from B Site

You have low hp or play against many opponents but can plant Spike? No worries, you can still win the round with that one jump & throw molly

You don't even have to keep a close eye on where you planted the Spike because this molly covers the default entire plant zone. Simple and effective; anyone who will try to defuse the Spike will burn like Phoenix’s school!

Best Defending/Retake Phoenix Lineups Haven

Defending A Site Haven Phoenix 

A Site Lineup Default Plant Zone Molly

If your team can't handle the rush on A from Long, and they are smoked, try this molly that you can throw from B:

It covers the entire default plant zone, which can prevent enemies from planting a Spike, and it also makes it so that your enemy can unintentionally enter it with many smokes on the site. 

A Site Lineup Molly From B To Corner

A common spot to hide by Attackers after planting a Spike is this little corner by the A Tunnel. And we have a lineup for that!

This molly will cause anyone standing in that corner to be forced to leave, and therefore be more exposed to heaven or get caught in a smoke that one of your teammates throws.

Defending B Site Haven Phoenix

B Site Lineup Stopping Door Rush

If you are in Back B alone and expecting a rush from the Door, this jump & throw molly can stall the enemy team while you wait for your teammates to come:

However, there might always be someone coming from the Garage, and that's why we also prepared this lineup:

B Site Lineup For Escaping B Back

Defending B alone is sometimes a big pain, especially since enemies can come through from different directions, so we also recommend this wall when evacuating from B Back if you are forced to:

You may also want to throw a flashbang to the left side so that if someone comes at you, you can grab a free frag and safely evacuate. You can cast Phoenix walls with a similar effect on pretty much all maps:

Defending C Site Haven Phoenix 

C Site Lineup Jump & Throw Cubby Molly

For C, we have two great mollies for Cubby. Let’s start with a super straightforward jump & throw molly for Cubby that works super well against C-Long rushes.  

When you have a sniper on C, one or two players from the Attackers team may want to hide in the Cubby and wait for a flash before quickly entering the Spike Site. This molly can spoil their plans, and may even get your sniper a free frag.

C Site Lineup Cubby Molly For Retakes

Sometimes when you rotate from T spawn site to spike site C, you may be exposed to a camper hiding in a Cubby. This jump & throw molly may be an excellent solution for that:

Not only will you get rid of the potential camper, but you can also throw a flashbang right before you enter Long and score one or two free frags. 

Those were all the crème de la crème of the Phoenix lineups for Haven. If you want more interesting lineups for Haven, be sure to check our other lineup articles for this particular map: