Best Phoenix Lineups on Breeze | Mollies | Walls

Want to feel the breeze as a Phoenix player? Here are some lineups that are totally fire for it!

Updated on Dec 26, 2022
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Best Phoenix Lineups on Breeze | Mollies | Walls

Yes, Phoenix is not the best pick for Breeze, and picking this Agent almost always involves a drop in win rate. But is it necessary? No, especially if you decide to learn the lineups we are going to present to you today!

Best Attacking Phoenix Lineups Breeze

Attacking A Site Phoenix Breeze

A Site Lineup Left Corner Molly 

Are you concerned about someone camping out in that left corner before getting to the A? This molly will get him out of there:

If someone from your team is watching the site from the Cave, this molly might lead to an easy frag and, therefore, an opportunity to take over the Spike Site in a matter of seconds

A Site Lineup Mid Door Rush Wall

One of the biggest problems when rushing through the Mid Doors is the sniper player on Defenders Spawn. This molly will cut his view and force him to reposition:

Moreover, if there is no player on the site itself, you can quickly plant the Spike and pretty much chill. This is a simple yet effective lineup, and if your teammates make sure you have the right smokes after planting the Spike, you've practically got a win in your pocket. That said, be sure to forward these lineup articles to your Valorant bros:

Attacking B Site Phoenix Breeze

B Site Lineup Post-Plant Molly

If you have Spike on B, are in a 1v1 or 1v2 situation and on low on HP, and don't want to put up any duels, this post-plant lineup may be handy for you:

Actually, defending a Spike on Breeze with Phoenix alone can be a nightmare, so without getting some help from your Sentinels and Controllers, you can have a hard time. Still, this molly can buy you time in some complex situations.

Best Defending/Retake Phoenix Lineups Breeze

Before we get into the defending lineups, you might want to learn how Phoenix even got his fire powers!: Phoenix’s Lore Explained

Defending A Site Phoenix Breeze

A Site Lineup Ultimate Orb Molly

Are you expecting a rush at the A site, or even just heard the ultimate orb pick up? Try this molly:

You can use it anytime you hear someone in the Shop, and then cast a flashbang and peek to see if you can pick up some frags in the Cave. Plus, this position is a good one to take for Phoenix and very complimentary of his abilities, which the following lineup will show.

A Site Lineup Cave Wall

If you cover a Cave but want to peek at the Doors without dying, try this wall:

It will cut you off from the Cave, and you can just cast a flashbang, peek at the Doors and perhaps grab a frag or two. And once the wall is down, or the enemies get the info that you are there, you can cast another flash and outplay them.

Defending B Site Phoenix Breeze

B Site Lineup Ultimate Orb Molly

As we mentioned, positions that force close encounters are great for Phoenix, so those are the ones you may want to take. Therefore, check out this molly that can stop a rush or just an ultimate orb pickup:

We honestly love using it on pistol rounds, where every little point of damage matters. However, peeking after this molly might be a bit dangerous, so always think about casting a flashbang before. 

B Site Lineup Stopping The Main Rush

However, if someone else has taken over the position in the lineup above, you can throw a similar molly from the back of the site.

It may not land perfectly on Ultimate Orb, but it definitely stops the Main rush, and that’s the most important thing. The rest of your team will get some more time for rotation, while you can peek, and crossfire with your other teammate after the molly goes off.

Those were the most effective Phoenix molly lineups on Breeze out there! Looking for more? Guess what, we’ve got more:

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