How To Get More XP Fast in Valorant Battle Pass [4 Ways]

You can level up your Valorant Battle Pass quickly by playing Spike Rush or Deathmatch, completing daily and weekly missions, or playing with friends.

Updated on Feb 27, 2024
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How To Get More XP Fast in Valorant Battle Pass [4 Ways]

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Through Playing Spike Rush

Riot Games introduced Spike Rush in Valorant as a quicker version of the game, making it the top choice for gaining XP quickly! In this mode, every attacker gets a spike, leading to faster rounds in a best-of-seven format. But what makes Spike Rush such a great option for XP?

The key advantage is that Spike Rush offers more XP for the time invested. It's a first-to-four format, rewarding 1000 XP in total, which breaks down to 250 XP per round.

Spike Rush XP Value1000 XP per game
Unrated/Rated XP Value100 XP per round/ 200 XP per round win

Interestingly, completing a Spike Rush game, which is a first-to-four, equates to the same XP as winning five Unrated/Rated rounds—and that's only if you manage to win those rounds!

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By Playing Deathmatch

Deathmatch is the free-for-all in Valorant and is the second-fastest game mode for XP gains. Similar to Spike Rush matches, you get a set amount of XP for one match. Deathmatch gives you 900 XP, whereas regular competitive matches will give you 100 XP per round.

Deathmatch XP Value900 XP per game
Unrated/Rated XP Value100 XP per round/ 200 XP per round win

A Deathmatch lasts 9 minutes, or 540 seconds. However, a competitive mode round has 100 seconds. If you include the pre-round time, you can get less than five maximum length competitive mode rounds in 9 minutes — equalling less than 500 XP if you lose all five!

For the same amount of time in Deathmatch, you will get 900 XP regardless!

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Through Completing Daily and Weekly Missions

Each Weekly Mission offers around 27,440 XP for completion, with requirements such as using abilities, getting kills, or playing a certain amount of games. You get three weekly missions.

Unlike weekly missions, daily missions reset every 24 hours, with five being available at any one time. These will give from anywhere between 10,000 and 2,000 XP for completion.

Earlier on in the Battle Pass, these daily and weekly missions can easily level up your Battle Pass and take you to the next tier  handy if you need those extra free Radianite Points!

Valorant Daily Missions

From an XP perspective, completing daily missions and being able to complete all missions each week is a top priority. If you want that knife skin at the end of the Valorant Battle Pass, make sure you get the most XP available in your daily and weekly missions!

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By Playing Valorant with Your Friends

Another key way to get more XP fast in Valorant is to group up; yeah, you actually get more XP when you play with friends!

Two-Person Party8% XP Bonus
Three-Person Party12% XP Bonus
Four-Person Party16% XP Bonus
Five-Person Party20% XP Bonus

Considering that you can even play with someone from another region nowadays, this method is pretty sick, especially if you combine it with every other method that I've listed.

However, you should know what ranks can play together in Valorant competitive, because it's possible that you may not be able to play with your friends because of restrictions from Riot.

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