How to Get Free Radianite Points Valorant

A complete guide to getting free Radianite points for skin upgrades and skin variants in Valorant.

Updated on Aug 02, 2023
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How to Get Free Radianite Points Valorant

Riot Games’ Valorant has some of the best weapon skins ever. But for Riot Games to gain something in return, they’ve implemented the VP and Radianite Valorant currency systems in the game. They have their different uses for purchases and weapon animations, finishers, and sound upgrades. Though specifically for Radianite points the average Valorant player doesn’t have to throw real money. So let’s take a look at how to get free Radianite points Valorant!

What are Valorant Radianite Points?

Valorant Radianite points are a currency in the game used to upgrade and purchase different skin variants for certain weapon skins that has these features. Riot Games even has a store for you to purchase a Radianite point or two in the game. And although you can get free Valorant points by sending fanart to Riot Games (more like a missing Valorant point for a skin), free Radianite points are much easier to get.


There are various ways you can obtain free rewards including Radianite points than Valorant points in the game to upgrade your weapon skins. So next we’ll check out how to obtain free Radianite points so you can upgrade your favorite and best Vandal skins to that 5 premium tier in the game!

How do you get free Radianite in Valorant?

Battle Pass Free Radianite Points

The first way you can get free Radianite points in the game is through the Valorant Battle Pass free rewards. Every free tier will give you 10 Radianite points, and by fully completing the whole Battle Pass you can get around 60 Radianite points. And if you purchase the Battle Pass with real money for a mere 10$, you can get around 160 Radianite points alongside other great rewards such as a player card, gun buddy, skins, etc.


The only hard part of obtaining free Radianite points this way in the game is to complete every mission there is so you can finish the Battle Pass. But all Battle Passes rewards alongside weapon skins and Radianite points in Valorant are worth it, so you should totally finish it. And if you purchase the Battle Pass with money or obtain it by a gift card, you’ll get an XP boost which will help you out even more to gaining skins and Radianite points.

Get Radianite Points with FREECASH

There are a lot of websites and services online that pay some sort of currency for doing small tasks and surveys they provide. One service that does this best is FREECASH. Their service is easy, convenient, and safe. They provide surveys for a lot of people, so paying their users for their efforts makes logical sense.

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Freecash is an entirely safe and legal offer wall and get-paid-to site that offers various payout options and a really attractive coin exchange rate compared to its competitors.

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Because of their service and FreeCash’s legitness, we’ve partnered up with them to bring you the best ways of earning free Radianite points in Valorant. So here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start using FreeCash to earn yourself some great rewards:

  1. Make a FreeCash account on their website. Use code “TGG” for a chance to win up to 250 000 coins (~$250) as a welcome bonus
  2. Do the surveys FreeCash provides for thousands of coins: 1000 coins = $1
  3. Top performers receive more rewards with easy-to-complete surveys you can compete
  4. Cashouts are available at a minimum of 10 000 coins ($10). It’s your choice for what currency you want to be paid out in with live chat support for any problems you may run into


Not only can you cash out for the in-game currency Valorant Points, but you can also cash out Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dollars. But the idea behind getting free Radianite points towards upgrading certain weapon skins with FreeCash is that the service provides free ways of getting Valorant Points, so you can purchase Radianite points with free Valorant points. You can even get yourself free weapon skins!


Other great options you can try to get free Valorant points to exchange for Radianite points are Idle-Empire and Vloot. FreeCash in this situation is still the best, but if you’re trying to get the freest Radianite points, you should try and do all these services at the same time!

Amazon Prime Gaming Free Radianite Points

The other way you can get free Radianite points is through the Amazon Prime Gaming Membership. Riot Games offers Prime gaming loot and free rewards over the year for every player that has an Amazon Prime Gaming subscription, such as player cards, gun buddies, and most importantly for gamers: Radianite points in Valorant. Amazon also has rewards for other games for the average Amazon subscriber, but Valorant's important to us now with the skins animations upgrades.

Now you may say that the Prime gaming membership costs money, right? Well, Amazon provides a free trial period, so you can use that, claim your rewards and free stuff, upgrade your weapon skins, and cancel your subscription without having to spend money. The hard part is you'll need to have a verifiable payment method. Here’s how to do this step-by-step for in-game rewards like Radianite:

  1. Go to the Valorant Prime Gaming website
  2. Select the “Try Prime” option on the top left
  3. Go through all the necessary steps
  4. Connect your Amazon account and Riot Games Valorant account
  5. Obtain your Prime Gaming rewards and free Valorant loot
  6. Stop the Prime Gaming subscription so you won’t lose money


And that’s it for this guide to free Radianite points in Valorant. This premium in-game currency is much easier to come by than Valorant points. But the cosmetic looks and visual effects they’ll apply to your weapon skins, especially Phantoms, are unimaginable. So what are you waiting for, go get yourself some free Radianite points so you can spend Radianite on some sick premium content combined with gun buddies!

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