How To Change Crosshair in Valorant [2 Methods]

You can change your crosshair in Valorant using two methods: by importing/exporting crosshair profiles or by manually adjusting crosshair settings.

Updated on Dec 30, 2023
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How To Change Crosshair in Valorant [2 Methods]

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Through Importing/Exporting Crosshair Profiles

Valorant players who may not be familiar with the intricacies of crosshair customization can appreciate Riot Games' update that allows for the import and export of crosshair settings.

To import a crosshair code into your Valorant profile, follow these steps:

  1. Press the ‘ESC’ key on your keyboard, or click the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

  2. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu, then select the ‘Crosshair’ tab.

  3. In the ‘Crosshair Profile’ section within the ‘Generals’ tab, click the download icon. This icon is the third asson from the left, situated after the trash bin and upload icons.

  4. Copy the code of the crosshair you wish to use.

Importing/Exporting Crosshair Profiles Valorantse

You can also adopt the crosshair settings of your teammates in-game. To do this, first ensure that the 'Spectated Player's Crosshair' setting is enabled. Then, while spectating another player, use the in-game chat command "/cc" or "/crosshair copy".

After inputting this command, you'll be able to import your teammate's crosshair settings, including details like the crosshair color and the configuration of the inner and outer lines, since the code for their settings will be automatically acquired. 

This feature is a quick and efficient way to experiment with different crosshair designs based on what your teammates are using.

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By Manually Adjusting Valorant crosshairs

If you've experimented with other players' crosshairs but haven't found success, you have the option to create or adjust a crosshair to better suit your preferences.

When you navigate to the 'Crosshair' menu in Valorant, you'll find the crosshair settings divided into three distinct sections: Crosshair, Inner Lines, and Outer Lines

Each section offers a variety of settings, catering to players who are in the process of crafting their ideal crosshair. 

This customization allows for a high degree of personalization, enabling you to tweak everything from size and color to opacity and outline strength, ensuring you can create a crosshair that aligns perfectly with your playstyle.

Crosshair section

The Crosshair section in Valorant's settings includes options that are more subjective and can be toggled according to personal preference. 

Many players may not frequently adjust these settings, but they offer valuable customization for those who do. 

This section is divided into three parts: Color, Outline, and Center Dot, each with straightforward functionalities.

Crosshair section Valorant

  • Color: This option allows you to change the color of your crosshair to make it more visible against different backgrounds in the game.
  • Outline: The outline is particularly useful for enhancing crosshair visibility. You can adjust its opacity and thickness to make your crosshair stand out more or less prominently against various game environments.
  • Center Dot: The center dot serves as a focal point for aiming. You can adjust its opacity and thickness based on your preference. Setting both to their highest values will make the center dot very pronounced, which can be helpful for precision aiming, but may also obstruct your view slightly.

Inner Lines section

If you don’t want a dot crosshair, you can adjust the line opacity, thickness, and length to create the size and formation of your crosshair in the Inner Lines section.

Valorant Inner Lines Section

When all settings in the Inner Lines section are maximized, you get a highly visible crosshair with pronounced lines. The space in the middle, which is crucial for aiming, can be customized through the Inner Line Offset setting.

This feature lets you control the gap between the lines, helping to ensure that the crosshair doesn't obstruct your view of the target. Additionally, the vertical and horizontal lines can be individually adjusted to different values, giving you further control over the crosshair's appearance.

Another useful feature in this section is the option to toggle the fade of the crosshair with movement and firing errors

This setting can be turned on or off based on your preference, allowing the crosshair to dynamically respond to your actions in the game, such as moving or shooting, which can be helpful for visual feedback on your accuracy.

Outer Lines section

The Outer Lines Section in Valorant's crosshair settings mirrors the options available in the Inner Lines section. Here, you can also adjust the opacity, thickness, and length of the outer lines of your crosshair.

The outer lines function as a border to the inner lines, playing a significant role, particularly when the firing and movement error settings are enabled. 

These settings cause the outer lines to dynamically change based on your in-game actions, such as moving or firing, providing visual feedback on how these actions affect your shot accuracy.

How to change Shotgun crosshair in Valorant?

In Valorant, while most guns use your primary crosshair, shotguns like the Bucky and the Judge have a distinct crosshair style – typically a circle with a center dot. If you wish to customize the crosshair for your shotguns to match your primary crosshair, follow these steps:

  1. Open the 'Crosshair' menu and navigate to the 'General' tab. Here, find and enable the 'Use Advanced Options' setting located in the Crosshair section.

  2. Proceed to the 'Primary' tab. Within this tab, activate the option 'Override All Primary Crosshairs With My Primary Crosshair'. This action will apply your primary crosshair settings to your shotguns as well.

Change Shotgun Crosshair Valorant

After completing these steps, it's a good idea to test the changes. You can do this by playing a custom match or entering The Range. This will confirm whether the shotguns are now utilizing your main crosshair settings.

Regardless if your crosshair is just a center dot or its outline opacity is at the highest value, using the best Valorant crosshair settings for you is the key to having pinpoint accuracy since it is the visual indicator of where the bullets would go.

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