How To Get Free Riot Points in Valorant

Want to get Valorant points without spending a single dime? Follow this guide that teaches all about the different methods of getting free Valorant points!
How To Get Free Riot Points in Valorant

Valorant points are one of the most famous in-game currencies in the world. 

There are multiple ways to get them, and thankfully, it is also possible to get them for free! If you are wondering, here is a complete guide that teaches how to get free Valorant points!

Using Freecash To Get Free Riot Points

FreeCash is a platform that rewards Valorant points which need tasks to be completed. Some examples of some tasks that you can do in FreeCash are surveys. You need to collect FreeCash coins and exchange them to Valorant point gift cards

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Freecash is an entirely safe and legal offer wall and get-paid-to site that offers various payout options and a really attractive coin exchange rate compared to its competitors.

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  1. Register an account in FreeCash. Use the “TGG” code to receive a bonus chest as a welcome from both TheGlobalGaming and FreeCash.
  2. Find surveys that you see on the home screen of FreeCash
  3. Complete surveys and collect tons of coins
  4. Earn 10000 coins then cash it out in exchange of money
  5. Exchange the money into Valorant point gift cards

Currently, this is the best option since you can exchange a high amount of money for Valorant point gift cards. Not only that, but FreeCash also has other options like Bitcoin, Amazon, and Ethereum.

You can get a new user bonus by clicking on the button below!

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Joining Valorant Tournaments

Some organizations host tournaments that give away hundreds of dollars worth of free Valorant points, and the good thing is, that some of them do not have entrance fees. Of course, you have to win the whole thing in order to earn free Valorant points or a riot gift card.

Remember that there are a lot of strong teams that join these tournaments, so you and your Valorant team have to be ready in order to get at least a top-three to get free in-game content, such as the battle pass, weapon skins, and radianite points.

Also, make sure to join tournaments that follow the terms and conditions of Riot Games to prevent bans and suspensions. Want to buy all the in game cosmetics that you want? Then ready your Valorant account and gather the strongest team to earn multiple gift cards by winning all the tournaments that you join!

Emailing Riot Games Support: Artwork To Valorant Points

This is the only official way of earning Valorant points from Riot Games. There was an old tradition in League of Legends called "Artwork to Riot Points." And thankfully, Riot Games also implemented this tradition in Valorant. Players can request free Valorant points by submitting their original artworks to Valorant support, and the people from Riot Games will help out anyone who submits. Here is how to submit artworks for "Artwork to VP."

How To Use Artwork To Valorant to earn Valorant points For Free

  1. First, go to the Valorant support page.
  2. In the request type box, choose "In-game Question/Issue & In-game Content Refund" or "General Question "
  3. Create a message saying that you need the extra Valorant points for something you want to buy in-game, whether a skin, battle pass, or an agent contract.
  4. Wait for Riot Games support to reply, then draw your original artwork
  5. Submit the artwork to Riot support and wait for the free VP to be credited into your account in the next few days
  6. Remember that the maximum amount of Valorant points you will receive is 50, and you can only do this once per account, so make sure you will think about it carefully!

Using BuffGame To Earn Dozens Of Valorant Points

Some third-party websites offer free Valorant points by downloading and running them when playing a game. Other websites also have ads you can view in exchange for Valorant points. Here are some of the websites and applications that you can download to earn Valorant points!

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USE Code  Go to Buff Game

BuffGame is an app where you will get free VP just by playing a general game! This is one of the easier methods of earning free Valorant points because it runs in the background and lets you play a match peacefully, while earning at the same time! Here is a complete guide to use BuffGame:

Using BuffGame Correctly To Earn Valorant Points For Free

  1. Download BuffGame according to your platform (MAC OS, Google Play, or Windows)
  2. Register a BuffGame account and use the Global Gaming code to have a welcome bonus!
  3. Run Valorant and let BuffGame in the background to earn BuffCoins
  4. Once you have collected multiple BuffCoins, you can now exchange them with Valorant point gift cards

There is no need to worry because BuffGame follows the terms and conditions of Riot Games. Currently, there is no report of players getting banned for using this application, so game on and earn coins just by playing Valorant games!


That ends the guide that teaches how to get Valorant points for free! Thankfully, Riot Games does not block these methods, making all the ways available for everyone, whether you have an old or new account. Do not wait; add weapon skins to your account by performing all the above methods!

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