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How to Practice Lineups in Valorant

Want to know how to practice lineups in Valorant? Follow these tips!
How to Practice Lineups in Valorant

Learning and practicing the utilities of an agent can is core gameplay when winning in a competitive game of Valorant. Although it is a character-based tactical shooter, riot games have made a few tweaks in order to make the game more fun. Each map contains unique lineups taught by the community, thus, refining our own play style to win rounds. These lineups could be located on-site plants, unexpected spots, hiding areas, etc. Furthermore, it can be practiced through practice modes such as practice range and custom game to discover lineups.

Practice Lineups in Custom Game

Custom game is a feature of Valorant where you can play for fun with your friends, such as death match and spike rush! It is also usually used for tournaments such as VCT and Champions.

In this type of game mode, it can be used as a practice server to practice maps for lineups, such as smoke practice with controller-type agents and arrow practice with the utilities of Sova.

Custom game allows you to customize your desired map, mode, server, and a custom game option containing:

  • Tournament Mode
  • Overtime: Win By Two
  • Play Out All Rounds
  • Hide Match History
  • Allow Cheats

Here is how to set up your custom game with just a few clicks:

  1. In the main menu of Valorant, click PLAY
  2. Click CUSTOM GAME located in the top right corner of the game modes displayed
    Custom game
  3. Select your desired Map, Mode, and Server
  4. Enable Allow Cheats in the CUSTOM GAME OPTIONS and select all the cheats necessary for practicing lineups
    Allow cheats

Once entering your match, you must also set up your in-game cheat settings, which is essential for when you are practicing your lineups.

How to Set Up Your In-Game Cheat Settings

Allowing Cheats will enable custom game cheats containing options that are useful when practicing lineups. By enabling this, it's easier to learn maps with their special spots that could be used for lineups.

Here is how to set up your in-game cheat settings essentially for practicing lineups:

  1. After clicking START MATCH, click your desired Agent
  2. Once you're in-game, click the Escape key and hover CHEATS
  3. Then click End Game Phase; this will end the Buy Phase
  4. After ending the game phase, turn on the Pause Match Timer for an unlimited time
    End game and pause
  5. Turn on Infinite Abilities; enabling this can make you use your abilities limitlessly
    Infinite Ability
  6. Then enable Ghost, which can make you fly around the map
  7. Or easier, edit your keybind for Ghost found on the uppermost part of the settings
    Ghost Keybind

These steps are all important to practice lineups properly. Additionally, you can also enable Infinite Ammo, Infinite Magazines, Infinite Creds, and Ignore Shopping Restrictions for more fun.

Learning these lineups is not a piece of cake. However, there are numerous videos around the internet that can teach these lineups in Valorant.

Where to Watch Valorant Guides for Lineups

Luckily, our channel offers various types of valorant guides that can make you learn lineups and can help you win your game!

Visit our YouTube channel,  TheGlobalGaming, and there you will see a lot of Valorant guides, especially with lineups.

If you only want to see lineup guides follow these steps:

  1. Go to Youtube
  2. Click the search bar and search for The Global Gaming Valorant lineups
  3. This will transfer you to a page full of various videos of lineup guides for specific agents
    Lineup Vids

Utilities are crucial in Valorant. You have great aim, but without using utilities correctly, winning at a higher level of competition is surprisingly hard. However, it's not easy to master every lineup, as it takes time and skill to really understand and master the utilities of particular agents.

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