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How to get out of Silver in Valorant

Most Valorant players are in the Silver lobby. If you can't get out of being a Silver, here's how you can boost your gameplay.
How to get out of Silver in Valorant

You are not alone if you're already in the silver rank since, according to Valorant Rank Distribution, most players are Silver I. Silver may be a low rank for people who watch Valorant streamers but getting out of silver may not be easy as it sounds.

If you want to leave most players in the silver looby, here are a few tips and tricks from TheGlobalGaming to get out of silver.

Getting out of the silver ranks

Around 40% of all players are in the bronze or silver rank. Silver is considered a very critical rank since you can already be queued into almost-Diamond players in competitive matches. If you got lucky, your enemies could be in the iron rank.

Getting out of the silver rank can be hard since you're in the middle of the Valorant ranks, but that doesn't mean it cannot be done. Here are some tips.

Practice Shooting at The Range

Many Valorant players usually have a good warm-up routine, like spending some time at The Range, where they shoot everywhere just to feel the game. They also threw some abilities here and there before playing a ranked game to have some sheer game sense.

If you seldom play Valorant – regardless if it's unrated or competitive – the first thing you need to do is to enter Valorant's practice range and practice shooting moving targets. In this way, you can already feel the game and yourself. If you think you don't have an aim, it's better not to take the risk and just play unrated.

Find a duo

You need to find a duo in playing ranked games as early as possible since it is critical to winning the match and improving your rank. You may think it is too early to find a teammate, but it is better to start early and make your way up to the top.

When you already have a connection, it's one less problem for you to consider. You can also use your ability correctly and efficiently since you know the gameplay of one another. Valorant Silver rank can sometimes be called the most-cursed rank, so it's better to face it with a friend.

Playing solo queue has a 50/50 chance of winning and losing. If you don't have someone to play the game with, you can invite strangers to play with you, especially if you've just been teammates before.

Stick together and trade

Unlike higher-ranked matches, staying together could avoid having a disastrous game. At the Radiant lobby, players generally went to different sides of the map to confuse the enemies. It is also noticeable that they used to leave the spike near the base before picking it up when they had already cleared a site.

However, this is not advisable at the Silver lobby since the enemy team could kill you as soon as you peek, especially when they're holding an angle. The best decision you can do as a team is to stick together and trade when a teammate dies.

Don't overpush

On the defending site, it is advisable to wait for the enemies to push you to the site. After all, they are the ones who need to plant the bomb. On the attacking site, you need to go to the plant site, but all you need to do is to plant the bomb, then wait for them to defuse.

Always remember that pushing enemies is a good thing, just don't overpush.

Commit to an angle

If you're already holding an angle, it's best to hold it until you are sure the enemy already goes to a different location. If you are unsure about their location, just hold the angle steady, and ask for a backup to guard your back.

Timing is a thing in competitive matches, and other players seemingly get lucky to kill you when you're not looking, but it is an avoidable error.

Getting out of silver is no easy feat since you need to grind and adopt good habits to be a gold player. This time, you should have avoided all the mistakes you learned while still in the iron and bronze lobbies.

You can have played a day of losing games but cannot rank up if you don't play competitive matches.

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