How to get out of gold in Valorant

Stuck in gold and don't know what to do? Don't worry because we're here to help you get out of that rank.

Updated on Nov 13, 2022
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How to get out of gold in Valorant

Congratulations are in order if you are already in gold rank since you are already in the top 50% of all Valorant players. However, it would be best if you were not complacent since you can still give it a try to reach higher ranks.

If you don't know what to do and are stuck in gold rank for a long time, here are some Valorant tips and tricks you can do.

Getting out of the gold rank

Being in gold rank is already an achievement in itself, but it is not the highest achievable rank in Valorant. Usually, the quality of matches in the gold lobby is starting to be a little more complex and unpredictable.

Most players are stuck in low elo because they don't know how to play correctly. Sometimes, they shoot their gun while praying that luck is on their side. But in an elo hell like gold, there are more options to win than to run and shoot.

Headshot-level crosshair

Compared to low elo ranks such as iron, bronze, and silver, gold in Valorant means you already have a steady crosshair and can kill opponents with headshots. If you have already found yourself in the gold lobby but have yet to perfect the headshot-level crosshair, we suggest you use third-party applications such as Aim Lab, which pro players use.

Like other FPS games, you should avoid whiffing while playing to climb up in the rank. Of course, you can use utilities and play with teammates, but you cannot win 13 rounds in a match by just luck.

Be versatile

Unlike players in the low rank, you are expected to adjust or at least use agents that are most helpful depending on the map you are playing. For example, if you're playing Breeze, which is so big, you should not choose Phoenix or Reyna, which has short-throwing blinds.

Playing agents that don't have smokes is also a recipe for disaster. So, if you become the last pick in agent selection, analyze if you have at least one of the four types of agent – duelists, initiators, controllers, and sentinels. Then, if the team already has at least one, you can decide what agent to play.

Practice and perfect the new agent

Every time Riot Games announces a new agent; it almost always becomes the meta in the game. Both low ranks and high-rank players tend to utilize the abilities of the new agent since the developer has yet to see if the skill is too good to play.

When Riot releases Harbor in Act 3 of Episode V, almost all games in the high ranks have him since his skills are still unfamiliar to most players. However, using this strategy can be one of the keys to winning the game as long as you've already mastered the agent's abilities.

Play as a team

Playing solo can be good if your only intention is to have fun and meet friends, but if you're serious about grinding to climb ranks, it is better to find a duo or a trio to grind together. Although it is fun to play five-man, it's much more complicated since there is a high chance of facing another five-man team.

Having someone who plays the same gameplay as you can help defend or push a site. Having a good camaraderie with your unknown teammates early on in the round is not easy, so it's better to play with someone who already knows you.

Have a strategy

A good team needs a better strategy to attack or defend a site successfully. Although there's a strategy called "play for picks," it still won't give you a win since you need to push the site to plant a bomb.

A good strategy with your teammates, like where to plant and how to push, can significantly help win rounds. If you're defending, it's best to plan where you should put your utilities to ensure all entrances are covered.

Being gold in Valorant is not easy, but believe in yourself that you can do better and achieve a higher rank. After all, believing in yourself and enjoying the game are far more critical aspects of winning matches.

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