How to get out of Platinum rank in Valorant?

Hard stuck on Platinum? Here are some ways on getting out of that rank.

Updated on Nov 13, 2022
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How to get out of Platinum rank in Valorant?

Act three of episode five of Valorant has just begun, and it only means one thing: now is your last chance to improve your rank before getting a hard reset when a new episode begins in over a month.

If you're already platinum but can't get out of the rank, here are a few tips and tricks you can do to improve your rank.

Getting out of the platinum rank

If you're unlucky that even after playing many games daily, you still can't rank up to diamond, don't lose hope because there are ways to improve your game. Here are some ways you can do to get out of the platinum rank:

Improve your aim

When you're already platinum, you should know that players in this rank know how to properly position their crosshairs so that they sometimes only need one bullet to headshot the enemy team.

To improve your aim, you should know where to properly put your crosshair when holding a specific angle. Valorant maps are unique in that there are uphill and downhill parts, which makes a difference in where your shots would go.

Play different positions every round

It takes 13 rounds to win in a game in Valorant, and you should not be staying at one specific angle multiple rounds in a row. Maybe you can get a kill while hiding at a corner that most players would not check, but you can only do it several times in a game since, for sure, they will be checking that same spot in the succeeding rounds.

Learn audio cues

Aside from visual cues, learning what sound it would make when an agent runs on different terrains would give you an unexpected advantage, regardless if you're on the offensive or the defensive. Some pathways have water, while some roads are made of metal, which sounds completely different.

Know the maps

Sorry for you, but knowing the map's name also has limitations. Improving your map knowledge can significantly help, especially when you know where to position yourself when checking an angle. It is a rule of thumb for Valorant players to ensure they are only seen at the angle they are holding and cannot be killed from multiple angles.

Monitor opponent's info

One of the biggest things players take for granted is the info Valorant gives about the opponents at the start of each round. During the buy round, you can check how much money the enemy team has and whether their ultimate is available or not.

Use abilities wisely

Different agents have different roles. If you are playing a character with a molly that can be of great help in post-plant situations, you must know the lineups for multiple plant locations from other locations on the map that are away from the bomb.

Communicate effectively

Lastly, winning games all boils down to proper communication between allies, so you need to learn how to communicate effectively with your teammates. If you're shy to talk to them, the bare minimum you can do is to tell them the last location of the enemies or the damage that you have dealt.

Since Valorant is a team game, you need to do your part when playing for a higher chance of winning games and getting out of platinum. So if you know you've already played your role, say a little prayer that heaven gives you good teammates.

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