Best Valorant Sprays

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Best Valorant Sprays

Valorant is currently one of the biggest esports games in the world, with a record of 1 million players logged in concurrently, which is unbelievable for a game less than two years old. Like all games, Valorant has rewards that everyone can use in the game, including grafitis, gun skins, and buddies. If you are currently collecting these rewards, here is a collection of the best sprays in Valorant to show off to your enemies and friends!

Faces In Places

Part of the Valorant Episode 2 Formation: Act 1 battle pass, this Valorant spray pattern is one of the few that has a few meme designs created by Riot Games. 

You will meet teammates that practice their recoil or knife the wall every buy phase, and Riot decided to poke fun out of it and based the whole idea of this spray on it. To make things better, Faces In Places, from the name itself, the design looks like a derp face in a wall. 


Teabagging has been a big part of competitive esports over the years. It originated in Halo, and the main goal of this move is to squat on the opponent after killing them, which adds salt to the wound. The bear in this spray does just that. Additionally, he is actually a cool dude. 

The shades, gun, and armor speak volumes on what type of bear he is. This animated spray is given away for free as part of the Valorant Episode 1 Ignition: Act 1 battle pass. 

This Is Also Fine

Are you familiar with the famous "this is fine" meme that has been around the internet for years? If you are and love it, this is the perfect spray for you! The original version is a dog sitting on a table while everything around him burns, and Riot Games perfectly copied the whole idea while implementing Valorant characters and concepts around it. 

Riot used Phoenix in place of the iconic dog in the meme. The flames also resemble Phoenix's powers, which adds flare (pun intended) to the spray. "This Is Also Fine" is part of Valorant Episode 1: Ignition Act 2 battle pass. 

What Was That??

One of the cute Jett Valorant spray patterns available in the game, "What Was That??" has a simple design but is eye-catching enough and has many uses that are enticing for players. Saw a whiff of a century performed by your teammate? Use this spray. The enemy Reyna hit a VAC recoil control shot through the smoke? Then use this spray, too. 

The uses are not limited to these scenarios but asking a question by using this spray is definitely a great thing to do. "What Was That??" was obtained by purchasing Valorant Episode 2 Formation: Act 1 battle pass. 

Make 'Em Dance

If there are multiple agent-inspired sprays in the game, surely ability inspired have someplace in the game, too, right? Raze's boombot might be one of the most infuriating things one can encounter in the game, but no one can deny that it is extremely cute and adorable.

The "Make 'Em Dance" spray pattern is an animated spray featuring a dancing boombot with a cute face. This spray is definitely one of the best with its unique and cute design. "Make 'Em Dance" was available in Episode II Formation: Act 1 battle pass. 

Revive Me, Jett

Probably the most iconic agent-inspired spray in the history of Valorant, Revive Me, Jett has taken the community by storm after its release. Revive Me, Jett was available in Episode II Formation: Act 2 battle pass. It is based on the famous clip of a guy asking Jett for a revival, which is an ability she does not have, and kept shouting "REVIVE ME JETT!" throughout the whole round. 

The clip was so memorable that Riot Games decided to immortalize it by using it in a spray. Not only that, but the whole design of the spray pattern is cute, too, which is a plus for many players of the game. 

Is This A Drone?

Like Revive Me, Jett, this spray is a meme and a Valorant agent crossover. Many players were exhilarated that  Riot Games created the perfect spray for Sova mains. "Is This A Drone?" is inspired by a famous internet meme called "Is This A Pigeon?" The original meme was funny enough. What more is this unique version featuring a Valorant agent. 

Riot Games copied the exact look of the meme, only changing the character and pigeon to Sova and his loyal drone. This spray was released with Episode II Formation: Act 2 battle pass. 

My Eyes

If you loved Spongebob growing up, then Riot Games also released the perfect spray for you. Are you familiar with the Spongebob meme where a fish's eyes got burned and screamed the phrase "My Eyes!"? This spray is exactly that. The "My Eyes" Valorant spray features Phoenix's eyes getting burned, resembling the famous meme. 

Everyone can use this on different occasions. Saw a teammate whiff their recoil so hard? Spray "My Eyes" on the floor. Want to forget your team throwing the round? Then show them by using this spray multiple times in the match. This spray pattern was included in Episode II Formation: Act 2 battle pass. 

Octo Attack

Almost every boomer has memories of playing in the arcade during their childhood. The Octo Attack 2 spray will bring back those cherished events. Included in the Episode I Ignition: Act 3 battle pass and based on the idea of old arcade games and 8-bit graphics, Octo Attack 2 will always be one of the best spray releases in Valorant. 

Not only that, it is animated and is also paired with a catchy tune, which is a plus for most players. Fans of the retro gaming theme should have this in their arsenal.

Bruno Coin

Of course, Valorant's very own cute mascot will also be included in this list. Bruno was a Riot employee's dog, who recently died, and Riot Games included him in the game to pay respects. He will always be known as the Valorant's corgi, and Riot did a great job of immortalizing him by including him in gun buddies, sprays, and even player cards. 

One of the sprays, called Bruno Coin, features Bruno the corgi, with a face that judges you in a gold coin. It is only obtainable by connecting an Amazon Prime Gaming account to Valorant. 

That ends the list for the best sprays currently available in Valorant. Battle passes in the game include dozens of rewards, like sprays, gun buddies, weapon skins, and valorant points, so get the chance to buy one if you like the content! However, do not get discouraged if buying it is out of your budget since some of the battle passes include free rewards, so grind as much as you can!

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