How to get Valorant Skins ( All Methods)

Skins are one of the coolest features of Valorant. So how do you get them? Read this article and find out about purchasing, earning and winning Valorant skins!

Updated on Oct 20, 2023
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How to get Valorant Skins ( All Methods)

As you can imagine if you don't know already, weapon skins in Valorant are the most popular method of customization and personalization within Valorant, with a load of Valorant skins for every gun in the game. There are nearly 530 different Valorant skins in the game, with weapons such as the Vandal having 30 different weapon skins! If you want to see our list of the best Vandal skins, then we have our top six ranked!

That is not what this article is about, however, and this article will tell you every single method from which you can obtain a weapon skin and unlock Valorant skins!

Purchasing Valorant Skins


This is the most obvious way of getting skins in Valorant. With Riot Games' currency in Valorant known as Valorant Points, you can purchase a weapon skin from the in game store, which has four options available every 24 hours. There is always a bundle in the store available too, which usually contains four or five skins, with melee skins/ knife skins too! The bundles are very good value for money, but you can find yourself forking out a lot of money in one transaction for some skins you might not use, just to save yourself some value!

The four skins can be any random four that you don't already own, ranging from Select edition Valorant skins to Ultra edition Valorant skins! This is what makes some skins so sought after, they are hard to find! Especially with some weapons as we mentioned having over 20 skins available, the chances of you getting the one you want is quite low!

The issue with this method is that the skins are quite expensive, paying a minimum of $10 per skin, and upwards of $20 for a weapon skin in the Exclusive and Ultra tiers of weapon skins - with the melee weapon skins costing even more! The price goes up based on the weapon's edition tier!

The Night Market

A good way to avoid this however costly expenditure is the Night Market. This is the equivalent of 'Your Shop' in League of Legends, Riot Games' other massive Esports title. Once a month you get six additional skins shown to you, available for a select period of time, which all have significant discounts on them! This means that if you purchase a skin from your Night Market, you will be saving yourself a lot of money!


We are not implying you should buy skins at all, in fact, the opposite, beware of buying skins, as you can end up paying $240 a year even if you only purchase one $20 skin a month! Make sure if you are planning on purchasing a skin, you really are sure that you want it! If you do purchase a skin, we recommend seeing what's in your Night Market, as this can save you a lot of money in the long run! If you purchase one skin a month, but with a 25% discount, so you only spend $15 a month, you only end up spending $180 a year - saving yourself $60!

Purchasing The Battle Pass


The Battle Pass is a great way to get skins in Valorant as it costs just under $10, and you get around 10-15 weapon skins, including a knife skin, for completing the battle pass! If you want to fill out your inventory, then purchasing the battle pass a couple of Acts in a row is the way to go, rather than outright buying skins! For the price of one decent skin, you can get both battle passes! The battle pass comes with three skin collections and these are all new skins!

The battle pass also comes with an assortment of sprays, gun buddies, player cards, and other additional cosmetics, which is an added bonus, and whilst you might not use all of these, or even all of the skins, there are always some awesome skins in there regardless!

The trade-off is that you need to play the game constantly to get to the final tier of the battle pass, meaning you will need to grind before you get to the awesome skins. The battle pass tends to include two of either the Vandal, Phantom, or Operator skins, which all are usually around tier 40. The knife is actually at tier 50, so as we said get grinding! You also have a set time limit that you need to get to tier 50 within, which is usually around 40-50 days before the Act ends.

Completing Agent Contracts


Our third method requires even more grinding than the previous method, but it is completely free! This is getting Valorant skins, more specifically pistol skins, for completing agent contracts. Each agent in the game has a contract of ten levels, getting to level five will unlock the agent, but getting to level ten will give you an exclusive pistol skin for that agent. For example, getting Viper's agent contract to level ten will reward you with her Snakebite Shorty , and completing Sova's agent contract will get you his Protektor Sheriff.

The issue with these is the amount of grinding you need to do to get the skins. Getting from level nine to level ten in Sova's agent contract takes 250,000 XP, which is insane. This also doesn't take into account the 725,000 XP you need to get to level nine in the first place! These are fine to do, but if you are newer to the game, and don't have every agent unlocked, better use of your XP and time is to activate every agent to level five before grinding the agent contracts to unlock skins! You do get small cosmetics along the way, but realistically they are very little consolidation for the amount of grinding you have to do!

Twitch Prime and other free drops


The final method we have is another method of getting free skins in Valorant is through Twitch Prime, and other free giveaways and drops. If you have Amazon Prime, you can link it to your Twitch Prime and Prime Gaming, for monthly free cosmetics in a plethora of games. One of these is Valorant, in which you can occasionally get Valorantskins! 

Other giveaways, such as from streamers, content creators, and even Riot Games themselves sometimes (don't forget how we got beta keys to Valorant) are viable, but these are a very low chance of dropping for you unless you sit in streams for hours on end! 

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