Are League Of Legends Gift Cards Working In Valorant?

If you have a League of Legends gift card and want to know if it works in Valorant, the answer is yes, it does.

Updated on Nov 29, 2023
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Are League Of Legends Gift Cards Working In Valorant?

Can You Redeem A League Of Legends Gift Card In Valorant?

Yes. If you have a spare League of Legends gift card, you can redeem it in Valorant and receive the equivalent amount of Valorant Riot Points. Your gift card amount will automatically be converted to how much the Valorant Points cost.

League of Legends Gift Card

Redeeming LoL gift cards in Valorant has been tested by hundreds of players in the community, and all of them have confirmed that it works. Some even provide video evidence of them redeeming the prepaid gift cards.

Though the two games have completely different titles, the fact that you can redeem a LoL gift card in Valorant makes sense because they are under the same parent company, Riot Games. 

You can also redeem League of Legends or Valorant gift cards in other games like Teamfight Tactics, another Riot Games title. As long as it makes Valorant and Riot Games some money, I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work.

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