The Complete List of the Hottest Valorant Agents

Here’s our ranking of the sexiest Agents in Valorant! 
The Complete List of the Hottest Valorant Agents

Valorant has almost perfected the tactical shooter; it’s taken the work that’s gone before it from games like CS:GO and Siege, and it’s brought it all together in the most polished form we’ve seen. But you know what really sets Valorant apart from games like CS:GO and Rainbow Six: Siege?

The 5 Sexiest Valorant Agents  

Okay, now let’s get to the real fun, let’s break down the S-Tier Agents, only the absolute sexiest.  

5. Sage

Sage has a kind of wifey appeal that’s undeniable. As do all healers, we suppose, but Sage particularly so. Add to this her wonderful flowing hair, and her feminine voice lines, and wow — you’ve got yourself a very sexy Valorant agent. She would obviously be very generous too, and one can easily imagine the lengths she’d go to for the satisfaction of both parties.  

4. Chamber

Chamber won’t be everyone’s type. If he was a real person, he would be absolutely unbearable, the kind of hipster you want to put in a bin. But that said, he has a great dress sense, and decent hair. You’d want to send him away in an Uber long before morning came, but that’s not to say it wouldn’t be a fun evening. 

3. Viper

Maybe it’s the tight-fitting outfit, or maybe it’s the thigh-high boots? Viper just screams sexy. She has a dangerous appeal. Like the serpent from the bible, Viper could persuade you to make all kinds of mistakes. 

She gives the term “Snake Bite” a whole new meaning… 

2. Brimstone

The sexy “man in uniform” isn’t just a silly trope, I mean, take a look at the image above for goodness’s sake. What’s nice about Brimstone, though, is that while he acts like a military commander, he isn’t overly strict, so you know there’s a bit of playfulness beneath his tough exterior. 

1. Reyna 

Reyna has a kind of terrifying beauty. She’s sleeveless on one arm, but covered down to the knuckles on the other. She reveals a little upper-thigh on her right, but keeps her left leg a mystery. At once inviting and intimidating. She’s perfect. And if you hadn’t guessed from the last two picks, she’s exactly our type. As sexy as Reyna is, though, who among you would dare have the confidence to approach? But perhaps that’s all part of the appeal; Reyna would be in complete control. 

Are you furious we didn’t include Yoru in the top 5? Maybe you were hoping we would take a wider look at the world of Riot? Some of those Arcane characters could certainly have made the cut… Well, what can we say? Sorry, but it’s our top 5. No Yoru, no-one from Arcane — just the sexiest Valorant characters (in our humble opinion). 

Tier Ranking the Sexiest Valorant Agent’s 

Before we deep dive into the absolute hottest of the hottest Agents, we’re going to Tier Rank them all. Just to get rid of the more meh characters like Jett and Yoru, although in defense of Riot Games, none of the Agents can be called ugly. 

Honestly, besides the edge-lords down in D-Tier, almost all of these characters — either as allies or enemies — could send a shiver down your spine… like the best vandal skins

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