How To Add Bots to a Custom Valorant Game

To add bots to Valorant custom games you will need to complete a pretty long process, but it's worth it. Check it out!

Published on Sep 05, 2023
How To Add Bots to a Custom Valorant Game

How to Add Bots Custom Game Valorant

The only way to add bots in Valorant is through a custom game

Riot Games hasn’t made it easy to insert bots for all kinds of purposes, but that isn’t to say players haven’t found their ways of adding bots to a custom game.

So without further ado, here’s how to add bots on a custom game in Valorant:

Valorant Custom Bots Settings Add

  1. Open the Valorant game client
  2. Select the Play button above
  3. On the farthest right, select Custom Game mode
  4. Make sure the Standard game mode option is set
  5. Click on the Options button below the mode option
  6. Turn on the “Allow Cheats” option to play with custom game cheats
  7. Choose your map and game server, then click on Start
  8. This is the most important step: choose Sage
  9. Once in-game, open Settings and select the Cheats tab on the right
  10. Set a key bind for Ghost Mode (for example the key ‘=’)
  11. Turn on Pause Match Timer, Infinite Abilities, and Auto-Respawn
  12. Click on End Game Phase to enter the real round stage
  13. Click on the key bind you set for Ghost Mode (in this example ‘=’)
  14. Fly really high above, then click on the key bind to fall down and die
  15. Use the Sage ultimate to resurrect the dead body, and you’ve got yourself the first bot

Valorant Sage Bot

Valorant Sage Ressurect Bot

Can You Play Valorant With AI Bots Offline?

Valorant doesn’t support AI bots at the moment. The only way you can start top-fragging bots is in the Practice Range session for the first-ever introduction the game gives us. And they’re only able to do simple movement and shots, so practicing there won’t do you any good except learning the core movement mechanics.

The bot technology doesn’t seem to be up-to-date to play against AI bots, since a computer will have to determine all Valorant Agent's abilities uses. Basically, it would take a massive engineering effort to make intelligent things capable of using abilities properly. And although that may seem easy for a big company like Riot Games, it’s still a difficult task. Like, do you imagine seeing a bot counter strafing in Valorant?

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