Best Fade Lineups on Bind for 2024 [Haunt & Seize]

Check out the best Fade lineups for Bind, granting invaluable intel and strategic advantages for both attacking and defending.

Updated on Feb 29, 2024
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Best Fade Lineups on Bind for 2024 [Haunt & Seize]

Best Attacking/Post Plant Fade Lineups

Attacking A Site Fade Lineups

A Site Haunt Watching A Site From A Short

For this lineup, your Haunt will cover the entire A Site. It lands on a roof opposite A Heaven. First, climb up onto the first brick wall.

Aim where the wire and the mysterious long silhouette in the background almost touch. It doesn't have to be inch perfect, but try to get it as close as possible, so your crosshair connects them.

When the haunt lands, it will spot enemies lurking in A Lamps, A Heaven, and at the back of the site. This is incredibly valuable as it can reveal enemies before they have a chance to shoot it down!

This gives you crucial intel on what enemies are defending which sites, and this makes Fade one of the best Initiator Agents in Valorant. Plus, due to its unusual placement, the enemy team will have to adjust their aim significantly to destroy it!

A Site Seize Tether A Lamps From A Short

This Seize lineup works best when used together with the previous Haunt lineup. Imagine you've just launched the Haunt. If you throw Seize just above this rooftop, it will activate at the same time as the Haunt does, directly into A Lamps.

Enemies will be tethered in A Lamps, meaning any peeking enemy agents will be caught, maintaining your line of sight from your Haunt. If enemies choose to retreat from A Lamps, they'll be spotted by the Haunt!

Attacking B Site Fade Lineups

B Site Haunt Watching B Site From B Long

This lineup positions you in a corner on B Long, near the teleporter. Be cautious, as enemies can spot you through B Garden, so ensure it's clear before proceeding.

Mastering this lineup requires practice, as it involves a running jump throw. Line your crosshair up just above the second brick from the left on the wall. As you run and jump forward, release the Haunt when your crosshair reaches the top of the wall.

With enough practice, it will land perfectly. The crosshair placement doesn't need to be perfect, but aiming as described is ideal. The Haunt will reveal the entirety of B Site, B Elbow, and any enemies hiding near B Gardens or under B Window!

B Site Haunt Watching B Site From B Short

To execute this lineup, stand in the corner by the boxes next to the teleporter. This means you and your team must clear out B Window and watch for enemy agents peeking into B Short. This Haunt lineup is similar to the B Long one, but it's useful when you can't always push B Long.

Aim at the corner of the building in the distance and move your crosshair up until it meets the wire. This lineup can be tricky to execute quickly, especially with the teleporter so close, requiring you to stay alert.

When executed correctly, the Haunt will land on top of a building on the right side of B Site. From there, it can observe enemies in B Elbow, cover the entirety of B Site, and reveal anyone hiding behind boxes!

Best Defending/Retake Fade Lineups

Defending A Site Fade Lineups

A Site Defending Haunt Lineup on A Spike Site

This isn't just a single lineup, but multiple ones combined. The strategy focuses on throwing your Haunts onto buildings and high surfaces while defending A Site on Bind. This technique is especially useful because it allows you to safely spot where enemies are pushing from, or if you're trying to retake A Site, to locate where enemies might be hiding.

One useful trick with this lineup is targeting the area behind the truck, as the Haunt lands on the roof behind it. This provides visibility if any enemies are lurking there. To execute, run forward and jump shot the Haunt to make it reach the roof.

However, the strategy isn't limited to this spot alone. Given that A Site is surrounded by tall structures, you have the freedom to throw the Haunt onto various rooftops around the site. I suggest practicing the throw distances in a practice game to get a good feel for it, enabling you to execute these lineups spontaneously during actual games.

A Site Seize Lineup at A Truck

Defending A Site can sometimes be a challenge, especially when enemies plant the spike behind cover, forcing you to risk exposure to stop them. However, there's a Seize lineup that can help you counteract this tactic.

Enemies often plant behind the truck at the corner of the spike site, using it as a shield while they defend from A Cubby and A Short. To counter this, aim your crosshair at the top left corner of the vent box nearby and throw your Seize.

The Seize will bounce off the wall and land right where the truck is, placing it in the center of the Seize's effect radius. This will not only prevent enemies from planting the spike but if an enemy agent is in the midst of planting, it will halt their action completely.

Defending B Site KAY/O Lineups

B Site Retake Haunt Lineup From Defender Spawn

Among the safest lineups featured, this one for retaking B Site starts from Defender Spawn. Position yourself along the diagonal wall in Defender Spawn, roughly between the fourth and fifth vertical beams on the wall. This is a running jump shot and, while it demands practice, doesn't need to be perfectly precise every time.

Admittedly, it's more challenging than other lineups, but that's the trade-off for its safety. Aim your crosshair at the right-hand edge of the dark gray building in the background, then move it up to the bottom wire that crosses over.

Begin by running forward, then jump and throw the Haunt as soon as the building you were aiming at initially disappears from your view. The lineup may still work if the building is partially visible, but it's guaranteed to work when the building is completely out of sight.

The Haunt lands in a crucial area, covering B Elbow, B Site, and importantly, B Window, similar to the attacker's B Site lineup from B Short. Exercise caution when executing this lineup, as enemies are likely to be watching B Hall. Make sure not to run and jump too far forward to avoid being exposed!

B Site Defending Haunt Lineup From Back Site to B Garden

This lineup is among the more intricate ones and involves a bit of risk, as you'll need to peek before your Haunt is activated. Position yourself next to the box in the middle of B Site and aim upwards, attempting to get your Haunt to land on the building behind you.

The trick here is to activate the Haunt as you peek towards B Garden. Ideally, this will cause enemies to target the Haunt you've just thrown, drawing their attention—and their crosshairs—away from your peeking location. If an enemy is aiming at the sky to shoot your Haunt and you peek at that moment, you stand a good chance of securing a free kill.

The goal of this Haunt is not primarily to scout but to serve as a distraction, similar to Reyna’s Leer. It's designed to misplace enemy crosshairs, giving you a tactical advantage during the defense.

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