How to Bunny Hop in Valorant [Step-by-Step Guide + Images]

See how to bunny hop in Valorant, a strategy that offers advantages like confusing enemy crosshair placement, and aiding in reloading during gunfights.

Updated on Jan 20, 2024
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How to Bunny Hop in Valorant [Step-by-Step Guide + Images]

Bunny hopping is a strategy used by Valorant players on both offensive and defensive sides to gain an advantage. Here's a simple guide on how to execute it effectively:

  1. Initially, to gather momentum, hold down the W key. This is the first step in building up the speed necessary for a successful bunny hop.

  2. As you start to hop, point your mouse in the direction you wish to go while pressing either the A or D key. This action helps in steering your movement mid-air.

  3. Finally, as you're about to touch the ground, jump again. This time, press the opposite movement key (or any other desired direction) while continuing to hold down the W key. This repeated jumping, and directional change is the essence of bunny hopping and helps maintain momentum and speed.

gather momentum valorant bunny hop

a and d valorant bunny hop

bunny hop jumping balorant

When to jump again after touching the ground is the secret to bunny hopping in Valorant. Many players use the default space key or space bar for jumping, while others opt for the scroll wheel down. It's crucial to press the jump key precisely; a slight miss can lead to loss of speed and momentum.

When bunny hopping, it's advisable to bring out one of your Valorant knives, as moving faster is possible with it rather than holding a gun

Raze Bunny Hop

Benefits of Bunny Hop in Valorant

Bunny hopping in Valorant offers several benefits:

  • Tricking the enemy team's crosshair placement is one of the key advantages. By bunny hopping, you move unpredictably, making it harder for enemies to target you with their head-level crosshair placement. This is simply OP sometimes, and can also be achieved through counter-strafing.
  • Reducing damage from abilities like Brimstone's or KAY/O's molotovs is another benefit. Bunny hopping allows you to move through these areas more quickly, potentially saving health points.
  • Reloading in tough situations can be less risky with bunny hopping. In the middle of a gunfight, it can help you dodge enemy fire and throw off their aim while you reload.
  • Bunny hopping is also useful for quickly checking angles without overexposing yourself. It also aids in gathering information about the enemy's position on the map. Combine bunny hopping with a movement technique called Jiggle Peak and enjoy your stay at a Radiant rank!
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