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How to Bunny Hop in Valorant

Bunny Hopping in Valorant can be beneficial on some situations, here's how to do it!
How to Bunny Hop in Valorant

Tons of games that deal with a lot of movement, such as Apex Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, are the most prevalent users of bunny hopping. The key to bunny hopping is building up speed and employing air strafing to move from one place to another. Call of Duty and some FPS genre games intentionally discourage it. On the contrary, bunny hopping in Valorant can be beneficial.

How to Bunny Hop

Valorant players utilize bunny hops as a strategy both on offensive and defensive sides. Here's how to do it!

  1. Until you gather momentum, hold down the W key.
    bhop 1
  2. Then hop and point your mouse in that direction while pressing A or D.
    bhop 2
  3. Jump once more as you begin to touch the ground, pressing the opposite movement key (or any desired direction) while holding down the W key.

When to jump again after touching the ground is the secret to bunny hopping in Valorant. Other players use the default space key or space bar as their jump button, and some of them use the scroll wheel down. You must press the jump key precisely because if you miss it by a fraction of an inch, you'll lose speed and momentum.

You would want to bring out your melee when bunny hopping as you will move faster with it rather than holding a gun.

Which Agent is the Best to Use For the Bunny Hop in Valorant?

Any agent can bunny hop; however, one agent specializes in it more than the rest. In this case, we are talking about Raze!

When bunny hopping, Raze's Blast Packs come in handy a lot. However, you should practice a lot before attempting to Bunny Hop with Raze. Maintaining the proper momentum after using your Blast Packs ability and landing on the ground can be challenging. When trying bunny hop, you also must keep your crosshair placement in mind.

raze bhop

Benefits of Bunny Hop in Valorant

In Valorant, the momentum you acquire from bunny hopping on the spot barely merits a remark. But in some circumstances, it could be important to utilize this movement.

You Can Trick the Enemy Team's Crosshair Placement

BHopping in the game may trick the enemy team and mess with their crosshair placement. As you move around jumping, their head-level crosshair placement is no use against you.

You Can Lessen Molly Damage

BHopping can spare some of your health points as you can jump faster through the molly's of some agents such as Brimstone or KAY/O.

brim molly

Reloading in Unfortunate Situations

We cannot avoid situations that require us to reload our guns in the middle of a gunfight. BHopping in this position could help spare your life as you confuse the enemy and throw off their crosshair placement while reloading your gun.

reload valo


BHopping can also help you check angles quickly without sacrificing yourself to over-peek. It can also help you get information from the enemy team, like their position on the map.

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