Best Fade lineups on Split | Haunt | Seize

Split is a great map for Fade due to the Verticality. Here you can find all the best Fade lineups for Split you will need to know!

best fade lineups split valorant
best fade lineups split valorant

On Split, Fade can take advantage of the verticality and being designed around controlling the middle of the map, the new Initiator can use this by learning lineups for Mid and controlling A and B Site subsequently from these! The spike sites are also quite small so getting vision with your Haunt and tethering enemies with her Seize is easy!

Best Attacking/Post Plant Fade Lineups

Attacking A Site Fade lineups

A site Attacking Haunt Watching A Site and A Heaven from A Lobby

The first lineup of our Fade Split lineup guide is a Haunt you can use at the beginning of a round to reveal camping enemy agents on A Site. Stand against the corner of this wall in A Lobby. You will also be able to reveal enemies in part of A Screens and A Hell as well!

You want to aim into the corner of these walls connecting and up to the dark grey border. Anywhere on this corner is fine, so do not worry if you are not exact every single time! You also want to make sure to jumpshot the Haunt. The main thing is getting this Haunt lineup off before your team push!

The lineup will land right on the corner of the building, giving you vision of almost everywhere around A Site that enemies could be lurking! You can use this to distract enemies whilst your team push A Ramps!

A site Attacking Haunt Watching A Site and A Back from A Lobby

The next A Site Haunt lineup is from the same area, being A Lobby, but this time you want to stand at the top of the stairs leading into A Main from A Lobby! This is a very good lineup as it means you can switch up which Haunt you throw to keep the enemy team guessing!

Aiming at the right of the billboard, preferably in the white square (roughly the middle of the billboard) then run, jump and throw! A good tip for timing is to throw the Haunt when your crosshair is in the middle of the brown panel above.

The Haunt will land directly on the box in the middle of A Site. Do not expect this Haunt to last long, but you will Reveal enemies all over A Site, in A Back, in A Heaven and A Hell. If you can gather this intel for your team, you may be able to figure out if you need to rotate or hard push onto A Site!

Attacking B Site Fade lineups

B site Haunt watching B Tower from Mid Top

As we said, Split is controlled through the middle of the map, so it makes sense to have a lineup that has Fade in Mid! Stand on the raised platform next to the box in Mid Top and aim into Mid Mail. Be careful of enemies peeking you from Mid Vent though so clear it first!

This is arguably the easiest lineup in this guide, with you just having to aim at the right hand side of the wall, about two thirds of the way up. The Haunt will bounce off the wall and land in B Tower.

Most Fade Haunt lineups are crazy roof throws, but this is simple. Just bounce it off of the wall and it will land in B Tower and spot anyone up there! There is no need to overcomplicate spotting enemies in a roofed area!

B site Haunt watching B Tower and B Rafters

Haunt on B Site is a very good utility tool, especially as Fade can take advantage of the verticality of the surrounding areas with it! You want to stand anywhere behind this metal sheet by the boxes in B Lobby.

You then need to aim at the left side of the satellite dish, about halfway up the dish itself. This lineup is incredible as it will force enemies, even holding B Tower, to move their crosshairs to shoot it. When you throw, make sure to run forward, but throw before you hit the metal sheets!

It will Reveal any enemy agents in the aforementioned places very reliably, giving you incredible intel! We recommend actually hanging back and using this lineup, meaning that if your team can secure B Main and clear out B Back, you can throw the lineup and find all the other enemy agents on B Site!

Split is a very good map for learning lineups, especially due to the tight areas and tall surroundings. We have in depth Split lineup guides for a bunch of other agents too:

Best Defending/Retake Fade Lineups

Defending/Retake A Site Fade lineups

A site Defending Haunt Lineup Watching A Main and A Lobby from A Ramps

Once again, this lineup is one designed for the beginning of a round, stand just below the top of the middle panel on the ramp leading up to A Heaven and create a small gap between the walls to aim through.

As you can see, there is a tiny gap, meaning you are very safe when throwing this Haunt. Aim your crosshair to the lowest left corner of the wooden decor on the right hand wall of A Ramps. 

The Haunt will land on a wall by A Lobby and will give you vision over both A Lobby and A Main. This means you can tell if the enemy team is pushing A Site through A Main, without having to peek and risk your life!

A site Defending Haunt Lineup Watching A Main and A Lobby from A Site

If you have picked up a more defensive position on A Site, you can also use your Haunt on the same areas as the previous lineup. Stand at the top of the stairs leading to A Site, against the wall.

You want to place your crosshair at the top right corner of the smaller grey panel on the wall infront of you once you turn around and jump throw the Haunt.

As you can see, the lineup watches the same areas of A Main and A Lobby, it can also be used to scope out A Ramps, but if you want to see enemies lurking there, chances are you shouldn’t be exposing yourself from A Site!

Defending/Retake B Site Fade lineups

B site Defending Seize Tethering A Back or A Site

This is not just one Seize lineup, but two! As these are relatively simple lineups, we decided to double the amount you get. Stand in A Heaven and make sure you are not exposed from the right. You can aim into a small gap to get the Seize to bounce off the back wall and into A Back if you want to force enemies out of that angle.

Alternatively, you can take a step to your left and throw the Seize just above the plant pot on the box on A Site and tether enemies on the actual A Spike Site itself. This is best used if you know where the enemy team are planting and if it is in this spot, the tether will stop the plant!

The first lineup is a lot safer than the second, as you barely have to expose yourself to enemy agents lurking in B Back, but only forces enemies around the corner onto A Site. The Second lineup is far more effective, especially if enemy agents are planting behind the massie pillar in which B Back encompasses.

B site Defending Haunt Watching B Main from B Rafters

For the final lineup of this guide, we have a B Site defensive lineup from B Rafters. First you obviously want to stand on B Rafters, stand in line with the wall to your left. This lineup is a running jump throw and will go through a small gap so be prepared to practice!

Directly infront of you are two green signs with what looks to be deer on the front. Aim into the middle and to the left, there is a sky blue triangle which you can aim at to make it easier if you are struggling! Make sure to run forward a step then jump and throw!

If aimed correctly, the Haunt will land on the box in B Lobby, just before the entrance to B Main. If you use this lineup at the beginning of the round, you will see if any enemy agents are pushing B Site through B Main!

That will do us for Fade Split lineups, we hope you learnt some more interesting lineups and if you want to learn Fade lineups for all of the other maps in Valorant we have those too: