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How To Ping a Location in Valorant

Want to know how to mark a location in Valorant? Know more about using the ping system in the game!

Published on Nov 14, 2022
How To Ping a Location in Valorant

Team communication is crucial in games such as Valorant. Having to communicate with your teammates may heighten your chances of winning a match. Other than in-game communication, such as utilizing the chat box and voice chat, using the ping system in Valorant can also be of help.

What is a Ping System?

The in-game pings helps assist in highlighting the enemy's location. This enables you to mark and warn your teammates to take caution. You can modify the commands using the Ping key to request assistance or other actions. Pings can also hit two birds with one stone, while its major objective is facilitating communication and providing players with alternatives to the chat or voice feature.

ping valorant

The Different Ways to Ping a Location in Valorant

Using the Z key

To ping enemies, you can press the Z key when looking at their direction, which is the default keybinding used to ping. Valorant is quite smart about adding this feature, as it really helps in in-game communication. Furthermore, by holding the key or ping button, a radial menu called a ping wheel will pop up and show you various strategic pings.

Other pings found in the ping wheel include:

  • Caution sign: Caution
  • Eye icon: Watching area
  • Clock icon: On my mark
  • Flag icon: Need support
ping wheel

Although this is the common way of pinging enemies and marking locations in the game, what if you're dead? Luckily, Riot Games have added a feature for pinging even though you're dead.

Using the Map Feature

The map feature could help you and your teammates win the round! These tactics are usually used when marking a location or pinging in defend sites wherein the spike was smoked. You could ping the spike, and the remaining teammates will shoot through it and kill the enemies.

  1. Hold Caps Lock (default button) to open the in-game map
  2. Move your cursor, then left-click on the location you want to mark.
map ping

Although it may seem insignificant at first, once you get used to it, you'll notice that your strategy and overall effectiveness improve. Even while it might not be by much, utilizing pings will show you and your team how to have the upper hand and, perhaps, lead you to victory.

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