Valorant Spray Patterns: The Complete Weapons Guide

Here you will learn everything you need to know about weapon recoil and spray patterns in Valorant!

Updated on Aug 24, 2023
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Valorant Spray Patterns: The Complete Weapons Guide

Every game has its techniques to master. Be it Genshin Impact, Elden Ring, and especially gun control in FPS games, such as CS2 (CSGO) and Riot Games’ Valorant. Although Valorant relies on its best agents' abilities, gun control and spray patterns play the bigger role.

Some players have a hard time handling recoil control with accuracy. But don’t worry, here you will learn the essential weapon spray patterns and weapon recoil you need to know in Valorant!

Valorant Phantom: Spray Pattern and Weapon Recoil

The first weapon we are going to take a look at is the Phantom. The Phantom is perfect for close range battles, as it bursts out a lot more bullets in a short amount of time. Although it lacks in long-rage battles, as its headshot bullet can deal 140 damage. The Phantom’s spray and recoil pattern are easy to get a hold of. All you have to do is move your gun downwards, and when you approach the 10th bullet, go to the left, then right.


Since it is harder to get a hold of the weapon recoil once you reach the 10th bullet, it is recommended you peak, short spray the Phantom while dragging it down, and go back to cover.

Valorant Vandal: Spray Pattern and Weapon Recoil

The Vandal has always been beloved as the 1 headshot kill of a weapon. But controlling the spray pattern and holding recoil control with the Vandal is harder than the Phantom, but it is more rewarding. To be more accurate, you want to move your Vandal downwards as you’re shooting, then start moving it slightly to the left and a tad bit to the right once you reach that 10th bullet.


Because of how the Vandal’s weapon recoil and accuracy behave, it is recommended you always aim for the head and defeat the enemy player with a headshot within the first 10-15 bullets, instead of focusing on a body shot.

Valorant Spectre: Spray Pattern and Weapon Recoil

The king of holding a recoil pattern and spray control is the Spectre. Holding the weapon recoil and spray pattern is easy, as all you have to do is smoothly aim downwards as you shoot with your Spectre. And if you find in that special case situation where you didn’t get the kill within the first 10-20 bullets, after your weapon starts losing accuracy quickly switch between left and right until you run out of bullets.


Like the Vandal, you should practice hitting heads with the Spectre. This is because the Spectre dominates within 2-3 headshots in close range Valorant combat.

Valorant Ares: Spray Pattern and Weapon Recoil

Now comes one of the trickiest Valorant spray patterns you will find: the Ares. With the Ares, your goal is to crouch and camp places until the enemy appears out of that corner. This is because the Ares is much more accurate when you crouch. The spray pattern somewhat resembles a tornado: as you shoot with the Ares, move your cursor a bit down, then left, then right, then down again, and repeat.


Valorant Odin: Spray Pattern and Weapon Recoil

Like his little sibling, the Odin spray pattern is also a bit tricky, but more manageable. While you shoot with the Odin, you drag it a bit down, then to the left, then to the right, downwards again, and repeat. But if you are unfortunate enough to not kill the enemy after around 30 bullets, you have to be more careful with the Odin weapon recoil control and move it more downwards, left and right more rapidly.


Valorant Bulldog: Spray Pattern and Weapon Recoil

Never underestimate the Bulldog. Although it has one of the worst spray patterns and weapon recoil out of all Valorant weapons, the Bulldog’s power lies within the short bullet bursts on right-click. But if you want to practice the Bulldog’s recoil and spray pattern, you should be fast and aim downwards, to the left, and the right. But be careful, since hitting the right timing for accuracy is hard with the Bulldog.


Valorant Stinger: Spray Pattern and Weapon Recoil

If you thought the Bulldog was hard to handle, you forgot the Stinger! What you want to do with the Stinger’s spray pattern and recoil is to shoot fast and move it downwards in close range battle. Though in long range, just stay away from the Stinger. You could move it downwards, then smoothly to the left and right, but you won’t find much success.


Valorant Frenzy: Spray Pattern and Weapon Recoil

Last but not least comes the economy spray Frenzy. Like the Stinger, you should focus your Frenzy on close range combat. Since the bullets run out so fast, your spray and recoil pattern should be moving the Frenzy downwards fast, and a tad bit to the left. Though if you find yourself in long range combat, keep yourself behind cover and spray the Frenzy downwards fast and hide.


Did you learn anything to become like Shroud with Valorants weapons? If so, dominating the game should be an easy feat for you. That is why you should combine your weapon skills with the easiest Valorant agents and start top fragging fast!

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