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Valorant Error Code 49: How to Fix it

Fix Error Code 49 Valorant: The Reason behind it and Solutions to Fix it
Valorant Error Code 49: How to Fix it

Bugs and errors have been around forever within games, such as Genshin Impact. They are an annoyance to deal with as they do not allow the player to play the game freely and properly use the skill information they have acquired throughout time. The Valorant game from Riot Games is not any different as it shows the bugs and errors in error codes.

One of those error codes is the Valorant Error Code 49. If you have encountered this error code, do not worry as here you will learn why you are getting it and how to fix Error Code 49 Valorant.

Valorant Error Code 49

The Reason behind Valorant Error Code 49

Depending on the situation, the Valorant Error Code 49 can either be easily fixed, or it can require more hardcore troubleshooting for the average player. This is because one reason might be due to the chat not loading up properly in the Valorant game or the party system. Even Riot Games on their official support site banner state the Valorant Error Code 49 appears because “Chat did not initialize”.

The Riot Client may also play a role in the Valorant Error Code 49. If you made a faulty start of the Riot Client, that can follow up on the in-game chat or the Riot Client chat not being properly loaded up within the Valorant game and the game client.

Another reason for the appearance of Valorant Error Code 49 is due to more ingrained problems in the installation of the Valorant game. The Valorant game itself may have endured damages for the player, probably after an update.

Knowing why you are getting the error code, next up you will learn how to fix the Valorant Error Code 49.

How to Fix Valorant Error Code 49

Restart the Riot Client

The first solution that you can try out, and even Riot Games recommends, is to restart the Riot Client. The Riot Client has been known to cause a lot of problems and error codes such as Valorant Error Code 49. You could just simply exit the Riot Client and open it back up again, but that does not fully restart the Riot Client.

To restart Valorant and the Riot Client fully, firstly you will have to open up the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Select the Processes tab above and search for the Riot Client. Once you locate the Riot Client, select it and click on End task to close off the Riot Client process. You can also end other Valorant related processes that run with the game client in the background and end them too. 

Valorant Riot Client End Task

This should have hopefully resolved your Valorant Error Code 49, so you can open up the game client and start Valorant again. But if not, then follow up because the Valorant Error Code 49 may require more comprehensive measures.

Check your System Specifications

If your PC does not fully meet the system requirements that Valorant asks of, then that might cause the Valorant Error Code 49 to appear. To check if your system specifications meet the Valorant game requirements, you will firstly go to the Search bar below, search for This PC, right-click it and select Properties. Here you will compare your specifications to the Valorant requirements, which are on the image below. Although to check your graphics card too, you will go to the Search bar, search for Device Manager and open it. Find the option Display adapters and click on the arrow to see your graphics card.

Valorant System Requirements

If your system specifications meet the Valorant requirements, there are 2 options you can choose from: upgrade your PC or follow up on the other solutions below.

Reinstall Valorant

When it comes to fixing error codes, reinstalling Valorant is one of the most popular solutions for any error code for the average player. The game has been known to endure problems and damages during faulty installation from the beginning, or faulty installation of a new update that the Valorant game presents. 

To fully uninstall Valorant, firstly you will make sure to close off the game client and all Valorant related content through the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc). You should also check the System Tray by clicking on the arrow down in the right corner of the Windows Taskbar. If you notice the Riot Vanguard or the Riot Client in the System Tray, right-click them and close them off.

Next, you will uninstall Vanguard. To do this, go to the Search bar below, type Command Prompt, right-click it and run it as an administrator. Here you will type in these commands one by one:”sc delete vgc”, hit enter, and “sc delete vgk”, hit enter. Next, you must restart your PC. After restarting your PC, go to “C:\Program Files\” and delete the whole Vanguard folder.

Riot Vanguard Delete

When you fully uninstall Vanguard, go to the Search bar and find Apps & features. Locate Valorant and uninstall it. After uninstalling it, go to the official Riot Games site and download the Valorant game again. Be absolutely sure you are installing Valorant from official Riot Games sources as to not get scammed for your account and Riot ID.

Uninstall Valorant

You can only uninstall Valorant from the Apps & features without uninstalling Vanguard, but this way increases the chances of fixing the Valorant Error Code 49.

If reinstalling the Valorant game still has not fixed the Valorant Error Code 49, then the final solution you can try is to

Contact Riot Support

Each and every game has a team of professionals who lookout to help each and every player with bugs and errors, most commonly on a support site. The Riot Support team is excellent and the player base of Valorant has been very happy with the help the support site with the team provides. You can send a request on the support site for your Valorant Error Code 49 here.

Be it problems with the closed beta, session service, connection error,  a platform issue, or platform downtime, bugs and error codes are here to stay. If you’ve encountered the Valorant Error Code 50, you can check it out here. You can ask for help on Reddit for error codes too, or you can check the latest news and solutions for error codes on the Valorant Error Code Hub.

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