All Valorant Agent Classes explained

Valorant was made to differ from previous games in the FPS genre, and Riot Games managed to accomplish that through the design of the agents and their classes.

Updated on Mar 10, 2024
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All Valorant Agent Classes explained

Unlike other FPS games, Valorant is balanced around not just the maps and weapons, but also through agent adjustments. Because every agent offers something unique to their team and interacts differently with each map, team composition is a major factor in deciding the outcome. In this article we will be taking a look at how all classes are designed to function, their role as a part of the team and what are their win conditions.


The duelist class consists of self-sufficient fraggers, agents who are able through their abilities to enter and clear out dangerous territory. Their role is to create the opening pick with the help and utility of the rest of the roles.

A good duelist should be willing to make the primary engagement, seek out frags on the enemies and try to clear the area for the rest of his team. Jett,Raze and Neon have mobility in their kit that enables them to make explosive entrances, while the rest of the class has flashes that enables them to clear angles and contest defenders.

raze bind

Most of them also have abilities that can help them dish out a lot of damage, apart from Yoru, who is the master of deception.

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The role of the Controller class is to create an environment in which his team can succeed. Being able to take control over an area by any means. That’s mainly done by providing smoke coverage, which is crucial for blocking sightlines.

Mollys also help with that but crucially, all Controllers also have abilities that enhance their team or limit the opposing team. Think of Brimstone’s Stim Beacon, Viper’s Decay, Omen’s blind and Astra’s stun and vulnerability. Their ultimates are also very impactful, being able to clear out an area, create an advantage for their team and do everything they can to tilt the odds in their team's favor.

Their abilities have insane value in post plant situations, either by delaying the defuse or creating favorable fights for their team.

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While Controllers take control over an area, the main role of the Initiators is to create favorable fights. These characters use their ability to stun, reveal, and disarm among others, to create more favorable fights for the duelists that are going in.

Sova is the king of information gathering, while Skye, K/AYO and Fade are also decent at it, with one or more spells serving that purpose. Almost all of them have flashes and other damaging abilities to help them complement the entry fraggers.

Their ultimates are game changers in the true sense of the word . They focus on disabling the opposing team, wherever it’s their utility, movement or giving away their location. 

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Sentinels are the dedicated defensive experts, whose role is to make defender rounds easier for their team. Their entire utility is designed and focuses on locking down dangerous territory, which the enemy team duelists will try to advance through.

Sage Bind

Apart from holding the line on defense, not a lot is expected of them on the offensive side. These agents are usually dedicated to watching flanks by using their utility or their positioning. Their utility can be easily destroyed, either by shooting or by the Initiators, so a huge part of playing this role are the lineups and setups.

Killjoy nanoswars for b lane

Their ultimates usually focus on helping the rest of your team, unless you’re Chamber. Why bother helping your team when you can take out the opponents on your own?

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Building the perfect team comp

Depending on the map you’re playing on , your team will have different needs. Some agents also fare better on some maps than others because that’s how their abilities work. On larger maps you will barely get any value of Brimstone’s, Killjoy’s, Breach’s and Reyna’s utility.

Split is probably Sova’s worst map because it’s so compact and there’s barely any lineups, but Raze players love it. So what should you be looking for when you enter agent select? 

Smokes are a must

First of all let’s get the elephant out of the room. Having a Controller is a must on any map, for multiple reasons. Good luck trying to enter a site and plant without smokes on big maps like Breeze, Ascent and Icebox.

If the Operator players don’t take you down, the crossfires will. Likewise, playing flash agents on big maps is setting yourself up for failure. Even if you flash the guy 50 meters away, you won’t get much value out of it. 

Mobility is overpowered

On the other hand your team should always have at least one agent that has mobility and can create chaos. Jett has been a mainstay in the meta because her kit lets her fill multiple roles at once.

If you’re not good at her, feel free to pick Raze and Yoru on smaller maps like Split and Bind, but make sure to insta lock Neon on Fracture or Breeze. Trust me it’s overpowered in lower ranks because nobody expects a flank that fast on a map that big. 

Sniper users

There should be at least one agent on your team that is suited to handle the Operator, and right now only Jett and Chamber do that efficiently. Chamber, just like Cypher and Killjoy, relies on his abilities being active and available to provide value.

So even though they excel on smaller maps, you can use K/AYO to completely counter them. If not, you can’t go wrong using any Initiator. Skye, Breach and Fade have so much power in their kit but mastering it might be harder than expected. 

Rounding up the team

Stay away from Astra, because she’s one of the hardest agents to master, while being subjected to massive nerfs due to her pro play viability.

Sage is amazing on maps with choke points like Icebox, Bind and Split among others, where her wall and slow orbs get the most value. Reyna is your prototypical ranked stomper agent, but just like Phoenix it’s hard for her to get a lot of value if you are not winning your aim duels. 

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