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Valorant Breeze Lore: The Story Behind the Map

The Valorant Breeze lore and story for the map explained: KAY/O's teleporter, Chamber deal with Thurston Wolf, and more.

Published on Dec 05, 2022
Valorant Breeze Lore: The Story Behind the Map

Nobody expected that ever since the release of Valorant, Riot Games would add a story to every aspect of the game, including all of the maps. And one map's story in particular has piqued the interest of many with all the details it holds, which is Breeze!

There are a lot of details on Breeze that not only hold lore value for the map but for some of the agents as well. So stick around as here we'll see all the details explaining the Breeze lore - Valorant!

Where is Valorant Breeze Located in Real Life?

The Breeze map holds one of the weirdest locations from the other maps, as it's located in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle in the North Atlantic Ocean. This means that Breeze is technically an island. We know the location because of the coordinates of Breeze being shown on its loading screen, which are "26°11'06" N 71°10'31" W".

Valorant Breeze Real Life Location Loading Screen

Even though Breeze is in the Bermuda Triangle, its gameplay behaves much like Riot Games' other maps. There's a big and long A-Site and a shorter B-Site with an extensive Middle section.

There's also the mechanism with the metal doors controlled much like in Ascent. So this map layout with Mid-Wood Doors and B-Tunnel that lead onto both sites creates excellent strategies which must involve the best Breeze agents!

Now knowing more about Breeze's location and map layout, it's time to jump into the Breeze map lore and story!

What is the Valorant Breeze Lore and Story?

We'll start with Breeze's story timeline-wise as the story spaces from way back in the past to the future. When you explore the map, you could notice the buildings' architecture is old like a castle with murals. That's because the Breeze map is a history-rich location spanning multiple generations. You can even notice canons besides the old castle which were probably meant to protect the people living on Breeze from outside forces.

Valorant Breeze History Castle Cannons

Afterward, there are a lot of murals in fixed random spots, mostly on B-Site depicting the place's history. Most of them have the resource Radianite, for which you can find out more in the main Valorant story. And wherever there's Radianite, you'll find the Kingdom corporation. In short, they've managed to ravage every Valorant map dry out of Radianite with their evil intentions while destroying lots of cultural values around their designated areas.

Valorant Breeze Murals

The Kingdom corporation took over the tropical paradise that's Breeze to mine, test, and store Radianite because of how rich the map is with the resource. The grounded Radianite can be specially noticed on the adjusted curved wall in A-Cave. Because of these rich grounds, a mining business was created here for the extraction of Radianite.

Valorant Cave Radianite

But it seems that Kingdom lost control over the place, as a big cargo ship could be noticed in the A-Back Site. This cargo ship is known as the Kingdom Meridian, which was mostly used for the transport of Radianite. But it seems it was crashed and thrashed in half with the remaining cargo, as you could see below. Probably when the KMD Meridian crashed, Kingdom lost control and abandoned the place.

Valorant Breeze Kingdom Kargo Ship

The reason why the KMD Meridian got crashed is unknown. But a suspicious portal could be noticed atop it, and from the Valorant story and Pearl's lore, we know they're important for travel between universes. The thing here though is that the portal was used by a fellow agent to enter Valorant's universe, and the deal for the portal to come to Breeze was arranged by another agent.

Valorant Breeze Lore Story: Chamber, KAY/O, Thursten Wolf

Around the same area where we saw the cave Radianite in A-Shop, there's a map explaining the Radianite mining operation. On this map, the name Thursten Wolf can be seen. It seems that he was the head of this operation for Kingdom overtaking the map Breeze.

Another thing we can notice outside the boundaries of the map Breeze is a big destroyed mansion, which is labeled to be Thursten Wolf's mansion. But from the first mural of the ones we saw above, you can see a bolt of lightning hitting the mansion, which is why it's thrashed beside Kingdom leaving Breeze. The source of this lightning is still a mystery, though some say it's the same one as in Neon's lore!

Valorant Thursten Wolf Mansion Mining Map

Continuing onward, Thursten Wolf seems to have made a deal for a portal to be transferred into Breeze through the KMD Meridian. And this deal was made with none other than Chamber!  The deal can be noticed being made in Chamber's contract player card, with Chamber probably shaking hands with Thursten Wolf. You can also see the portal high up on the cargo ship of A-site. Though the portal didn't serve its original purpose, as stated in this Chamber voice line:

"Be careful near the ship, that portal does not work as intended. Such a bad investment..."
Valorant Breeze Portal Chamber Thursten Wolf

But that doesn't mean that the portal didn't serve another purpose. That's because this portal was used by KAY/O to travel into our universe! You can notice from the image above the sign that says "Arrival Imminent" with a knife stuck to the crate right above it. That's before KAY/O got released in the game, and after he was released the knife and sign got changed indicating KAY/O's arrival.

And that's everything we know so far about the lore and story behind the Valorant map Breeze. Though the portal and the cargo ship's wrecking do have a role in Kingdom retreating from the premises, the concrete reason is yet to be found. The NPC character created by Riot Games Thurston Wolf still has some explaining to do, so until we get more info, stay tuned on the TheGlobalGaming YouTube channel for more Valorant lore and story content!

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