Best Yoru Fakeout | Blindside | Gatecrash | Ultimate Lineups on Bind

Ever since Yoru’s rework, the agent became a lot stronger on all maps, including Bind. Let’s check out some Yoru lineups on Bind.
Best Yoru Fakeout | Blindside | Gatecrash | Ultimate Lineups on Bind

A lot of agents that Riot Games gave us with their abilities include setups and lineups for all maps. How you use these lineups will determine if you win a game. The best part about lineups is you can win fights without aim. Even Duelists have good lineups!

One duelist we’ll check out here is Yoru. He has good teleport lineups, and special flash uses for a lot of maps, including Bind. So let’s check out the best Yoru teleport lineups Bind Valorant!

Best Attacking Yoru Lineups for Bind

Attacking A-site Yoru Lineups

A-Showers to Defender Spawn Gatecrash Lineup

One Gatecrash you can utilize from A-Showers is to get into the enemy spawn alley to A-site. It’s a very sensitive Valorant Yoru teleport, so first stand at the center of the specific square.

Atop the wall, you’ll notice little pillars. Aim at the corner of the last pillar, and shoot your teleport.

This lineup will catch any opponents lurking at back-site surprised, giving you a perfect opportunity for a free kill.

A-Short to On-Site under A-Heaven Gatecrash Lineup

If you don’t want to place the previous Yoru teleport on the same spot over and over, you can go from A-Main (short) to back-site. Stand on the corner to the right on the boxes after A-Short where the barrier drops.

Then aim in between the specific dots on the line as shown below.

Shoot your teleport, and it’ll lead you right under Heaven. The best part about this Yoru teleport lineup is that it perfectly functions as a fake one to deceit the enemies into ruining their orientation.

A-Lamps U-Haul and On-site Flash from A-Short

A lot of enemies tend to camp at A-Lamps and the boxes at the Default plant. You can flash those enemies from A-Main by aiming and shooting at the A-Lamps wall a bit closer to the teleporter.

This is a perfect Valorant Yoru flash simply because it won’t flash you or your teammates.

A-site Flash from A-Showers

If you’re advancing from A-Showers though, you can bounce your flash right off the wall shown below.

Not only will you blind the enemies on-site, but this Yoru flash is also perfect to distract any Operator wielding agents on A-Tower.

Attacking B-site Yoru Lineups

B-Long to B-Hall Gatecrash Lineup

Like previously, you can also get into the back lines of the enemies at B-Hall from B-Long. Stand at the corner of the outdrawn wall right at the beginning of B-Long.

Point your mouse upwards, and you’ll see 4 separate panels. Aim in the middle of the last panel, and place your Gatecrash.

This will land you right into the back defense of your opponents. But be aware, as you can get instantly killed by opponents rotating from A-site.

B-site and B-Elbow Flash from B-Window

If you’re trying to enter the planting spot from B-Window, then this flash is for you. Stand at the left corner right next to the window. Then shoot your flash into the opposite corner of the window frame as shown below.

Albeit a good flash, watch out for any lurkers into B-Garden. They won’t get flashed, which is a big risk.

B-site Flash from B-Long

When you’re at B-Long, you can flash specific locations with a simple flash lineup. Aim at the pipe above close to the teleporter, and shoot your flash.

This flash won’t catch any enemies at B-Elbow and the area in close proximity to the site. But it’ll catch enemies hiding in B-Cubby and close to that area towards the container.

Best Defending Yoru Lineups for Bind

Defending A-site Yoru Lineups

Defender Spawn to B-Hall Gatecrash Lineup

Since Riot Games didn’t give us a middle section on Bind, Yoru can instantly rotate to any side with a well-placed teleport. Before you go to your defense position on A-site, simply place a teleport at the beginning to the opposite side.

A-Short Flash from A-Lamps

As Valorant guides follow, some lineups will be better than simple placements. And this flash for defense on A-Main is overpowered. If you defend from A-Lamps, aim at the vent shown below and throw your flash.

If the enemy team is too close to the portal though, the flash won’t be as effective.

A-Showers Entrance Flash

Another defense Yoru flash lineup you could use is for A-Showers. To do this, stand on the wooden plank at the entrance lane of the barrier.

Then point above at the corner shown below, and throw your flash. You must be precise aiming here, because the flash may bounce off wrong and ruin your whole defense.

This will catch any opponents trying to enter A-Showers. It’ll also flash them if they’re aligned overwatching the door from away.

A-site Teleporter Fakeout Trick

A simple trick you can do with Yoru is to use your Fakeout on the teleporters. You can do it while attacking, but it’s most effective when defending.

You can place your Fakeout with a right-click near the teleporter, and when the time for tricks comes simply activate it.

Defending B-site Yoru Lineups

Defender Spawn to A-Tower Gatecrash Lineup

You can do the same instant rotate Yoru teleport we saw before to cross over the entire map. At the beginning of the buying phase, place your teleport towards A-Tower and head to B-site for defense.

If you notice the enemies are pushing on the other side, simply teleport. Keep track of the teleport timer though as it may run out.

B-Short Flash from B-Window

Although staying at the planting spot for defense is a safe strategy, you can also surprise the enemies from the B-Window barrier. Once the barrier drops, you can throw a flash at the tower on the left as shown below.

Albeit a noticeable flash, it’s unexpected and that’s why the lineup works really well. And most of the time the flash will hit the tower, so there’s no precise aiming here.

B-Long Flash from B-Garden

If any opponents are advancing through B-Long, you can catch them with a similar Yoru flash as the previous one. Aim above and you’ll notice the vent we used for a previous lineup. Throw and bounce the flash of the vent, and you’ll blind the players from B-Long.

This is also a flash that doesn’t require intensive aiming. A simple bounce off the vent does the job perfectly.

B-site Teleporter Fakeout Trick

You can do the same Fakeout mislead we saw previously on B-site’s teleporter. But here you’ll place the Fakeout right when the barriers drop since you don’t have time for waiting to get caught in the crossfire.

If you want to pull tricks on your opponents, just activate the Fakeout from anywhere on the map. And what’s better about this Fakeout than the previous one is that it can also deceive enemies coming from B-Long.

Although Yoru was released after Bind in the game, it seems like Riot Games made him work too well on the map. And with Valorant guides such as this one, you’ll be set to start winning with Yoru lineups on Bind! Though if you want to become a professional on Bind, you should definitely check out the map Bind guide and callouts.