Best Cypher Trapwire | Cybercage | Spycam | Ultimate lineups on Pearl

A complete guide to the best Cypher setups for Pearl in Valorant.
Best Cypher Trapwire | Cybercage | Spycam | Ultimate lineups on Pearl

Every Valorant agent has their way of gameplay and playstyle someone must follow to win games. One agent that’s different out of all the others, even including Sentinel agents, is Cypher.

Cypher’s an information-based agent and his abilities exist to locate and confuse the enemy team. Knowing how to place his traps can be crucial towards winning on all maps, including Cypher setups on Pearl. So here we’ll check out the best Cypher setups Pearl Valorant!

Best Defending / Retake Cypher Setups on Pearl

Defending A-site Cypher Setups

A-site Cameras

Best A-site Camera

To place the best camera out of all Cypher setups on A-site, you’ll have to climb onto the middle Perola Cafe building. To do that, use the little wall right beside it. Run along the wall, jump and instantly rotate to the right at the same time.

Afterwards, aim at the balcony behind A-site towards A-Flowers, and place Cypher’s camera.

This Cypher Pearl setup with the camera will get you a great view of the site, and it’s a bit hidden making it harder for enemies to notice it.

A-site Building Camera

You can use a lot of cameras from the Perola Cafe building which you’ve learned how to climb above. One is on the roof of the building behind Perola Cafe. Place Cypher’s camera on the roof like below.

The closer the enemies are to the site, the harder it’ll be for them to notice the camera. But if they’re at A-Main of Pearl’s map layout, they’ll likely be aiming high and see the camera.

A-site Cages

A-site One-way Cage

If you’re defending from the back-site, then this cage is for you. First, stand at the edge of the wall towards A-Flowers.

Then aim high above until you see a little wooden shelf. Place your crosshair at the upper end of the shelf in the centre of it, and throw your cage.

Once enemies start to enter the site from A-Main, use your cage and crouch from the back-site and you’ll see the enemies while they won’t see you.

A-Link One-way Cage

From these Pearl Cypher setups, this cage is for enemies pushing towards A-site from Mid. Stand at the left corner of the barrier at A-Main.

Align the middle of the abilities’ interface below (between the Q and E abilities) with the lower line of the edge of the A-Link wall. Now use your cage.

Albeit a good one-way cage, enemies mostly have to stand on the stairs for it to be successful. So you should combine it with a trap.

A-site Tripwires

A-site Default Plant Tripwire

To catch enemies trying to plant the spike with a trap, place one at the A-Dugout wall towards the Perola Cafe like below.

If enemies get caught on this, you can defeat them with a wall bang from A-Dugout.

A-Link Tripwire

For this trap of the best Cypher setups, aim your trap at the A-Link wall until it connects with the on-site door. Then simply place it.

You can combine the A-Link cage above. That’s why this trap and cage combo makes it one of the best Cypher setups-Pearl.

A-site Wallbang Tripwire

This is one of the hardest traps to hit, so practice it in a custom game. Aim really low at the inwards wall section of A-site like below, and use your trap.

This is also wall bangable from A-Dugout, so you can score free kills.

Defending B-site Cypher Setups

B-site Cameras

Best B-site Camera

For this camera, stand at B-Tower on the edge of its exit towards the site.

Then aim at the white building towards B-Link, and use your camera.

This camera’s position is excellent because not only can you view B-Link, but you’re also getting a little peek into B-Main.

B-site Hidden Tree Camera

At B-Screen, you can throw a Cypher camera at the trees as shown below.

You’ll get a good view into B-Ramp, and the site will be crystal clear. Some enemies may notice this camera, so be careful.

B-site Cages

B-Main One-way Cage

For this Cypher one-way cage on Pearl’s B-site, stand at the edge of the wall towards B-Main.

Then aim above at the corner of the window on B-Main’s side, and throw your cage.

It can be a great cage when combined with a trap. But it only covers enemies coming from the left side of B-Main so remember that.

B-Link One-way Cage

For this one-way, stand at the same B-Tower corner as the best camera we saw before. Then aim above B-Link’s door at the end of the second white line from below and use your cage.

This cage is best used with a trap, or from B-Hall overlooking B-Link.

B-site Tripwires

B-Main Tricky Tripwire

For this trap, aim at the corner of the eye circle on the left wall of B-Main and use your trap.

Lots of enemies hide behind this wall on the map. So if they rush onto the site, one’s bound to get caught.

B-Link Tripwire

To complement the one-way Pearl B-Link one-way cage we saw previously, we can place a Cypher trap on the generator right beside the entrance.

Although a simple trap, one end of it isn’t visible making it a bit harder to be destroyed.

Best Attacking Cypher Setups on Pearl

Attacking A-site Cypher Setups

A-site Attack A-Restaurant into A-Link Camera

When you’re on the attacker side heading to A-site, you can place a camera into the hole shown below to view into A-Link and a bit of A-Art.

You’ll also get an excellent view of A-Restaurant. This will definitely make it harder for flankers to back-stab.

A-site Attack Tripwires

A-Restaurant Flank Tripwire

Almost all Sentinel agents must use one of their traps to watch flanks. This rule applies to other maps too. With Cypher heading to A-site, you can place a trap at the narrow areas towards A-Restaurant

A-site Default Plant Spot Tripwire

If you plant the spike on A-site’s Perola Cafe Default, you can use a trap we previously saw for defending. Just aim at the A-Dugout wall, align the trap with the spike and use it.

A lot of other maps don’t have these kinds of planting traps. What makes them special is how they delay the time until the spike detonates, especially on the map Pearl.

A-site Attack A-Link and A-Flowers Cage

This cage isn’t anything hard to hit to cover A-site’s enemies from A-Link and A-Flowers at the same time. Aim high above at the general location between the Perola Cafe building and A-Link, and use your cage.

Attacking B-site Cypher Setups

B-site Attack B-Link Camera

This is the hardest Cypher Pearl setup to place out of all Cypher cameras here, and it’s best used when attacking from Mid. Stand in the middle of the uprising of the stairs on B-Link.

Then aim above at the brown building towards the site like below, and use Cypher’s camera.

Albeit a hard camera, it’s a huge payoff since you’ll get an insight into almost the whole site and the enemy team’s location.

B-site Attack Tripwires

B-Club Flank Tripwire

As we mentioned previously, a flank trap placed before the barrier when attacking is great for any map, including Pearl. And for B-site, you can use such a trap at B-Club.

B-site Attack Sneaky Tripwires
  1. To protect the map’s B-site on post-plant when attacking, you can place a trap on the left and right of B-Tower’s big pillar.

Albeit sneaky traps, they can go through B-Hall if an enemy notices them. So change their location from time to time.

B-site Attack Cages

B-Tunnel Cage

A lot of enemies tend to rotate the traditional way through B-Tunnel. So throwing in a cage there to obscure their vision or simply to trick them can be really efficient.

B-Tower Cage

B-Tower is also an important place for rotating enemies. So when you’re on-site, aim high above at B-Tower and use your cage. It’ll also cover the little area below B-Tower, so it’s a pretty solid cage.

And with that cage, we’re finished with the best Valorant Cypher setups-Pearl. You’ll reveal the enemies’ location easily, so you’ll want to learn Pearl’s callouts! You can also experiment playing with a friend who’ll use Sage to get to higher places with Sage’s walls for better camera spots. Pearl’s still a mystery, so you’ll have fun with a Sage wall or two!

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