Do You Lose More ELO For Surrendering in Valorant?

You should never surrender in Valorant, and the reason for that is that you lose a lot more ELO and RR points than any other way of losing a game.

Updated on Nov 18, 2023
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Do You Lose More ELO For Surrendering in Valorant?

The short answer is yes, surrendering in Valorant will lose you a lot more ELO than losing a full ranked game and will probably also cost you a great deal of RR points.

When a team decides to surrender, the Riot Games' competitive mode system registers this as a loss of all rounds that would have potentially been played

For example, if the match score is 7 to 5 in favor of the opponents and a surrender occurs, the server treats it as a loss of 13 to 5. This means that the player loses more ELO points, because the Valorant ranked system judges it as losing more rounds than actually took place.

Moreover, surrendering a match means depriving yourself of the opportunity to improve your own statistics, such as Average Combat Score, (ACS) and kill-to-death ratio (KDA). These metrics have a significant impact on the final settlement of ELO points after a match. Missing out on opportunities to improve these stats, even in a difficult match, can lead to greater ranking losses.

More Reasons Not To Surrender in Valorant

Losing your hidden Valorant MMR values is just one reason not to surrender. But honestly speaking, I could give you at least two more aspects that you should consider, even if you don't care about climbing Valorant ranks and being one of the best Valorant players.

  • Loss of learning opportunities. Treat every game as a chance to develop skills and adapt to difficult situations. By surrendering, you lose the opportunity to learn and improve your techniques.
  • Impact on your mindset. By regularly avoiding difficult situations, you may lack the resilience and determination that are key to reaching the top of Valorant's ranking distribution.

I assume that every game is winnable, and also VCT games often show us exactly this. So, if this can happen at the biggest tournaments, why it can't also happen in your ranked games? Even the most clearly lost game that you can imagine is winnable, keep this in mind.

Valorant Match Stats

When You Should Surrender in Valorant?

Still, I would be lying to you if I would tell you that there are no situations where you can't surrender; after all, this asson is there for a reason. 

If a match is disproportionately unbalanced, such as due to AFK or trolling players, it can be frustrating and unproductive to continue playing. However, I would still consider it as a last resort, especially since, well, the Valorant community is pretty toxic. If you don't accept the fact that you have no control over it (other than not being toxic yourself) then well, you might have a hard time climbing to the highest Valorant rank if that's your goal.

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