Valorant Queue is Disabled Fix: Complete Guide

Here we'll check out the reason behind why the Valorant Competitive queue is disabled and how to fix it.
Valorant Queue is Disabled Fix: Complete Guide

All Valorant error codes can be painful to manage and fix, especially for players with a low-end PC. Sometimes it could be a problem on your side, and sometimes it could be Riot Games' fault.

One issue that's Riot Games' fault most of the time is when the Valorant competitive queue is disabled. Even Unrated is sometimes disabled, and you can only play the rest of the game modes in Valorant. So let's see how to fix "Queue is Disabled" - Valorant!

Why is Valorant Competitive Queue Disabled?

The Valorant competitive queue, as well as Unrated, can be disabled due to various reasons such as: 

  • The game is being updated with a new Valorant patch deployment
  • The game has endured a bug, so the competitive queues are disabled 
Valorant Queue Disabled

One time there was a bug where players could disable the "Hide User Interface" option which essentially disabled the flash effect from all agents. This is where Valorant draws the line and disables the competitive queue until the development team fixes it. But how long will the queue be disabled if there's a patch deployment? And better yet: how can you fix the queue if it's a bug on your side?

How Long is Valorant Competitive Queue Disabled? 

When Valorant's queue is disabled due to new patch notes being deployed, then the game will have an exclamation mark on the top left corner. Hovering and clicking on this exclamation mark will tell you the time when the patch will be underway. Within some hours before the patch is deployed on the Valorant servers, your queue will be disabled.

The time will be shown to you in a timezone. Make sure you convert that time into the timezone you reside in to know when the queue in Valorant will be disabled. Although sometimes you won't know the exact time when the queue will be online, specifically when Valorant has endured bugs with their best skins and they're being fixed. In these circumstances, you can only wait until Riot Games comes out with a statement.

Valorant Queue Disabled Bug

All this time we've seen issues with the competitive queue when it's Valorant's fault. But sometimes your Valorant can be in the wrong, and below you can see exactly how to fix it!

How to Fix Valorant Queue is Disabled

When there's no statement from Valorant about why your queue is disabled, chances are it can also be your fault. One simple fix to resolve the disabled queue error is to restart your Valorant client. Another thing you can do to be absolutely sure the disabled queue isn't your fault is to check the Valorant servers directly! Select your account's server above and see for yourself.

Valorant Server Status Queue Disabled

And that's everything you need to know to check and fix Valorant's disabled queue. If this helped you out, make sure you visit our TheGlobalGaming YouTube channel for more Valorant content!

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