Best Brimstone Lineups on Fracture | Molly

In this article we will show you the best Brimstone lineups on the Valorant map Fracture.
Best Brimstone Lineups on Fracture | Molly

Brimstone has become an important piece of any team composition on the new map Fracture, mostly due to his synergy with Breach. Even though Viper and Astra still sometimes overshadow him as the best Controller agents in professional play, he manages to stand his ground in Ranked. Riot Games showed him some love and then nerfed him in the recent patch, but this guide should help you make the most of the American Sergeant Brim.

Best Attacking Brimstone Lineups

Attacking A Site Brimstone lineups

A open from A Drop post plant Incendiary lineup

Attackers and defenders both love playing off site because of how tight the entry point to the site are. With this lineup, you can safely prevent defuses from one of the hiding spots on A Dish.

Get in this small corner on A Drop and aim upwards at the sky. Aim a bit to the left of this second steel bar.

The lineup takes a while to land and it bounces once, so you should use it once you hear them tap the spike.

A default plant spot from A Hall post plant Incendiary lineup

If the spike is planted behind the steel box in the default plant spot, you as a Brimstone player should be holding a crossfire outside of A Main. This spot on the site is great for planting safely but very open in post plant scenarios.

Find this line on the wall in A Hall, and get as close to it as you can. Looking up, you can guide yourself using Brimstone’s index finger or the left HUD line.

Pay close attention to how it aligns with this line on the roof.

When you find your position, you need to release the lineup as you are jumping.

Because Brim’s Incendiary can bounce before exploding, he can do some unique lineups like this one that other Valorant agents can't.

A corner plant spot lineup from A Rope

If any of the opponents try to defuse the spike in this area, they will be very vulnerable to your ultimate ability. On top of that we have this lineup that slows the defuse even more.

Get in this corner in A rope and aim up.

Use the smoke icon in the corner and this line between the Stim Beacon and the Incendiary to guide yourself.

This one might take some practice because it bounces off randomly if you don't align it, but it’s one of the best Brimstone lineups on Fracture.

A Top plant spot from A Rope post plant lineup

This is another lineup that combined with your ultimate can single handedly win rounds. Just make sure you don't get cleared out as the defenders are retaking.

Get in this corner next to this small box in A Rope. For this lineup you need to crouch and aim at this corner of the building.

Release the lineup while crouching and it should bounce off the wall and right on top of the spike.

Good Incendiary spots in general

Sometimes, when attacking you will want to use your Incendiary to clear an area or allow your team to safely pass while entering the site.

Sure, Brim’s smokes and Stim Beacon do this quite easily but sometimes you might not have them.

This A Rope molly as you are pushing up Sands and this A Link molly as you pushing up A Main, can give you a safe entrance to the site.

Attacking B Site Brimstone lineups

B site cubby plant spot from B Tree lineup

Planting in this spot might be the safe play when you’re getting shot at from the smoke, but preventing a defuse is hard if your B Tower player dies. Luckily, as Brimstone, we have this lineup to help you buy time and swing off the molly.

Get in this small corner next to this box in B Tree.

Aim for the top corner of the roof like this, so your crosshair aligns with the edge continuing the angle.

This is how much area the Incendiary covers, allowing you to slowly push B Main and shoot at the defenders.

B default plant spot from B Arcade

If the enemy team pushes out of the defender spawn and you don’t get enough kills in the crossfire, don't worry. This lineup from B Arcade forces the defenders to give up control over the site or take free damage.

Get in this corner in B Arcade and look up at the leaves.

You need to aim above the second leaf on the top side of this branch.

The lineup bounces of the ground and on top of the green boxes, setting the only hiding spot a blaze.

B site cubby lineup from B Bench lineup

If you don't like pushing through the Viper wall and Raze’s Boom Bot to enter and clear the angles on site, this lineup can do it for you.

As you are pushing up on B Bench, get in this corner and aim upwards.

The triangle on the tip of the left click indicator for your Incendiary should be aligned with this spot on the roof.

This lineup quickly lands in this cubby where defenders love holding an off angle with the guy in B Tower.

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Best Defending/Retake Brimstone Lineups

Defending A Site Brimstone lineups

As Brimstone, on the defending side of this map, you won’t have to use some specific lineups because of the design of the map.

We already explained in our Fracture map guide, but the point is that both sites can be entered only through tight choke points which you can easily molly off.

Think of A Drop, A Hall and A Main for the best spots on this site.

Combined with some smokes and a Judge Judy, and the attackers will have nightmares facing you.

Defending B Site Brimstone lineups

The B site on the other hand is a lot harder to defend with your Incendiary, mainly because the B Tunnel gives the opponents too much space to maneuver.

Still, this one in B Main and this one in B Tower, should do a good job of preventing pushes, even if a Jett or a Raze is exploding onto the site.

That’s it. All the lineups for our favorite agent: Brimstone. If you want to check out all the other lineups that we have for our American sergeant make sure to check out these: 

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